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Key Lois

aka "Monkey Island"


Some say monkeys were used in cosmetics research experiments on Looe Key.   Wonder if the one above is the one who got away??!!

Our Sweetheart of a daughter, Breighan (aka "Buttercup," "Biff," "Beanie Bonos," "Baggins," etc.) visiting Mom and Dad for the Holidays.  Here she's chillin out in the cockpit of September Sea.  We had spent the day sailing and then went snorkeling at Looe Key Reef (they have mooring balls there and it's just a fantastic snorkel/dive site).  After that we sailed back to Key Lois to anchor overnight.  People will say, "Key Lois??"  Then you just say "Monkey Island" and they know what you're talking about.  There is some talk that the island was used for medical research at one time.  Hmmm.  Well we haven't seen a monkey yet... but we do see the two Fat Alberts hovering around all the time.  Better not see a monkey... 'cause I did see the horror movie: "Island of Lost Souls."  Ooooh!

Better NOT see a monkey!   

The traveler travels as we're at anchor at Key Lois. 

Dolphin swims by at Key Lois

Spectacular Sunrise at Key Lois

Bill loving all the views of Key Lois.