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Sailing Shots Brushstroked Sailboat with Wind in Sail

Friend Steve Duncan chills out as September Sea heels past 15 degrees.


Preparing September Sea for Sailing

(What I used to do):

Many ask how we prepare September Sea's 'all-the-comforts-of-home' interior so that we're able to be out of the Marina and be out sailing in about a half-hour.  The way I (Charmaine) have things arranged, everything is mostly sail ready.  I just use lots of non-skid material under the things I want to stay put, along with already having them jammed packed so tight they cannot move (DVDs, CDs, books, etc.).  With that already done, there remain just a few things we put away (the commercial blender and family photos that make up an open display).  Below: September Sea's salon is sail ready.

Note the vase of long-stem roses  sitting atop my computer table (it also doubles as our dining table and works out perfectly!).  The table is then bungeed to the compression post.  September Sea is so stable that once we're at our anchorage, the vase and roses can sit out as they would normally in our slip at the Marina (the only difference is the amount of water added to the vase).  Pillows act as cushions for padding and keeping everything where it's put.  If the weather turns and becomes severe, I simply put all that is on the forward table top (where the TV is shown in the photo) in the huge cabinet forward of it.  Everything can be packed inside that cabinet, including all the pillows for cushion.  Very handy!  We haven't had one loss due to breakage, even though some non-sailors at the helm of a few motor vessels have passed us while we're anchored with seemingly an intention to break everything we own!  I have those idiots in mind when I'm readying September Sea.  Also, those idiots come into Marinas as well... so We STAY READY for just about ANYTHING!

(What I Now Do!)

Update: I've learned the value of "Collector's Hold Museum Putty" ($5.00 from either the Palm Springs Art Museum or Details Art.  This stuff really works.  It looks like white silly putty and truly holds things in place -- even under the worst of conditions.  One ball can secure an object weighing up to 40 lbs.  Now my statues and flower vases stay put even when we're severely heeled.  The photo below shows how September Sea looks underway nowadays:

Everything you see stays put.  Yes, even the water in the vases does not come out!  If you look closely, you'll see white putty beneath each item.  I try to do it discretely.  You make little balls out of the putty and warm it up in your hands.  Then place the balls beneath the object (as you hold the object upside down).  Now gently sit the object where you want it and twist it a bit.  The putty will make a suction between it and the item as well as on the surface where the item was placed.  You cannot pick the item unless you once again give the item a good twist.  Then it comes up perfectly.  The putty can be used again and again.  After it's used it flattens.  Simply take it up and roll it again!  It is a fantastic product developed for use in museums around the world to protect valuable and even priceless objects from earthquake damage.  It is also a theft deterrent.  Thank you Museum Putty!  It is so much fun to simply let things be the way they are and take off on a sail.  I'm free at last!!   

Thank you so very much... Collector's Hold Museum Putty! 

"Collector's Hold Museum Putty" is available for only $5.00

from either the Palm Springs Art Museum or Details Art.

Oh yes, those Sailing Shots!

September Sea Sails

September Sea loves to take the Plunge!

Charmaine is happy with the sails' tell-tails.

Sister Cheyenne came to visit in November 2005.  She so enjoyed the sailing.

Grandson Will with his mother Melissa enjoying the sail.  They came to visit in February 2006 and what a great time we had.  Having both grandkids and our daughter here at the same time was truly  just the perfect 50th birthday present for me, "Choklate" Grandma.

Granddaughter Diana with her mom Rebecca enjoy the sail.  You can see Melissa's hair flying as Will is loving being up forward.  The grandkids were perfect aboard.  I'd take them sailing any day, anytime, anywhere.  Their only request: Peanut Butter sandwiches.  LOL  How's that for perfect!  Give yourselves a HIGH FIVE, my sweet grandbabies!!

Melissa and Rebecca had never flown.  Never been down here at all.  Never been sailing... and they just loved it.  I'm so proud of them both for being adventurous and brave.  Well done!!

Our daughter Breighan came to visit in February 2006.  She and her boyfriend, Ryan Carter, seem to be a perfect match.  We are so delighted with him.  What a first-class gentleman in every way.  He's thoughtful, considerate, and most kind.  Kudos to his mother, Deb.  With men... it's their moms who influence them most-- to be jerks or gentlemen.

Breighan and Carter loving it on the bow.  Get out the Sunblock 70 for that pale white boy!!  Hurry!!  LOL  We stopped at Burdine's on the way out to make sure we had enough aboard.

Ryan ("Carter" we call him) was an absolutely perfect guest aboard.  He so loved sailing and we had a wonderful time.  Above, Carter looks out toward Seven Mile Bridge as the winds died down; so we rolled up the jib, left the mainsail up for stability in rolling waters, and had a blast even though we motored all the way back to port.

   Our Dear Friends

Wally and Dawn Hamlin

Aboard September Sea

What a treat to have our great friends, Wally and Dawn Hamlin aboard for a sail.  All the way from Illinois they came...and what a great weekend it was.  The day of the sail was delightful, albeit a bit chilly for the Keys.  No matter...we had an absolute blast!  Seems we always do when we're all together!

Charmaine and her Dawnie Girl

Dawn and Mister Bill

Wally and Bill: Buds

Charmaine and her Wally Wonderfull

Dawn proved to be a born natural at the helm!


Wally is loving it!

Wally Wallenda

Wally Peaceful

Daughter Breighan untangles a knot as the main is being lowered.

Son Bj and friend Ryan Casells enjoy the sail during December 2003.

Are we having fun yet?

Our longtime friend Duncan is loving it.  Breighan puts her feet up as September Sea heels.

    September Sea stretches her legs.

Son Bj with cousin Danielle and his dad Bill's brother, Uncle Dan.

Above: Bill's father, Joe, relaxes during a sail to the Gulf Stream.

Below: Bill's mother, Frieda, loving the sail.

Above: Friend Ryan Casells, Breighan, and her brother Bj in the cockpit.

September Sea in very light wind sailing with Jib only.

Sailing in to anchor near the Little Shark River... so nice to go up there when it's not an emergency (aka Run!  Hurricane!!).  The Little Shark River is a beautiful sanctuary for all kinds of wildlife.  When it's been dry for a while, there are no mosquitos.  Go in the cooler months and even the noseeums will be gone!  It's a fantastic place for exploration.

Little Shark River


Bill waves to Chris and Yani of s/v Magus as we leave Bahia Honda, ready to sail back to Marathon.  Bahia Honda has one of the most beautiful beaches in the Keys.