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In our travels around the coast of Florida and sailing way down in the Keys (as well as other parts of the Caribbean...  [yes, the Florida Keys are technically considered a part of the Caribbean])... we've seen and learned many things.  Like how dolphins love to tag along in the swoosh of a sailboat sailing (or even while motoring!); and how manatees (aka seacows) have become endangered.  Our journeys have taken us to many places, and we're taking it all in, as every moment we're out on the sea we seem to learn something new.  Come on along with us on some of our adventures...


Dolphins dance with September Sea.

Copyright 2003 by Charmaine Smith Ladd

Bahamas: (2007) The Abacos - Six Weeks in the Islands

Bahamas: (2005) Freeport Honeymoon

Bahamas: (2003) Honeymoon Harbor & Orange Cay

Bahia Honda State Park

Boca Grande Key

Boot Key Harbor (Marathon, FL Keys)

Charlotte Harbor: (2007) Cabbage Key & Useppa Island via Florida's West Coast including Ft. Myers Beach and Clearwater Beach

Charlotte Harbor: (2006) Gasparilla Island & Placida

Content Keys & Harbor Channel

Delta Shoal

Dry Tortugas

Fanny Keys


Ft. Myers Beach (2006)

(Ft. Myers Beach also at Florida's West Coast Trip of 2007)


I: The Madness of 2004

II: The Horrors of 2005

Key Lois

Key West

Little Shark River

Looe Key Reef

Newfound Harbor

Sailing Shots

Sombrero Lighthouse Reef

Vaca Key Bight

~ Adventure Segment Highlights ~


I: The Madness of 2004

II: The Horrors of 2005