July 4th 2003

Happy Birthday, America!!

Orange Cay, Bahamas

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It would be our first crossing of the Gulf Stream.  It would take 24 hours, nonstop, of course.  There were three of us (Captain Jerry, Bill and myself) and we'd each have three hour shifts while the others rested.  It was incredible!  Saw shipping freighters and huge cruise ships that destroyed your night vision.  Many told us they'd never crossed the Gulf Stream because they knew there were so many dangers (you are in the Bermuda Triangle!). 

Jerry Eden, Captain Extraordinaire and our dear friend, had our confidences high!  With Jerry along for that first crossing we knew we were learning from a Master Captain.  He didn't disappoint us either.  Jerry's the Best! 


Above, Bill laughs: comfortable at the helm.

Charmaine (moi) at the helm.  This is soooo coool!


Captain Jerry Eden.  He's been going to the Bahamas for 30 years.



Bill, at right, preparing to drop anchor at Orange Cay.  Fabulous snorkel site!  Just look at the water.  It's unreal.  Jerry can free dive about 30 feet down and I could see him clearly from atop the water.  It really took our breath away!  Awesome! 


Honeymoon Beach and Anchorage.  You can see the beautiful beach where many were camping in tents (left).  It was a fabulous time!

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Back from the Bahamas and Sweet Barbie (given to me by Jerry) patiently awaits Capt. Jerry's return with outstretched arms.  Jerry had Barbie with him at all times while he was aboard.  What a funny thing!!

What about Hurricanes?

Read about our experiences (often hilariously ridiculous) with hurricanes during the record-setting 2004 & 2005 seasons.  Surviving either at our home port in the Keys or in our hurricane sanctuary The Everglades.  It's the only place on earth where alligators and crocodiles cohabitate.  Someone once asked: "What's the difference between an alligator 'n a crocodile?"  My answer was quite sarcastic but accurate: "Like I'm ever gonna get that close."

You will learn such differences, if you don't already know them... I also promise  you'll not only learn something while perusing this most read section of our website... you'll no doubt enjoy a laugh or two as well.  Enjoy!

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