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The Hurricane Chronicles:

The Madness of 2004

At Flamingo, the site of the famous "Mosquito Horrors."

From: Charmaine Aboard s/v September Sea
Date: 07/03/04 15:39:25
To: Our Loved Ones
Subject: Happy 4th of July
Have a Happy & Safe
Fourth of July Holiday
Click here:
Click on the link below for Fireworks!!


Charmaine & Bill
Aboard s/v September Sea

Little did we know when sending out the email out above, wishing all a Happy and SAFE Fourth of July... that the following month of August would put us in the middle of danger.  It would be Bill and I who would worry our loved ones, as our safety during the hurricane season would be in question many, many times.

The other intertwining emails serve to show that life goes on regardless of hurricanes or whatever Mother Nature throws our way.  Things still happen, both good and bad, to those we love who are elsewhere.  People worry.  We worry about one another.  Our friends and family also have things going on in their lives--the fact that we're running for our lives from hurricanes certainly doesn't stop the rest of the world.  It thus becomes a delicate balance as you sympathize and try to help others cope with their unique situations, while facing some dauntingly unique ones of our own.  The emails are in chronological order, with the exception that associated replies are directly beneath the original email, regardless of date.  Come along with us as we face an incredible six weeks of HURRICANE MADNESS.

Lighter reading highlights are:

If you're looking for hysterical MAIN EVENTS at Flamingo...  check out:


an email originally sent to our dear, dear friends Peggy & Edwin Aboard m/v TIEMPO.

Another is:  "Escape from the Everglades."

Many of the scads of emails I wrote during our hurricane escapes and horrors at Flamingo & the Shark River (aka The Everglades) during the Hurricane Season of 2004 have made the rounds on the internet.  I'll happily grant permission for anyone to reprint what I've written, just please contact me:   Charmaine@SeptemberSea.com 

Also to be enjoyed is "The Hurricane Prep List."    Enjoy!


Part I: Hurricane Charley

From: s/v September Sea
Sent: Tuesday, August 10, 2004 4:07 PM
To: 'Ris; Antoinette Genesis; Breigh-Baby; Buddy; Chris & Yanni; Danny, Diane & Danielle; Dawn Hamlin; Donna; Donna & Ray; Dr. Dlugie; Ennie; Ernest & Betty; Four Ladds; jai lanre; John Porter; Letitia; Matty; Reece & Dianna; Shannon & Steve; Shelly & Ken
Subject: Hurricane Charley
Hello all...
Looks like we might not make it back to Illinois this week as planned.  We were to leave Friday morning and fly out of Ft. Lauderdale.  However.... Tropical Storm Charley has the idea to become a full fledged Category 1 hurricane in the Keys by Friday.  YIKES  I've attached a five day forecast map of it.
Looking at hte map, we are located exactly at the "i" of the word Friday.  They say it might slip to the east, but that's won't help us at all.  Looks like we will plan on leaving The Keys (Marathon) tomorrow and heading to our Hurricane Hole at Little Shark River.  It will take us about 12 hours to get there.  Lots of rope and back up supplies and we'll get through this just fine.  We'll tie up to the mangroves with rope out the ying-yang and wait it out.  We're sure to have plenty of company, as others from here with their boats to tie up at Little Shark
River as well.
Here's a picture of a great slot to slide September Sea in while at Little Shark River:

You can see that the river has "slots."  We'll put our boat in the slot and tie up to the mangroves all around it.  The mosquitoes there are known to be horrible, but with the winds of the Hurricane they won't be a bother,
I'm sure.  Anyway, got our 100% Deet that the soldiers used in Vietnam.  It works!
Somehow I'd love for Charley to go WAY east and pass us up altogether, but it sure doesn't look like it right now.
Wish us the best.  Hope to be online again soon.
Love yaz....
Bill and Charmaine Aboard s/v September Sea
From: Dawn Hamlin
Date: 08/10/04 18:23:25
To: s/v September Sea
Subject: RE: Hurricane Charley
Are you guys joking again??? Have you heard of "never cry wolf" I don't know whether or not to believe your laughing ass because before we went to Puerto Rico your hubby told me there was gonna be a hurricane there... So, can I trust you woman...  Ha Ha!!!  Thanks for the scuba pic... THAT WAS SO MUCH FUN... Living down there in the keys girl ~ you have to get certified... Gosh, was it a blast... One of the best times of my life!!!  Anyway... Hope we see you... Don't get washed-up by that hurricane... come early!

From: John Porter

Date: 08/10/04 19:49:03

To: Charmaine Smith Ladd
Good Luck on avoiding the Hurricane.  I will say prayers for you.  I am going to be in Springfield this weekend.  My family is gathering there for a possible reunion.  All my family from my mother's side are coming to Springfield, and we hope to meet with my father's side (The Porters.)  Too bad you can't make it, it would be good to see you and Bill.  Take care and Good bless.

From: s/v September Sea
Date: 08/10/04 22:09:12
To: John Porter
Subject: Thanks my Brother
Say your prayers for us... we'll make our final decision as we read the forecast in the morning.  As quickly as
Charley turned toward us, it could possibly veer otherwise.  Let's PRAY so!
I would love to see you all, that would so wonderful. Family reunions, how great for you, John.  I do recall a family of Porters that lived on Washington Street back in the day, down near the Big Four grocery store, I believe.  Do you know what I'm talking about?  ha!
One of the kids there was my age, but I can't remember his name.  He was somewhat fair skinned and kept his hair shaved real close to his head.  Dayam, can't even think of his name.
Anyway, I love you.  I'll be in touch as soon as I can.
Bill and Charmaine Aboard s/v September Sea

From: Antoinette Genesis

Date: 08/10/04 23:37:10
To: s/v September Sea
Subject: Re: Hurricane Charley


Sh'maine -  Don't know when you'll get this message but know that I've got you guys in my prayers.  I love you.  Get the hell outta Dodge and please be SAFE!   Antoinette.

From: Jim and Kathleen
Date: 08/11/04 06:53:44
To: September Sea
Subject: Re: Tropical Storm Charley
Wednesday morning 6am AST
Hey guys, we had Shrimp & rice salad ala Charmaine last evening for dinner and toasted you both with our red wine and thought about our trip to the Shark River (or is it Snake?). Coincidence? We just listened to the weather so we know that TS Charley is near Jamaica and hasn't petered into oblivion.  It's a tough decision for you two because Shark is a long day away from Marathon and you need to move early in order to get there and get safe.  And what a shame if you miss your trip to Illinois to see family.
Hopefully the forecast will take the storm away from Florida and you will get to a zero or very low probability status.  We will be thinking of you. September Sea aside - we would be very happy to know that you were safe in Illinois if Charley heads Boot Key's way.  Be careful and of course be good.  We love you.  Kathleen and Jim

From: Donna Forrest
Date: 08/11/04 07:32:36
To: s/v September Sea
Subject: RE: Hurricane Charley

Thinking about you babe!  Been there, rode out those hurricanes!  Well, shit, just throw a party!

 Love you.  Will say our prayers for you. 

Donna & Ray

From: Letitia and Bill Anderson
Date: 08/11/04 08:41:00
To: September Sea
Subject: Re: Hurricane Charley
You are in our prayers.  Please keep us informed as to your safety and wherebouts.  We love you!
Leittia and Bill

From: s/v September Sea
Date: 08/11/04 09:29:50
To: Cousin 'Tish and Bill
Subject: Re: Hurricane Charley
Will do, my Loves.  We will be out of communication range from now until after this is over.  Even when it's over, our hurricane hole at Little Shark River (in the Everglades.. yes, where the alligators love dark meat!) won't allow us to communicate via radio or cell phone until we are closer to the Keys.
Therefore, you probably won't hear from us until Monday.  Keep an eye on what's happening down here and and soon as cell phone communications are up and running as of Monday you will hear from us.
I'm sure we'll be fine, we have another boat with a couple onboard that are going with us.  Safety in numbers!
Love you all very, very much.  Special hugs and kisses to Bill.
Bill and Charmaine Aboard s/v September Sea

From: s/v September Sea
Date: 08/11/04 09:26:25
To: Eagle Scout & Leen (Jim & Kathleen)
Subject: Re: Tropical Storm Charley
Wednesday morning, 9:25 am
Tropical Storm Charley is predicted to become a Category 2 hurricane as it reaches the Keys.  Right
now, the probability is 28% that its center will reach within 75 miles of Key West.
There is another update coming at noon.  We are all ready to go in the event that the noon update
says to skeedattle.  Everyone is bustling around here, preparing as the Mariner's Warnings are out and
Marathon Emergency Staff is readying for it all.
It's said that by Thursday evening there should be winds in excess of 60 knots with very strong storm
surges which will produce flooding.  If Hurricane Charley hits here, the winds are expected to reach
in excess of 100 knots.  Don't think we want to be in a marina where the majority of boats are barely holding
on their anchors and self-made mooring balls.  Ouch!  I can see the flying debris in my mind... no way!
Looks like Illinois will have to wait a couple of weeks. If the forecast is accurate, leaving here right around noon will be perfect for getting to Little Shark sometime in the wee hours and anchoring outside of it.  The weather is to change by late Thursday afternoon, evening and by then we'll be tied up and nestled in.  Then the big hit is predicted for Friday.
Love you both, knowing that you two have us in mind, makes me feel all the more safer.  It's like you're there with us.  Chris and Yanni of s/v Magus will be joining us, so there will be some help to the nerves knowing there is usually some safety in numbers.
Love you both so very, very much.  I will send you one more email as we leave.
Smooches and Hugs and all that stuff... and thanks for the toast.... I felt it last night.  It felt dayam good!
Miss you both and I'm sure we'll have some stories to catch up on with ya after this is over.  Thanks so much for replying right away, so glad you checked to see that I had emailed ya.  You both are a comfort to me, even though you aren't right here.  Now that's some kind of special love vibes!
Hugs and kisses 
Bill and Charmaine Aboard s/v September Sea

From: s/v September Sea

Date: 08/11/04 09:37:25
To: Dawn Hamlin
Subject: RE: Hurricane Charley
We have to sail the boat to Little Shark, my Love.  That's the only tricky part.... but we'll get there.  Charley will
be a Category 2 hurricane, expected to hit here in the Keys on Thursday night with high winds and tidal surges.
It will be a full fledged monster by Friday.
We're leaving just in time.  There will be an updated forecast at noon, we'll wait to hear that and then if things stay the way they are, we'll be backing out of our slip at noon and on our way.
Another couple will be in their boat but going along with us.  Safety in numbers!
Love yaz... I'm sure we'll be fine....  I know the alligators are partial to dark meat, so I won't be doing any swimming!
(Little Shark River is in the Everglades).  Now that's a place I said I'd NEVER go to.... what was that my mother
used to say about "never say never..." or was that James Bond?

Love, Charmaine (& Bill) Aboard s/v September Sea


From: s/v September Sea

Date: 08/11/04 09:56:10
To: Peggy & Edwin
Subject: Hurricane Charley
Hello my Darlings!
Tropical Storm Charley, near Jamaica at this point, is on its way to the Keys, due Friday, where it is expected to become a Category 2 hurricane.  We are preparing right now to leave as of noon (when the next storm update will be posted).  If it doesn't change its pattern at that time, we will be on our way to our hurricane hole at Little Shark River. 
Chris and Yanni aboard s/v Magus will be joining us.  We'll get there and tie up to the mangroves tighter than a priest's sphincter when he's been accused of child molesting.  We will be out of touch, as cell phones don't work out there in the Everglades.  I suspect that by Monday we will be on our return trip back to Marathon and will be in touch as soon as phone service is up.  Let's pray for the best. 
Bill and Charmaine Aboard s/v September Sea

From: Cheyenne
Date: 08/13/04 14:30:50
To: s/v September Sea
Subject: Re: Hurricane Charley
Knowing you'll be safe; thinking of you and can't wait to see you next weekend!
Lovin' ya....


From: Dr. Dlugie
Date: 08/14/04 10:14:54
To: September Sea
Subject:  Hurricane Charley

Dear Char,

Hope youse guys are all well and that you and your boat took off and fled the path of Charley!!! We know that's so if you got the warnings in time, or if you were already out
to sea, but let us know, if you can, so we won't worry about you.
We know you probably got 10 e-mails like this from illinois, so a form reply will be more than sufficient.
Our thoughts are with you,
Dr. D., Lida and Claudia

From: s/v Sepember Sea
Date: 08/15/04 17:44:59
To: Dr. Dlugie
Subject: Re: Hurricane Charley
Hey Doc!
Make that 20 emails!  The puter was loaded when we got back today... I wanted to let you and Lida know personally that we're fine and dandy!  We actually took off on Wednesday for our hurricane hole, the Little Shark River, located in the Everglades (oh yeah, gotta wear full mosquito armor and pray that an alligator ain't hangin around!).   Unfortunately this time...   we went closer to the hurricane than if we had stayed put in Marathon.  The good thing is that the hurricane hole is a labyrinth of tall, stout, mangroves meandering along the river beds.  We were snug as bugs up in there.... bugs is right!  We were hit with 70 knot winds but faired well with no problems whatsoever.  We barely moved.  Bill chained the ropes to the mangroves and we had six lines strung, three on each side of the boat.  Then we put out heavy anchors fore and aft and were sitting like rocks in the river.  Fantastic!
Now to keep an eye on Earl.  He's moving westward down in the Caribbean... but too close to call right now.  If he turns our way, we'll be heading back to the Little Shark.  So we're provisioning again just in case.
Dayam, I love air conditioning!  Sitting here in our slip with the AC blasting....  took a shower and lost four pounds of dirt I think...
Thanks so much for watching over us.... we could feel your good karma and it felt so nice.  Love you both.
Smooches                                                      Nice and calm here now.
Bill and Charmaine Aboard s/v September Sea

From: s/v Sepember Sea
Date: 08/15/04 17:46:08
To: Dr. Dlugie
Subject: Re: Hurricane Charley
And... a big kiss for Claudia!   
Bill and Charmaine Aboard s/v September Sea

From: rudy and sue
Date: 08/16/04 09:13:42
To: s/v September Sea
Subject: Hurricane Charley
Tell me you are okay. This hurricane stuff is something! Guy Anderson wants to contact you. Is that okay?
I brag on your life every chance I get.
Love S

From: s/v September Sea
Date: 08/16/04 09:55:50
To: Sue
Subject: Guy
You know I would LOVE to hear from Guy!  Please give him my email info and all...  you'll get my other email too; letting you know that we're safe and sound.  I'll give him a call.
Love you Suzi... you're a great Sis to me, always have been.  Hugs and Kisses to you and Rudy. 
Bill and Charmaine Aboard s/v September Sea

From: De Lynn Montez
Date: 08/16/04 13:40:17
To: chmhm, Debbie, Graquel, Kati Adams, Mike, Rental; Rick; s/v September Sea

Subject: gator deer hunting (picture attached)

[Note: You'll see it later down the page.]


From: s/v September Sea

Date: 08/16/04 15:19:53
To: De Lynn
Subject: Re: gator deer hunting
OMG that is HUGE!!!!  Better get my big ass in shape so I can get the hell out of a gator's way next time we end up at Little Shark River.... think I'll start now:
Bill and Charmaine Aboard s/v September Sea

From: s/v September Sea
To: Suzie
Sent: Wednesday, July 21, 2004 8:49 AM
Subject: Re: Would you use it? (Pics included of Sept Sea)

hahaha... I hear ya!
Leave it to the Swiss to come up with something like that.  Can you imagine the smudges on the outside as people try to press their faces against the glass to see if they can actually see inside (some say you can if you do so).
I'm with you, Baby, if ya gotta go... ya gotta go.  In Bejing, where Bj spent three months studying Tai Kwon Do with the Monks at the Shaolin Temple, he said people did their business in the city right in the streets.  Just plop down and let 'er rip!  What a difference a Country makes!
Here's hoping all is well with you and yours.  Love you so very, very much.
Bill and I are loving the sailing and marina liveaboard life.  It's just so great to be around a bunch of people with similar interests, as it breaks through all barriers.  Boaters (well, "rag baggers," a term for sailboaters as opposed to power boaters) are a very close knit group.  We've made friends with people from all over the world who cross our path.  Many have returned each year for three or four months and we renew our friendship and swap tales the whole time they're here.
One couple we've really gotten to be close with just left the Virgins (USVI) and headed to Puerto Rico.  Unfortunately, they arrived just in time for a big tropical depression... high winds and lots of rain.  Looks like they will be fine, no named hurricane as of yet.  Don't think it will hit them this time, thank goodness.
We will be heading out for our anniversary (September 1st) and will sail to one of my favorite places: Boca Grande Key.  It's pristine in every way, natural white sand beach, even has a fresh water lagoon in its interior.  We anchor right next to the beach and suddenly I'm Brooke Shields and Bill is whatever the heck that blonde-headed boy's name was... oh yeah, Chris Atkins I believe.  Something like that... you know, from the movie "The Blue Lagoon."  ANYWHO..... we love it there and use it as a launch off point to head to the Dry Tortugas.  Fabulous snorkeling there, as there is throughout the Keys.  Something very special though, about the Dry Tortugas.
That's what we do Thursday through Sunday evening.  Monday we head for Key West and stay at a marina there for the work week (we're still tied to the internet with our software company).  Come Thursday, we unleash and head back out for fun and sun until Sunday night again, then go to Key West again for the work week.  That last weekend (beginning on Thursday) we'll head closer to home by heading to Key Lois and then doing some snorkeling at Looe Key, which is just the most fabulous snorkel and dive spot in the Keys.  We'll then anchor that afternoon at Lois Key, one of our favorite, and very private spots.... then the next day head out to Bahia Honda.  Usually have a great sail between Key Lois and Bahia Honda.  Stay the night at Bahia Honda... next day, blahzay around and then sail on to Marathon.  Home.
I've included a Picture of Bahia Honda and our boat anchored there right next to its beach.
Just thought I'd give ya a little insight to our lifestyle these days.  I tell ya, Darlin' I just love it.  You know me, I'm a water child and was swimmin' before I could walk.... maybe I was a dolphin in a previous life (nah.... just act like it!).
SMOOCHES and Hugs to you and your Rudy.  Love you both!
Bill and Charmaine Aboard s/v September Sea

From: rudy and sue
Date: 08/16/04 09:57:06
To: s/v September Sea
Subject: Re: Would you use it? (Pics included of Sept Sea)
Charly, I was re-reading your email. Sept 1 makes how many years? 32 or something extraordinary? Wow....

From: s/v September Sea
Date: 08/16/04 15:14:23
To: Sue
Subject: 1972

32 years.... WOW!  Seems like yesterday.



From: s/v September Sea

Date: 08/16/04 15:24:57
To: Katie Adams
Subject: Sorry I missed you!!
Hey my Darling Sis,
DAYAM, when you stopped by, I had just gotten out of the shower... shoot!  We MUST get together while the boys are here.  MOST definitely.  Even if it's just for a little bit, we'll make the time.  I heard ya out there and hurried to get something on and then Bill came back in and said, "They were in the dink, I told em we were just sitting down to eat dinner."  HELL!

 I could have at least stuck my head out the fricken companionway to say HEY to my siblings!!  We were so tired after just having got back that afternoon from the Little Shark; but I'm never too tired to say hey to you both.  I love you with all my heart!

Got to see my Big Twin and my Sistah's kids... ya know!  They got an Aunt they haven't even met yet.
Love you two so very, very much.  Got lots to tell ya about the Little Shark River.  WOW!  All I can say is that if a Category 5 were coming my way and I had time, I'd be hunkered down in the Little Shark watching a movie and eating freshly popped popcorn.  It is so sheltered there it's almost like God provided it for us.  Unbelievable.
Talk with ya soon.  SMOOCHES and SO SORRY I didn't see you last night. 
Bill and Charmaine Aboard s/v September Sea

I forgot to tell you all that Wednesday the 11th as we made our way to Little Shark River from Marathon, that night was the greatest Perseids Meteor Shower I've ever seen.  We were headed north, and the annual Perseids shower is always in the Northeast part of the sky, so we had an incredible view as we sailed.  They're so fast that my little camera didn't stand a chance to catch any, but I found a pic on the net that was similar to the lightshow we saw.  Some of the meteors were very large and golden, reminding me of the whistler fireworks that spew out every which way.  AWESOME.  There were meteors about once every three or four minutes.  I'm telling ya, I've seen many of the Perseids showers, but none quite like this one.  Not even the one a few years ago that they said would be the best in a few decades.





We were so under the gun and rushing to get there, I completely forgot to ask our very good friends Yanni and Chris Aboard s/v Magus if they had seen any of the Perseids as they sailed down ahead of us.  Yanni and Chris were there with us there at Little Shark, albeit in another section of the River nearby.  We were in touch with each other via VHF Radio.  They were troopers throughout, and I'd go with them anywhere, anytime, anyday.

On another note, being up there in Little Shark River (yes, the Everglades are UP to us, we head North all the way there).SWAMP COUNTRY... where only the nuts go to explore (yes, I'm one of those nuts).

Mangroves and skeeters everywhere and their roots are almost impassable.  Walking on them is like walking on a moving
carpet that's laid over muck...  the distinct possibility that a gator might sneak up beneath ya makes the legs shake... so it could just be one's legs that's really moving.  I tell ya, I'd give that area a sphincter factor of about TEN.  hahahaa  You don't see that kind of scoring at the Olympics games, at least not yet (I dunno Puerto Rico beating our asses in B-Ball might be close!).
Here we are at Little Shark (I forgot to give Bill the camera while he was in the dink, he could have gotten some great pics of us tied up.)  Be sure to scroll to the right if need be so you can see how meandering these creeks on the River are.  Little September Sea is nestled in to do battle.  (I knew Friday the 13th would bring something and it DID: Hurricane Charley.)
There is chain around the tree, then shackled to 5/8 line tied around the mangrove base and then strung back to the boat.  Each line has a plastic tubing around the areas that could chafe against the boat.  No need in securing lines if they're gonna be sawed off by high winds!  Then the line is cleated back onto the boat.  We ran six lines, three each port and starboard (left and right sides of the boat, respectively).  Then two anchors fore and aft (in front of, and behind the boat, respectively).
The naked dink.  The dinghy was stripped down to the bare bones so nothing would be lost.  Dang she look nekkid!
A girlfriend (De Lynn) just sent these to me.  The question is:
Should I kill her?                  (Click the thumbnail pics to enlarge).
That's an alligator with a mature deer in its mouth.  He's HUGE.  Unbelievable.  Looks like they're learning that tan is
good.... shit... if they start thinking: "the darker the berry the sweeter the juice," my ass ain't got a chance!
Love ya! 
Bill and Charmaine Aboard s/v September Sea

From: Dr. Dlugie

Date: 08/17/04 01:06:47
To: s/v September Sea
Subject: Re: The Perseids, Little Shark River and Running from Hurricane Charley (and ...
COOL pix, BUT WE'RE GLAD THAT DEER AIN'T YOU, DEAR, in the gators' mouth!!!  Careful in dem glades! Lest you 'mind us of one a dem ol' songs; bout runnin' thru the Briars and runnin' thru the Brambles, runnin' thru the bushes where a rabbit could'nt go...or one a dem udder songs--like dat dere.
Hate to read yore bitchery, as a TV dinner for a gator!
Love yas--an be well,
Doc & Lida
PS: Since you're epistle was in perfect English, I thought I'd reply in Purrfect Swampish...

From: s/v September Sea
Sent: Wednesday, August 25, 2004 11:00 AM
Subject: Trip to Springpatch

Barring any hurricane activity near our trip... we'll be home, in Springpatch of course, on Friday, September 10th.  Got our air tickets again... cross your fingers, eyes and toes!  Hopefully, we'll make it this time.
Miss you all so very, very much.  Hoping to make the Oktoberfest in Havana this year.  It's been a while!  Bill's parents will be just getting back from Colorado so it will be nice to see them there.
We'll let ya know what is going on and when we all can get together.
Can't wait to see everyone.

From: Enyo Dewith
Date: 08/29/04 14:59:22
To: s/v September Sea
Subject: Re: Trip to Springpatch
To: Enyo
Sent: Sunday, August 29, 2004 11:10 PM
Subject: Re: Trip to Springpatch

hahahaha  Love my Enyo!
We'll be there for ten days.  Would love to see you and the not-so-little rug rats.  Love you so very, very much.  As if you didn't know.
See ya then... we'll keep in touch. 
Bill and Charmaine Aboard s/v September Sea


Part II:  Hurricanes Frances & Gaston


From: s/v September Sea

Date: 08/29/04 13:19:34
To: Donna Forrest
Subject: Re: Gaston/Frances
Hey my Darlings,
Donna you are a Love, indeed.  Thank you very much for your very wise words.  I'm sure that Frances will become a Category 5, with Gaston right above her... she's got the fuel on her side and she's using every bit of it.
I'm praying that Frances turns away before she reaches land.  Every Category 3, 4 or 5 that has had the same path as Frances historically has moved back out to sea prior to reaching land.  Thee is one exception however, and that was Hurricane Connie in 1955, she went all the way up to the Great Lakes (though toned down by that time to a tropical depression).  Can you imagine?
If history serves us right, Frances will veer off and go back out to sea.  However, history has a been a bitch lately, LOL.  The things you think can't happen... DO.
I agree that riding out a Category 5 in a marina would be very dangerous indeed.  But the Little Shark River, Donna, is truly an incredible hurricane hole.  We have mapped it all out and it meanders miles and miles away from the sea.  Once you get inside there and find a very narrow offshoot creek of the river, you can tie up to mangroves on all sides if necessary.  I mean you are hunkered down bigtime.  We have chains and shackles and tie the boat three times on each side, to large mangrove trunks.  There are anchors set fore and aft.  We also, if need be, have chains encased in fire hose that will be used in front and aft of the boat to make a horizontal secondary "wall."
We are prepared.  I truly believe it would take nothing less than a tornado to get us pulled out of there.  And yes, that COULD happen.  If so, the worst would probably be that it would pick us up and toss us up into the mangroves.  Not a bad place to be.  The nice thing about mangroves is that the way they grow, they more than likely won't hole your boat if you're set on top of them.
Then we simply wait the hurricane out and call for the American Express helicopter to pluck us out.  ha!
Don't worry, my Darling.  If it looks like we are truly in harm's way and that it would be a very high chance of a direct hit, we won't ride it out.  Anything less than that... we'll go to our hurricane hole plans.
Love you so very, very much.  Give my love to Ray-Ray.  I love that man of yours.  Hope you both are fine and doing well, I know that you have that grandbaby on your mind... I'm so jealous I could spit cherry pits!
So happy to hear that Gaston will not cause you much trouble.  I tell ya, Girlfriend... we're in for the shit this season.  I think I'm gonna find a way to spend next hurricane season in Aruba.  Gotta get out of the hurricane belt during hurricane season, it is just too much.  With global warming... I think it's just gonna get worse as the years go by.
Kisses and Hugs, my Loves.
Bill and Charmaine Aboard s/v September Sea

From: s/v September Sea

Date: 08/29/04 13:34:26
To: Eagle Scout & Leen
Subject: Bitchy Frances
Hello my Darlings,
I'm praying that you don't get much trouble from Hurricane Frances.  That bitch is gonna be bad.  Supposed to be a Category 5 sometime today and I believe she will be.  Historically, as I'm sure you've already tracked, all but one hurricane on France's path turned back out to sea before reaching land.  That was Connie in 1955 and she was so crazy she ended up blowing all the way up through the Great Lakes.  Now that's insane.
Hope you are hunkered down, I think she's gonna just nip ya a bit.  Let's hope that's all. 
We're geared up to get to the Little Shark, though others think we've lost our minds trying to ride out a Category 5.  Ya know, they haven't been there like we have.  There are new places we have found in there that are only 100 ft. across as you enter then they narrow down inside to about 50 ft. across and the meandering mangroves have you blocked on all sides.  The way we chain up this boat and anchor it down, it ain't movin.  There's no way.  Short of a tornado coming down and plucking us out of there, we will be just fine.  Those mangroves have been there for thousands of years... and they've done just fine.  I have no qualms about riding it out there.
Fortunately, since there is safety in numbers, our friends on s/v Magus (Chris and his wife Yanni) feel the same way we do and will be joining us.  There are a few others too that want to come down with us.  The only thing I'm having a hard time getting across to many of them is that I don't want them in the same creek as I am.  That's the whole point of going down there, getting away from other vessels that can come down on you.  That's what causes the majority of real damage in marinas and anchorages... other boats and their debris hitting you.
Well, I think they think I'm being anti-social... but they just don't get it.  So I may have hurt a few feelings, but I've seen the way some of em tie their boats up too.... no thanks!
I know you know what I'm talking about.  What's the point of going all that way to be SAFE and then deliberately put yourself in jeopardy by letting someone tie up in the same place that you do.  It makes no sense to me.  None.
Anyway, be safe my Loves.  Bill and I love you like we love our own brothers and sisters and that you are to us.  Yes, I'm a bit worried about you, but I know that Eagle Scout has everything under control.  You two make a great team and you'll do what you have to do to be safe, of that I am sure.
Let me know how it's going.  If we leave here it will probably be on Wednesday.  I will drop you a line to let you know, since we'll be out of touch.  Bill is out trying to get that new battery for our satellite phone.... 
No wonder it was such a deal on e-Bay, hard as hell to find a battery for it! 
Love you so much.  Please stay in touch when you can. 
Bill and Charmaine Aboard s/v September Sea

From: s/v September Sea

Date: 08/29/04 13:43:29
To: Peggy & Edwin Aboard m/v Tiempo
Subject: Bitchy Frances
Hello my Darlings...  and yes, I got my Peek-a-Booo-Peggy Blinds.  The company doesn't know they have to change their name... I'll let them know.  They are everything and MORE than I imagined... all without the view of one beaver.  Can ya stand it?  I'm elated but somehow feel like I have pornographic shades.  They are IT, Girl, you done good, Peg.  They are fantabulous.
Now, about that Bitch running around loose, Frances.  If this ain't the shit I don't know what is.  She'll be a Category 5 today, no doubt about it.  So what's a little black Mama to do.... wish she were a little black mamba snaking her way through the little Shark and getting down in the mud and the mangrove roots... that's what.  Hell, this is bad, Peg.
Historically, every Category 3, 4 or 5 that started and has the path of Frances has veered off and gone back to sea before hitting land.  That is with one exception, Hurricane Connie in 1955... a bitch if there ever was one who ended up in the Great Lakes!!  Now that's nuts.
I know, I know... I can hear ya now... "Throw history out the window, history told us that Christopher Columbus was Italian, now we find out he was a Spaniard."  You're right.  History don't know shit about nothing.  With global warming in the picture and Gaston sitting up in the Carolinas adding fuel to the wrath of Frances, who the hell knows?
(Peggy is tapping her foot and tilting her head waiting for me to get to the fucking POINT.... "are you gonna try to ride out Frances... like a FOOL?")
So you can be half relieved.  hahahaa  We'll figure that out by Tuesday.  I will stay in close touch with you, my Loves.  Please kiss my Edwin for me (with just a little tongue)....  gotta make sure if I have to watch "Last Tango in Paris" as my dying deed, that I leave Edwin with a good one.
Hope Dirk is there there.  Hope that Edwin is getting to be his same ole onery self.  Love that man so much.  Peg, you're my sister and I love you with all my heart.  Don't worry, Darling.  Your "Charmie" ain't no dummy.... I won't do anything that would jeopardize not seeing you all again.  Besides, I haven't met Dirk yet in person.  So now you know I'm gonna live!
Love you.  Talk with ya soon.
Bill and Charmaine Aboard s/v September Sea

From: s/v September Sea

Date: 08/29/04 15:40:51
To: Bj; Dawn Hamlin; Donna & Ray; Ennie; Ernest & Betty, jai lanre; Janet & Greggers; John Porter; Kathy & Capt Jack; Kati; Krista Kay; Letitia and Bill; Liz on Espchiel; Matty; mikeg; My Price; Randy; Reece & Dianna; Scottie; Shannon & Steve; Staci my Sistah; Suzi


Subject: Little Shark River Story
I saw this article and thought you might find it interesting.  The Little Shark River, the setting of the short story, is our hurricane hole.  For those who don't remember, it's where we sail to when we're threatened by adverse weather (as we might be soon with Hurricane Frances).  Let's hope she veers back out to sea soon.  In the meantime, as I am reminded of by this story, I am ordering full body mosquito netting as I type.  For September Sea too!   Love yaz!
Bill and Charmaine Aboard s/v September Sea

From: s/v September Sea

Date: 08/30/04 01:43:57
To: Peek-a-Boo Peg & Edwin
Subject: Re: Bitchy Frances - Part II
Hey my Darlings,
You know I was so glad to hear that you were with Katie and Charlie.  I miss them!  I got their email address from Rob eons ago but whatever I send their way always comes back undeliverable.  Ask them to get me their email addy... I'd love to hear from them.
What about BJ, and his boat, and what is he doing
When Hurricane Charley came through, Bj tied his boat up in our slip and then slipped away with his girlfriend, Denise, who lives on Grassy Key.  She works at the Dolphin Research Center (yeah, I know, this is yet another girlfriend who works with dolphins.  She's a Sweetheart.
Denise is nice, but I still don't see how he can go from being with  Skank Hoe Major to a Doris Day Minor.  Denise looks like sugar and spice and all things nice.  She's blonde, very, very fair-skinned... very "que sera, sera" looking."  We adore her.  So once again I stand the chance of having another grandchild so white I'll have to bring ID to see them.  Hell, at least she ain't no Heidi Doody.  Don't need no red-headed, buck-toothed, horse-faced women in this family who can't even think about getting a tan.  I tell ya, Kermit the Frog (like you know another anything named "Kermit?") and I have much in common: It ain't easy being chocolate.
People say, "Well, you're not prejudice!"  What are they thinking?  I sure am.  I see cullah too.  And red headed people are often a nuisance, at best.  I mean who else has to have SPF 300?  Who else seems to be on their periods 24/7 if not for red-headed females?  It's like they were all born on a sweltering Sunday or a frigid Friday.  They're either steamin' mad about something or so emotionally cold they don't give a dayam.  You can probably tell by now that Bj had dated five red-heads.  hahaha  Well, not really... not!
hahahaaaaaaa  Shhhhh!  Jesse Jackson might hear us (I can hear him now): "What we have here is an explemplification of a color reversal revelation.  That an oppressed soul of a given goal can be overcome by a demandingly strong and ultimately conquering desire not to expire but to transfer and transpire one's historical oppression to another contemporary racial succession."  Whew!  I tell ya, that man cracks me up.  Does he know that half the words he uses aren't even words?  They are Jacksonisms.  Besides, he doesn't have to get all tongue-tied to talk to me... after all... I Love Lucy!
Back to Bj:  He'll probably tie his boat up in the mangroves of Whiskey Creek.  That's where Little Jack and others go when their boats are suspect of not making the trip all the way to the Little Shark. If things are to be pretty bad here.  It's really a pretty good hole over there.  Only problem is that people who come late wanna get nasty (with their guns in their hands) if they can't get past you after you've tied up...  I mean really, what cha gonna do... untie your boat so they can pass and then drag down on ya when the high winds come?  I ain't gettin next to nobody... especially not some kind of special stupid who has the nerve to complain that he needs more ice for his rum (while his wife is trying to tie the boat up and don't know the difference between a bowline and a clove hitch). 
Anyway, he'll be fine over at Denise's. When Charley was coming through he had told us that if they evacuated Marathon, he and Denise would drive out of here.  That's good, makes me not have to worry about him.  Denise is pretty wind shy so the first 45 knot winds that come by, I'm sure they'll be outta here, evacuation or not.
Chris and Yanni of s/v Magus will be joining us again.  Also, some have hinted they want to follow us down.   I'm like the potato chip commercial: GET YOUR OWN BAG.  I ain't even gonna be doing that, no way.  The whole reason to even go down there is to get away from the marina and all the boats that might drag down on ya.  I certainly don't need a flotilla of wanna-be mega yachts on my tail all the way down there.  Besides, one of em would faint the first time they saw me naked.  It's so much easier to just strip while out on the boat.  And yes, I remember those old stories--my mother used to tell me about teats and wringer washers.  I'll be sure not to be hanging full-tilt boobies over any of the winches.
We think we might go to the Bahamas for one more hoorah in the the winter months, actually to the Exumas, where we love to be the most, and maybe you can join us there, either with your boat or fly to ! 
FANTASTIC!!  Bill actually has been moping a bit, thinking that maybe you guys wouldn't be down here anytime soon.  Oh Peg, that would just be delightful.  We'd love nothing more than to join you down there.  If we have the time we'd love to sail it, but if not, a short hop on a plane and we can be there a few days.  Oh that would just be marvelous!  I'm so happy that Ed is feeling better and can actually even think about doing such things.  Marvelous, Darlings, Marvelous.
Too funny about the Peek-a-Booo blinds... I didn't tell ya this, but when the package finally arrived, I told Bill "If there's one pubic hair in there, they're going back."  hahahahaaaaaaaa  Oh have we had some fun with our Peek-a-Booo blinds!  And since they are what they are called, you know that I had Bill on the outside of the boat, in every direction trying to peer in.  It's like I got to thinking about it... maybe the "Peek-a-Booo" part is YOU!  "You buy em, you become them."  I can just imagine being the show for the whole damn marina while I take a shower... ya know I don't look too bad from the boobs up.  hahahaaaaaaa  But it was okay, BIll said ya couldn't see a thing..... I'll continue to have the head light off until I get my ass out there and check for myself.  You know men: "Oh, I didn't know you meant shadows too."  Duh.  Who wants to be a labeled a shilouette  exhibitionist?
ANYway, it's wonderful to hear from you, my Love.  Kisses and hugs all around.  I ain't worried about a thing... I have a feeling that Miss Frances is gonna remember to take her Prozac and just might be calming down a bit here soon.  Let's hope so!  They downgraded her to a Category 3, when they thought she'd be a 5 today.  That's good.  Of course she has lots of warm water to travel over which will give her more intensity.  We'll soon know what we have to do.
Love you MORE THAN YA KNOW....
Smooches and HUGE HUGS!
Charmaine (& "Das 'White Guy' auf diesem Boot.")
Aboard s/v September Sea

From: s/v September Sea

Date: 08/31/04 09:53:26
To:  Steve Price
Subject: Hurricane Frances
Hi Sweetheart,
If you're tracking Frances, which you should be.... the best tracking if you don't already know is at:
The computer models there are excellent, showing the major models and they results of their individual storm tracking
programs.  BAM, historically, has been the most accurate by far.
If you look at the computer model below, NOGAPS (our Naval tracking system, the blue line) shows Frances going across the State of Florida over to the Tampa area on Saturday.

Go to the http://www.wunderground.com site and you can see the 5-Day Forecast map as well.  We're all in the risk area for the extended forecast, so I would watch the updates at the wunderground site, which are every three hours.  It's amazing how quickly things can change.  With the winds from Gaston in the Carolinas, the forecasts are dependent mainly on whether or not we get high or low pressure systems from Gaston.  That could change in a heartbeat.
You're probably already tracking it, but even if so, I found this site to be the best for maps, informative discussion page, and their strike probability maps are very useful as well.  You can also see the satellite pictures of Frances, or whatever hurricane is out there.
I watch this site every day to track any tropical depressions that even look remotely like they may wind up being a hurricane.  I'm always a week ahead of most of the people around here.  When you live in Florida and it's hurricane season, you cannot have too much information... that's for damn sure.
Love you. 
Kisses and Hugs and Love to Syd and Carol.
C ~

From: s/v September Sea

Date: 09/01/04 12:16:59
To: Donna & Ray
Subject: RE: Frances

Hey my Sweethearts, 

Girl, talking about living on the edge.  Frances is moving west-northwest which still puts up potentially in the line of fire.  When we left out of here last time, Charley had an 18% probability strike rate that it would hit
Marathon.  For Frances, the strike probability for today is set at 13%.
As long as she continues moving away from us, great.  We've decided that if she moves nearer, we can still leave here as late as 6 a.m. tomorrow morning and still be at Little Shark in plenty of time to get situated.  Or,
we drive outta here.  The cards are still up in the air.
Today is our 32nd wedding anniversary... what a way to spend it.  If nothing else, it most certainly will be one that we shall always remember.  I tell ya, it ain't gonna be long before we're gonna start spending the hurricane season where we should be: outside of the hurricane belt!
I went to the Baby Site and put in a guess.  Betcha I'm pretty accurate.  Though if I could see the not-so-little package in the flesh I might be even closer.  I'm so happy for you and Ray-Ray.  Nothing like a grandbaby.
Nothing.  Doesn't get much sweeter than that, Donna Love.
We'll keep ya posted as to what we decide to do.  Bill had arranged for us to spend the next few days lounging around at Hawk's Cay Resort in a little Villa.... guess we won't be doing that now.  However, it's always
so very special to know that if something adverse does occur, I'll be looking into the eyes of the one I love.  Something very special about that as well.  I'll just put on "Last Tango in Paris" and we'll have at it!  I promise you, you'll feel the earth move!  hahaha
Give my love to Ray.  Tell him I thought about him the other night as I downed a frozen Twinkie.  Not just any Twinkie, mind ya... but one that someone was way too slack about and double filled the center.  OMG, it
was da bomb!  I had Bill go back to the store and see if he could get more from the same package date (now that's a true Twinkie junkie).  Almost like getting that "really good shit" weed of our younger daze... and I do mean daze.  Thai Stick.  Some really good shit!
Love ya, my Sister.  Will be in touch.  Kisses and hugs to Ray-Ray.
Charmaine (& the guy who doesn't tan so well)
Aboard s/v September Sea

From: s/v September Sea

Date: 09/01/04 16:39:06
To: Donna & Ray; Antoinette Genesis; Breigh-Baby; Buddy; Cheyenne; Chris & Yanni; Donna Fleschli; Dr. Dlugie; Dunc; Enyo; Ernest & Betty; Four Ladds; jai lanre; Janet & Greggers; John Porter; Kathleen & Jim; Kati; Cousin Letitia & Bill; Liz on Espchiel; My Price; Peggy & Edwin; Randy Huber; Reece & Dianna; Scottie; Shannon & Steve; Shelly & Ken; Suzi & Rudy; Staci my Sistah


Subject: RE: Hurricane Frances
Looks like we're headed to Little Shark:
The problem is that they know she is moving West Northwest.  She will at some point turn more North.  Well if she does a Northwest turn too early, she'll be right down on us.   We're gonna wait for the 5pm report, but I think we're gonna head on up there.
Love yaz.
Bill and Charmaine Aboard s/v September Sea



From: Julie Becker
Date: 09/02/04 10:36:19
To: Charmaine and Bill Aboard
Subject: Another one??
Charmaine & Bill.....can't believe another one's heading to Florida.....just a note to let you know we're thinking of you and hope that you are safe and stay out of harm's way!  Take care of yourselves,

From: s/v September Sea

Date: 09/02/04 13:18:03
To: jbecker
Subject: Re: Another one??
Hey Julie,
Thanks, Sweetheart.  Looks like Frances should hit northeast of us.  We decided to ride this one out in the marina, where we expect tropical storm winds in the range of 72 mph.  We can handle that just fine.  Sitting through this has been torture.... whether or not to scurry to our hurricane hole or not.  We decided at 5 am with the latest projections that we'd do better to stay put.
However, there is a margin for error that is unsettling.  Right now, Frances is over the Bahamas and heading to Nassau.  Eighty miles to the left or right at that point and you pray the projections are accurate.
We've decided in the future to simply head to our hurricane hole when a hurricane of this magnitude is forecast... period.  We know that when we're hunkered down in the Little Shark River, we could just about take a direct hit and be fine in there.  It's a maze of thick mangroves and tiny little creeks where you can nuzzle up in there and chain your boat to the mangroves.  There's no where to go even if the hurricane is right down on ya.  The worst thing that might happen there is you'd get pushed or set down in the mangroves.  Really not that bad.  So we've learned a lesson here... when in any DOUBT... get OUT.
Thanks for your email, Darlin.  You're the best.  Hope all is well with you and yours.  Love from all of us to all of you. 
Bill and Charmaine Aboard s/v September Sea

From: s/v September Sea

Date: 09/02/04 13:29:34
To: Dawn Hamlin
Subject: RE: Frances Update
Thanks Sweetheart.
They are evacuating Key Biscayne as of 4 pm.  Key Biscayne is the beginning of the Keys (actually Virginia Key is, but no one's ever heard of her, LOL).  This is the first back to back hurricane for Florida in 50 years.  Unreal.  The projections for the lower and Middle Keys (we're right smack in the middle, right off of Seven Mile Bridge) is that we should brace for a tropical storm.  The good thing is that we might not get any of the storm surges, they are the worst.  Imagine your boat sitting in a marina and then rising 15 feet.  You're on top of the piling at that point, that's the quickest way to put a hole in the hull and sink your boat.  So you have to be very careful during surges and I'd never sit in a marina if surges were forecasted.  Even now, if they Frances has turned and we will be hit with surges, my ass it outta here.  That's right, right in the middle of it, I'd get the flock outta Dodge and make a beeline to Whiskey Creek (just five miles away) and push the boat up into the mangroves.  You don't wanna be in a marina at a slip during storm surges. Never.
So it's a good thing we don't have to think about surges at this point.  The surges are worse than the winds.
I'm sure we'll be fine.  We've been out to sea in 60 knot winds and it was a bit scary but we didn't panic and we were just fine.  So when ya think that we'll be all chained and tied here bracing for 70+ mph winds.... I'll probably be eating a couple more Twinkies than usual, but otherwise, we should be just fine.
Bill and Bj are doing some last minute things right now, making one more trip to the grocery store before the shelves are cleared out (can't run out of popcorn, ya know!).  So I'm downloading a bunch of movies just in case the internet goes down... we'll be able to pop some popcorn and watch our movies as we ride out Frances.
Thanks for your prayers, we love ya so much.  Kiss my Wally for me.  And squeeze that Hailey, she's so sweet.  Grab Alex by the back of the neck and give him a big hug from me (you can use inflated balloons on your chest and he might think it feels more like me).  hahahaha
Let's hope this clears the way for a great October visit from you guys... but if it doesn't, then you'll know all about the Little Shark River before you leave here!


 Smooches my Loves... 
Bill and Charmaine Aboard s/v September Sea
From: s/v September Sea
Sent: Thursday, September 02, 2004 9:44 AM
To: 'Ris; Antoinette Genesis; Breigh-Baby; Buddy; Captain Jerry; Dawn Hamlin; Donna; Donna & Ray; Dr. Dlugie; Dunc; Enyo; Ernest & Betty; Ennie; Hubers; jai lanre; John Porter; Kathleen & Jim; Cousin Letitia & Bill; Liz on Espchiel; Matty; My Price; Randy; Peggy & Edwin; Scottie; Shannon & Steve; Shelly & Ken; Suzi; Staci my Sistah
Subject: Frances Update

Hello my Darlings,
Looks like the Keys are expected to be wrapped in more of a Tropical Storm (which could last for about 20 hrs.) than any near miss from Frances.  Had to work my Mojo on her.... but I got her attention (LOL).
Of course, anything could happen.  However, with the high pressure system that's hovering north of Frances, it seems she will be kept downward (in somewhat of a stall) and then once she's free, she'll head up the East Coast of Florida.  As she heads up, how much of her 140 mph wrath the Southern tip of Florida and the Keys gets is up in the air.  A guessing game.
She is crossing the Bahamas as I type... but as of yet, has not reached Nassau.  So she's slowing down quite a bit.
I feel confident, after viewing the computer models that ran at 5 am (which are all in agreement, a rarity) showing Frances skirting up the east coast and possibly crossing over southern Florida (but higher North than where we are) and going into Georgia and other coastal states on the Gulf coast, or skirting over to the Carolinas.  What all this means is that we're readying the boat and will tie up here in the marina, expecting a maximum of 70 knot winds.  We can handle that, no problem.  We are also roping (with chain too) off the pilings around our boat so that those boats which possibly break free of their moorings won't come crashing into our boat.  They won't be able to get in! 
SO that's the scoop... Bj has moved his boat to a slip right next to ours and that's a comfort.  Looks like a nasty Tropical Storm at worst for us.  I'm glad we decided to wait for the 5 am tracking models before taking off to Little Shark.  It's possible the Everglades could be hit more than the Keys.  So right now, it's all good.  For those in the Carolinas.... say some prayers.  It appears Florida will be hit pretty hard by this bitch of a raging wind... so we must count our blessings.  They're just getting over Hurricane Charley and now battening now the hatches for Frances.  Unreal.  The last time we had back to back hurricanes that landed this close together was 50 years ago.  I suppose that means throw all the data out the window, cause Frances don't play that!  She doesn't know she's not supposed to do this...  and I don't think anyone is gonna tap her on the shoulder and inform her of it.
No worries at this point.
Love you all... don't worry about us, we're just fine.  Wanted you to know so you can breathe easier.
Love yaz...
Bill and Charmaine Aboard s/v September Sea



From: Dawn Hamlin
Date: 09/02/04 12:41:46
To: s/v September Sea
Subject: RE: Frances Update
Awesome... I guess these two back to back hurricanes means we're all clear in October... RIGHT???  Keep your eye on that weather... You know it can change at any moment...  We'll keep you in our thoughts...

From: s/v September Sea

Date: 09/03/04 01:58:48
To: 'Ris, Antoinette Genesis, Bjazyzus, Breigh-Baby, Captain Jerry, Chris & Yanni, De Lynn; Donna Fleschli; Donna & Ray, Dunc; Enyo; Ennie; Ernest & Betty, jai lanre; Janet & Greggers; Jenny Roberts Moortgat; John Porter; Kathy & Capt. Jack; Kati Adams, Krista Kay; Letitia & Bill; Liz on Espchiel; Matty; mikeg; My Honey; My Price; Randy Huber; Reece & Dianna; Rob & Garth on Whatever; Scottie, Shannon & Steve; Shelly Ladd & Ken; Staci my Sistah; Suzi; Tempestuous; Tom & Ellen S-H

Subject: Florida Hurricane Prep Checklist (one of many variations out there)


Everyone in Florida should all be aware of hurricane preparations, but in case you need a refresher course, or if you wish to see what Floridians go through... listen up.  We've been smacked around by Hurricane Charley and now we have Miss Frances breathing down our necks.  We are truly in the peak of the hurricane season.  Right now, we turn on the TV and see over and over again, a weather person pointing to the huge orange and red radar blob out in the Atlantic Ocean and making two basic meteorological points.

       (1) There is no need to panic.
       (2) We could all be killed.

Yes, hurricane season is an exciting time to be in Florida. If you're new to the area or haven't lived here at all, you're probably wondering what is needed to prepare for the possibility of such dire threats to our safety:
Based on insurance industry experiences, we recommend that you follow this simple three-step hurricane preparedness plan:

       STEP 1: Buy enough food and bottled water to last your family for at least three days.
       STEP 2: Put these supplies into your car.
       STEP 3: Drive to Nebraska and remain there until Halloween.
Unfortunately, statistics show that most people will not follow this sensible plan. Most people will foolishly stay here in Florida (hmmm, I think I know of a few....).  We'll start with one of the most important hurricane preparedness items:

HOMEOWNERS OWNERS' INSURANCE: If you own a home, you must have hurricane insurance. Fortunately, this insurance is cheap and easy to get, as long as your home meets two basic requirements:

       (1) It is reasonably well-built, and
       (2) It is located in Wisconsin

Unfortunately, if your home is located in Florida, or any other area that might actually be hit by a hurricane, most insurance companies would prefer not to sell you hurricane insurance, because then they might be required to pay YOU money, and that is certainly not why they got into the insurance business in the first place. So you'll have to scrounge around for an insurance company, which will charge you an annual premium roughly equal to the replacement value of your house. At any moment, this company can drop you like used dental floss.  Don't even think about boats.  (Gulp.  Too late!)


Your house should have hurricane shutters on all the windows, all the doors. There are several types of shutters, with advantages and disadvantages:
    Plywood shutters: The advantage is that, because you make them yourself, they're cheap.

    Sheet-metal shutters: The advantage is that these work well, once you get them all up. The disadvantage is that once you get
    them all up, your hands will be useless bleeding stumps, and it will be January.

     Roll-down shutters: The advantages are that they're very easy to use, and will definitely protect your house.

     The disadvantage is that you will have to sell your house to pay for them.

     Hurricane-proof windows: These are the newest wrinkle in hurricane protection: They look like ordinary windows, but they

     can withstand hurricane winds! You can be sure of this, because the salesman says so.  He lives in Nebraska.
     Hurricane Proofing your property: As the hurricane approaches, check your yard for movable objects like barbecue grills,
     planters, patio furniture, visiting relatives, etc... you should, as a precaution, throw these items into your

     swimming pool.  (if you don't have a swimming pool, you should have one built immediately).

     Otherwise, the hurricane winds will turn these objects into deadly missiles.


If you live in a low-lying area, you should have an evacuation route planned out. (To determine whether you live in a low-lying area, look at your driver's license; if it says "Florida," you live in a low-lying area.) The purpose of having an evacuation route is to avoid being trapped in your home when a major storm hits. Instead, you will be trapped in a gigantic traffic jam several miles from your home, along with two hundred thousand other evacuees. So, as a bonus, you will not be lonely.


If you don't evacuate, you will need a mess of supplies. Do not buy them now! Florida tradition requires that you wait until the last possible minute, then go to the supermarket and get into vicious fights with strangers over who gets the last can of cat food. In addition to food and water, you will need the following supplies:

       23 flashlights. At least $167 worth of batteries that turn out, right when the power goes off, to be the wrong size for the


       Bleach. (No, I don't know what the bleach is for. NOBODY knows what the bleach is for, but it's traditional, so GET

       A big knife that you can strap to your leg. (This will be useless in a hurricane, but it looks cool.)

       A large quantity of raw chicken, to placate the alligators.  (Ask anybody who went through Andrew; after the hurricane,
       there WILL be irate alligators.)

       $35,000 in cash or diamonds so that, after the hurricane passes, you can buy a generator from a man with no
       discernible teeth.

Of course these are just basic precautions. As the hurricane draws nearer, it is vitally important that you keep abreast of the situation by turning on your television if you have a generator that's working to keep the TV going and watching TV reporters in rain slickers stand right next to the ocean and tell you over and over how vitally important it is for everybody to stay away from the ocean.

Remember all this when it's snowing in Illinois and we're down here living in "Paradise."


Bill and Charmaine Aboard s/v September Sea

From: Tempi Duffey

Date: 09/03/04 08:17:42
To: s/v September Sea
Subject: Re: Florida Hurricane Prep Checklist
I've missed you!
All the love in the world...  and a prayer for survival :o)))))
Tempi E. Duffey

From: s/v September Sea

Date: 09/03/04 10:00:12
To: Tempi Duffey
Subject: Re: Florida Hurricane Prep Checklist
SO glad to finally be in touch with you.  I've emailed ya umpteen thousand times and never got through.  From Ant's email she recently sent out, I decided to try your eddress again.  It worked!  SO HAPPY!!!!
Love my Tempestuous.  Kisses and hugs to the kids, I miss you and I miss them so very, very much.  Let them know that Auntie Mainie loves them so very, very much.
Looks like Frances is weakening, which is very good news for us.  Good news for everyone.  Love you, Temp.  Hope all is well with you, my Sweetheart.
Please stay in touch.  It's so wonderful to hear from you. 
Your Sis, Charmaine (& Bill) Aboard s/v September Sea

From: Steve Price
Date: 09/03/04 11:46:35
To: s/v September Sea
Subject: Re: Frances Update
Looks like Francis is headed right up Florida's intestinal tract.  The damn thing is HUGE!  Good news is I hear it's loosing some speed, now around 90 MPH.    Of course, if you're in the eye at 90, that's plenty of wind, but it beats 124.  Stay safe.

Love, Steve

From: s/v September Sea

Date: 09/03/04 12:22:28
To: My Price
Subject: Re: Frances Update
Good news.  The Hurricane Watch has been lifted for the Middle and Upper Keys... dat's us!  Of course we're expecting tropical storm force winds (39-73 mph).  No problem.  The greatest news is that we won't be messing about with storm surge, which does most of the damage, normally (especially to boats!).  We're tied up tighter than a priest's sphincter when he's just been accused of child molesting.  (OMG that sounded like You!  Heaven help me!)
Love ya, Darling.  We're high and dry and doing fine.  Did you sign in to your Hotmail account as per my email to you?  Do it, Stephen.  Only takes a minute.  The instructions I sent are also at the Hotmail account.  You can make the changes easily.  Your Hotmail account will have all the pictures you can't see at AOL.  Don't make me come up there to slap ya around, hear?
Love you with all my heart.  Glad we're all safe and sound.  Looks like it will stay that way...  but, as any good Eagle Scout will tell ya... the first rule is: BE PREPARED.
We are! 
C ~

From: s/v September Sea

Date: 09/04/04 15:19:22
To: webstaff@nbc6.net
Subject: Report from Vaca Key
 Been watching your broadcast, thank you.  However, we have been getting 40+ mph winds here on Vaca Key (Marathon) since early this morning.  The winds continue to pummel us and they're getting worse.  All along today you've been saying the Keys are doing okay and that's just not the case.  Weather Bug says our winds are 22 mph with gusts of 40... but I have a wind indicator along with others here and we're recording sustained winds at 35-40.
The boats in Boot Key Harbor are getting whipped around like crazy, though most are tied down well since we had plenty of warning.  But it's no picnic here, and you can hear the wind howling like it's angrier than a wet hen.
Thanks for your broadcast, but wanted to inform you that the Keys, at least here on Vaca Key (which is where Marathon is located)... have been getting kicked around all day!  We've been under a Tropical Storm Warning since yesterday.
I'm sure there are those elsewhere who are thinking their loved ones in the Keys are just dandy... not so!
Wishing you all well.
Charmaine  Aboard s/v September Sea

From: s/v September Sea

Date: 09/04/04 23:20:59
To: 'Ris, Antoinette Genesis, Bjazyzus, Breigh-Baby, Captain Jerry, Chris & Yanni, De Lynn; Donna Fleschli; Donna & Ray, Dunc; Enyo; Ennie; Ernest & Betty, jai lanre; Janet & Greggers; Jenny Roberts Moortgat; John Porter; Kathy & Capt. Jack; Kati Adams, Krista Kay; Letitia & Bill; Liz on Espchiel; Matty; mikeg; My Honey; My Price; Randy Huber; Reece & Dianna; Rob & Garth on Whatever; Scottie, Shannon & Steve; Shelly Ladd & Ken; Staci my Sistah; Suzi; Tempestuous; Tom & Ellen S-H
Subject: Frances Update
This is a Snail of a Hurricane.  I could walk faster than this bitch is moving!  Wait.... IS she moving?  Excuse my French, but I'm gettin tired of this!  It's been a whole week that we have anticipated this storm.  Now it's here and she stalls.  I could kill her.  She's belting out some high winds and raging seas.... all while sitting still and getting her nails done.  Unreal.
Her "eye" has just arrived and it will last about twelve hours.  Imagine, all hell breaks loose and suddenly you got a huge calm for twelve hours.  Then comes the end of the movie.  Dayam!  The other side of her will be really angry....  I'm glad we won't get the brunt of those 100+ mph winds.  No thanks.
We're getting hit with 50+ mph winds down here.  Not too bad, considering we have a huge boat on the other side of us that is serving us well as protection.  The winds are from the West right now... I know, doesn't even sound right.  You have to remember that hurricanes in the Northern Hemisphere rotate counter-clockwise.  Therefore, as she comes to us from the Southeast, she's moving Northwest and throwing her rotations of winds and water in any direction she damn well pleases.  Three hours ago we were pummeled from the North.  Go figure.
Anyway, Bill and I just watched "Wolf."  I decided that it would be tempting fate to do my usual routine and watch "The Perfect Storm."  So I'm still learning at my old age, not too bad, eh?  Wonder if Clooney would pay me a visit in the hospital if I said I got hurt while watching his pic.  Hmmm, I could fall off the dock and just say it was Frances....  "Clooney, I had you on, man.  I love that movie."  Yes.  I'm losing my mind.  It's from watching either the TV screen or the computer screen.  I'm actually seeing spots...
oh, hell... another noseeum that doesn't know there's no sand inside the boat.  One flick and he's history.  I tell ya, everything and everyone = a state of total confusion.  I've heard lots of little giggles like the ones nervous Asian people do when they don't have a friggen clue as to what you're talking about.  And that's just Bill!  hahahaha  I swear we're punch drunk.
Sure are.  Sitting fine and dandy, all.  Got pizza in the oven and watching the news.   Just heard on the news: A guy started a charcoal fire in his apartment cause he "needed light."  We're doing fine.  Geeze.  I tell ya, when this is over... I'm gonna be so glad that when all the flooding is going on... that my ass is sitting in a boat.  Noah was right.  If the forecast is more than ten inches of rain... think the letter "B."
Love yaz... we'll stay in touch.
Bill and Charmaine Aboard s/v September Sea
From: Stephen Duncan
Date: 09/05/04 14:11:40
To: September Sea
Subject: RE: Frances Update
Hey Mainie!
I'm at Dad's and I noticed all the e-mail Bettie had from you and I got a little jealous. Then I noticed I was included on your list but it's an account that I hadn't checked in a while.
I'll be here when you come to Springfield next week. Look forward to hearing your Frances survival stories. Just tell that bitch to stop hangin' around like a hooker on her favorite street corner. Move along..............
Be safe and see ya next week.

From: s/v September Sea

Date: 09/05/04 14:14:02

To: Dunc

Now you know you Speshal....  SMOOCHES my Darling.

Saved the best for last.
Hope to see you next week if Ivan doesn't hold us hostage here.
How's your Dad?  Here's hoping that he's feeling much better and steadily showing improvement.  Kisses and hugs to Dad
and Betty.
Bill and Charmaine Aboard s/v September Sea

  From: s/v September Sea
>Subject: Frances Update
>Date: Thu, 2 Sep 2004 11:43:53 -0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)
>Hello my Darlings,
>Looks like the Keys are expected to be wrapped in more of a Tropical Storm >(which could last for about 20 hrs.) than any near miss from Frances.  Had to work my Mojo on her.... but I got >her attention (LOL).
>Of course, anything could happen.  However, with the high pressure system that's hovering north of Frances, it seems she will be kept downward (in somewhat of a stall) and then once she's free, she'll head up the East Coast of Florida.  As she heads up, how much of her 140 mph wrath the Southern tip of Florida and the Keys gets is up in the air.  A guessing game.
She is crossing the Bahamas as I type... but as of yet, has not reached Nassau.  So she's slowing down quite a bit.
>I feel confident, after viewing the computer models that ran at 5 am (which are all in agreement, a rarity) showing Frances skirting up the east coast and possibly crossing over southern Florida (but higher North than where we are) and going into Georgia and other coastal states on the Gulf coast, or skirting over to the Carolinas.  What all this means is that we're readying the boat and will tie up here in the marina, expecting a maximum of 70 knot winds.  We can handle that, no problem.  We are also roping (with chain too) off the pilings around our boat so that those boats which possibly break free of their moorings won't come crashing into our boat.  They won't be able to get in!
>SO that's the scoop... Bj has moved his boat to a slip right next to ours and that's a comfort.  Looks like a nasty Tropical Storm at worst for us.  I am glad we decided to wait for the 5 am tracking models before taking off to Little Shark.  It's possible the Everglades could be hit more than the Keys.  So right now, it's all good.  For those in the Carolinas.... say some
>prayers.  It appears Florida will be hit pretty hard by this bitch of a raging wind... so we must count our blessings.  They're just getting over Hurricane Charley and now battening now the hatches for Frances.  Unreal. The last time we had back to back hurricanes that landed this close together was 50 years ago.  I suppose that means throw all the data out the window,
>cause Frances don't play that!  She doesn't know she's not supposed to do this...  and I don't think anyone is gonna tap her on the shoulder and inform her of it.
>No worries at this point.
>Love you all... don't worry about us, we're just fine.  Wanted you to know
>so you can breathe easier.
>Love yaz...
>Bill and Charmaine Aboard s/v September Sea

From: Mike Glanz
Date: 09/06/04 00:51:15
To: s/v September Sea
Subject: Re: Frances Update
Well, has the wind died yet?  I see you are eating chips and watching TV...the universal Paen, so it can't be all that bad right now, even though you are mad at the bitch...
We spent the entire day on the boat today.  Dropped the mast (it's a trailerable, for crying out loud), retrieved the jib halyard, (long story) re-tuned the rig and I think it is better now than it has been, reaised the boom a bit, as it was sagging, put covers over the positive and negative bus bars, installed one new mini bus to replace one that was makeshift, wired a
new stern light, the old one was hidden by the motor when sailing and the motor is tilted up, fixed the flag halyard, installed new jib and main halyard lines, (installed a new mainsheet line and blocks and a new traveller and track last week), cleaned it up a bit, stowed a bunch of stuff that is usually out on the berth or something.  moved the horseshoe buoy bracket so the buoy doesn't bend the AM/FM antenna anymore.  had a bite of dinner, had a nice cigar and slept for a while.  It was a long day!!!!!  AT least we didn't spend a boat buck this time, just about $400 is all.  as if that aint enough.  Now I have to raise the outboard spreader tips, as they are sagging about three or four inches from today's activities.
I wish the money was spent on a big boat, not this thing.  OH well, at least it will be more saleable when the time comes with all this stuff fixed.
Hugs and hugs.
Mike and Sandee


Part III: Hurricane Ivan the Terrible


From: s/v September Sea

Date: 09/06/04 10:49:33
To: mikeg
Subject: Re: Frances Update
Sounds great what you're doing on the boat.  There's nothing quite like "messing about with boats."  Good for ya!
Yes, the wind has tapered off. We are still getting a band or two from Frances, she's still whipping in the upper 20s from
time to time and dumping more rain on us.  All in all, things are good.
Now for Ivan the Terrible.  Good grief, Mike.  Will I ever get to Illinois and wrap my arms around that grandson
of mine?  At this point, looks like we'll wait til Thursday to cancel our flight, hotel and car reservations AGAIN.
Wish us luck, my friends. Let's hope that Ivan turns his skanky ass back out to sea and not hit us.  We don't need it.... the clean up in Florida is horrible.  Still getting over Charley and Frances comes to pour salt in the already gaping wound.
What a bitch!
That stalker boyfriend of hers, Ivan, is lurking around the Atlantic like he's trying to sniff up her butt.  Geeze.
Love yaz and take care. We shall keep you apprised of what the heck the going down our way. 
Charmaine Aboard
s/v September Sea

From: Donna Forrest
Date: 09/06/04 08:23:02
To: s/v September Sea
Subject: Ivan the Terrible
One day, I will email you and we shall chat about something GOOD!
DAYMN girlfriend, I guess you will be traveling North next year to spend the summer in the Chesapeake.  You and Bill can stop by and see us.
Make plans now to start avoiding Ivan.
Having lived in Hurricane Prone North Carolina my entire life, my heart goes
out to you.  We love ya'll and it's getting old saying prayers for
you....but we will continue.  This one looks worse than Charlie or Frances!

From: s/v September Sea

Date: 09/06/04 10:58:16
To: Donna Forrest
Subject: Re: Ivan the Terrible
I heard that, my Darlin.  Yes, we've been watching Ivan ever since he reared his ugly head off the coast of Africa as a tropical storm.  He's moving fast too!  Dayam is right!
I think he's Frances' stalker boyfriend and he's out there sniffing up her butt.  Wish he'd a caught up with her and taken
her away to sea to live in bliss for the remainder of their stormy lives.  But noooo!
We're preparing right now for Ivan.  We're getting the dinghy back in the water (we deflated it and put it in the car when
Frances came our way).  We'll need it if we run to the Little Shark.
We just might find a nice spot around here to push little September Sea up into the mangroves and then hop in the car and get the flock outta Dodge.
We are supposed to be flying out of Ft. Lauderdale to Illinois this Friday. If you recall, we were originally to leave on Friday the 13th of August, but Frances had other ideas for us and we ended up in Little Shark River.  So this is the second
go-round for our trip.  We'll wait til Thursday to cancel all our reservations if the need be.  Dayam, this is getting ridiculous.
Bill and I are already talking about spending next hurricane season at the 12th latitude. Aruba.  Bonaire.  Curaco.
However, Ivan came past pretty damn close to them!

They haven't had a hurricane down there outside the hurricane belt since the 50s.  Somehow that doesn't seem all that long ago now... not since Florida just had back to back hurricanes for the first time in 50 years.

It will be wonderful when we can talk of great things.. calm things... nice things like parties and babies and just plain BOREDOM in general.
I love you, Donna.  Give my Ray-Ray a huge hug and kiss from me.  You don't know how much we miss you guys.
We'll stay in touch.  Thanks so much for watching over us.
Bill and Charmaine
Aboard s/v September Sea

From: s/v September Sea

Date: 09/06/04 11:30:13
To: John Porter; 'Ris; Antoinette Genesis; April; Breigh-Baby; Brian Duncan; Buddy; Captain Jerry; Cecine; Dawn; Danny, Diane & Danielle; Donna; Donna & Ray; Dr. Dlugie; Dunc; Enyo; Ennie; Ernest & Betty; Four Ladds; Frank & Linda; Hong Kong Joseph; Hubers; jai lanre; Jenny-Jen; Katie & G-Man Charlie; Kodrich; Krista Kay; Letitia; Liz on Espchiel; Matty; mikeg; Miss Lori; My Price; Randy; Reece & Dianna; Renae-Reynolds; Renee; Rick & Leann; Scottie; sentabachmaier; Shannon & Steve; Shelly & Ken; Suzi; Tempestuous; Tom & Ellen; Wolfie, my German son
Subject: The Aftermath
Hey my Darlings!
Not too bad, considering Frances bore down on us like a whore at a Legion convention.  Man oh man, the wind was just awful.  We faired well.  We were tied up at the marina and Bill did an excellent job of making sure we moved very little during it all.  It was great, actually, sitting here watching movies and popping popcorn during it all.  Power stayed on the whole time for us.  We have our own power in the event that the power went out locally.
That's one good thing about a boat.  Having your own power is just wonderful. There's a comfort knowing that no matter what Frances does... we'll still have lights and our stove, running water, and the computer to watch movies on.  Life is good.  Even when Mother Nature wreaks havoc!  Now that's something special.
Hurricane Ivan the TERRIBLE is on his way.  DAYAM.  If you go to http://wunderground.com you can track Ivan.  Click on TROPICAL and you'll see Frances, then beneath her, down the page is Ivan.  There are computer models there that forecast Ivan's path.  He's heading right for us, John.  And he looks bigger than Charley and Frances.  WAY bigger.
Not sure what we're going to do. We're supposed to fly outta Ft. Lauderdale on Friday and head to Illinois.  With Ivan breathing down our necks, and scheduled to be here by this weekend, I don't think we're gonna get outta here.  We will probably take the boat to our hurricane hole in the Everglades, Little Shark River.  I've included a satellite map of Little Shark so that you can see how it meanders like a labyrinth of mangroves and offshoot creeks.  By the time you get inside of it, and way back in the thick of things, you're very protected from high winds and raging seas while in there. 
We know people who rode out Hurricane George, a Category 5, while there.  They said they had no problems, and the wind howled above them in the tree tops.  We were there during Hurricane Charley, even moved closer to Charley without knowing it, and we were nestled in there like bugs in a rug.  It's the place to ride out even a Category 5.  No doubt about it.
Here's a satellite map of Little Shark River:
You can see the Gulf of Mexico to the left.  The first opening from the bottom of the picture northward is the entrance to Little Shark River.

As you can see, it meanders all over the place.  In between the water ways are thick groves of mangrove trees. And I mean THICK.  When we rode out Hurricane Charley, we were located near the top of the map to the right (the river goes on beyond this map).  You can see where you can get off into a creek offshoot of the river and be nestled in with mangroves on all four sides of you.  That's the idea location.  We tied our boat up to the mangroves in the narrowest spot we could find.  It was perfect.

If need be, that's where we will head come Thursday, probably.  It takes us 8 hours to get there, sailing due north the entire way.  Once inside the mouth, it takes us about 1-1/2 hours to get to our spot inside the maze.  We had gone to Little Shark last year and
mapped the place out, taking depth soundings while in our dinghy so we would know where we had adequate depth for our boat (we draw 5'6, meaning our keel is 5'6 down from the waterline of our boat).  Many people think there is not depth enough in the Little Shark, well, those are people who never came here to take readings themselves.  The place is huge.  There is room for thousands of boats here... all without you seeing another soul.  It is truly an intricate web of mangroves and creeks and tiny inlets that all pretty
much look the same.... unless you have been there enough to learn the lay of the water.  We took pictures when we scouted it out, making notes on our map (e.g. at 3.6 miles, turn at 3rd dead tree on your right, with Y at the top, head boat starboard 10 degrees
and proceed across to huge mangrove trunk on edge of water next to lone pine tree).  You get the idea. 
Anyway, we're fine and everyone else is doing well down here.  The Keys got hit with high winds but no real damage like elsewhere.  I felt that Tampa would be hit hard when I read the first BAM computer model at the start of the storm.  BAM is so accurate in their predicitons it's almost scary.  Most people thought I was nuts talking about the eye of the hurricane going right over Tampa as it leaves... well wish I had a winning Lotto ticket on that one... cause I was right on the money. BUT... they got very, very lucky. Thank goodness!
Hope my loved ones in Tampa are okay, gonna give em a call.  Chances are I won't get through, but I'll keep trying.  They took some hard hits.  Sure hope my Jerry is okay too (that's Captain Jerry, our mentor). 
Love you all so very, very much.  Will stay in touch on the Insanities of Ivan the Terrible.
Bill and Charmaine Aboard s/v September Sea

From: Jai Dewith
Date: 09/06/04 16:41:05
To: September Sea
Subject: de argentina....
hey chicos
i am reading all your emails about those nasty "little" hurricanes...take
care, sweeties.
luv uz mucho
paz y tranquilidad

From: s/v September Sea

Date: 09/06/04 18:45:41
To: Jai Dewith
Subject: Re: de argentina....
We're readying for Hurricane Ivan, who should be here by Saturday.  This is ridiculous!  Bill and I are very seriously discussing spending the next hurricane season (six months) in Venezuela.
It's around the 12th latitude, beneath the hurricane belt. All we have to have is internet access... and we're outta here!
Love ya... SMOOCHES
pas y tranquilidad (AMEN to that!)
Bill and Charmaine Aboard s/v September Sea

From: Kati Adams
Date: 09/06/04 12:55:22
To: 's/v September Sea'
Subject: RE: Florida Hurricane Prep Checklist

Well did you stay? I looked over there and thought I saw you! Tom’s mom in Vero Beach didn’t fair well, 1/3 of her house flew away. And she fell bringing in water broke her ankle and had surgery last night. Tom’s sister in Vero is with out power, water and is not doing well either, she has M.S. and sometimes under stress looses her ability to walk. So we may be heading up there tonight, I’m waiting for Tom to call me and say lets go.


Kati Adams

From: s/v September Sea

Date: 09/06/04 18:48:18
To: Katie
Subject: RE: Florida Hurricane Prep Checklist
SO sorry to hear about Tom's family, Katie.  That's a damn shame. No, we stayed put for Frances.  However, with Hurricane Ivan on his way (should be here by Saturday)... I don't know about him.  I think we'll leave Thursday and head for the Little Shark.
We got by okay with this one, mainly because of where it hit (the projections were right on target) so we had no storm surges.  It's the surges that will just kill you and your boat.  In the Little Shark, the surges don't matter at all.  You can just ride with em and all is just cool.  No pilings in your way to hole your boat.
Well, give my love to Big Twin and his family.  Again, I'm so sorry to hear all that.  But be careful, Darlin... there's a monster coming our way... again! 
Bill and Charmaine Aboard s/v September Sea

From: Renee Chomiak
Date: 09/06/04 21:59:57
To: September Sea
Subject: RE:
Good to hear from you Charmaine. My brother Steve is in Pompano right next to Ft. Lauderdale. He is fine but waiting for Ivan. Kept his house boarded up. Still has no power. Keep in touch and stay safe!

From: s/v September Sea

Date: 09/06/04 23:08:16
To:  Renee
Subject: RE:
Lots of love and the very best of wishes for your brother Steve.  It's always a pleasure to hear from ya.  Love ya, 'Nee 
Bill and Charmaine Aboard s/v September Sea

From: s/v September Sea

Date: 09/06/04 23:22:30
To: Iris
Subject: Re: The Aftermath
Hey my Sweetheart, 'Ris
Looks like Ivan will stay south of Puerto Rico.  Good thing!  I do think it's wise to wait until late tomorrow, we'll know for sure by then what Ivan is doing.
We have good friends on a sail boat in Puerto Rico.  They are on the southern side, in a town called Salinas.  That
was written in their last email to me.
The name of their 33-foot steel sloop is "Drummer."  Their names are Jim and Kathleen Davison.  I hear from them often, and haven't heard from them since Hurricane Charley.  In short, I'm worried about them.  Perhaps you can inquire about
them. If you can get someone to hail them on their VHF Radio that would be wonderful.  I just want to know they are okay.  I have a feeling that something is wrong, maybe one of them is sick or something.
They might be having trouble with their SSB and can't get through on the internet.  Most boat owners don't know the last names of other boaters.  I only know Jim and Kathleen's because they gifted us a homemade game with their last name on it.  They probably don't know our last name.  I would think that something has happened, as they could call Dockside here in Marathon and at least give word they are okay.
Kathleen might not even know how to operate the SSB.  ANYway, have a great trip and if you would inquire on their behalf, I'd appreciate it.  The last I heard they were on the hook (meaning anchored out in an anchorage area).  However, they would dinghy in to the closest place to get provisions and supplies.  SOMEBODY around there must know of them.
They're white, in their early 50s and have two cats. Their dinghy is named "Bongo."  Their boat is tan with green deck coverings and cream colored side shades.
I'm sure if you ask around, someone has seen them.  It's not like them not to be in touch, especially since they don't know how we faired through Charley and now Frances.  Also, Ivan is on his way too... 
Love you so much, Sweets.  How long will you be home with your parents?  Doesn't look like we're gonna make it this trip... so that's good.  You'd be gone anway.  This way, we'll be sure to see each other when we come home.
Love you, 'Ris.  Hope all is well and you're doing fine.
Love to Buddy and Bud Lite.
Bill and Charmaine Aboard s/v September Sea

From: rudy and sue
Date: 09/06/04 23:43:50
To: s/v September Sea
Subject: Re: Frances Update
How are you doing today? Is everything still alright?

From: s/v September Sea

Date: 09/07/04 02:14:12
To:  Sue White Haynes
Subject: Re: Frances Update
Hey my Sweetheart Suzi Q!
So good to hear from you.  Yes, all is fine.  The winds have died down and Miss Frances has trekked out of our area.  She wreaked havoc on the east coast, and that's an understatement.
Right now we are watching Ivan the Terrible very carefully.  Looks like we'll take off to sail to our hurricane hole
come Thursday.
We're supposed to be leaving for Springpatch on Friday... looks like my second attempt to get home will also be cancelled by yet another hurricane (we were supposed to fly out Friday the 13th, but Hurricane Charley had other ideas!).
I tried to contact Guy at his home and left a message on his answering machine that we were fine (that was during Charley).  Never heard from him.  He still lives on Outer Park Drive?  I got the number from a friend in Springpatch I was talking to on the phone.
ANYway, if you have his email addy, I'd like to have it... tell him to get in touch with me, will ya?!  I'd love to see him
when I'm home.
Love you so very, very much.
Hope all is well with you and that Sweetie Rudy.  Hope I didn't scare ya... you know me, Girl, I'm a loon!


Bill and Charmaine Aboard s/v September Sea

From: s/v September Sea

Date: 09/07/04 18:34:31
To: Peggy & Edwin Aboard Tiempo
Subject: Re: Fw: The Aftermath
"What a difference a day makes.  24 little hours."  Dinah Washington was right on it with that one!  Old song, but the words still ring true. Especially with that bastid Ivan the Terrible.  If he weren't trying to sniff up Frances' butt he wouldn't even be here!  Men!
Ah well...  found out that [name withheld to protect the guilty] TOLD everyone they were going to Little Shark... only to find out they rode out the storm in [place withheld to keep ya guessing!].  Huh?  Like that would make a difference?  Don't get it... maybe shouldn't... once I start to understand them, I'm in big trouble.
You're right.  I need to put this all down... got it all in my head.  The Threesome from Hell.  Hurricanes doing a Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice.... (sans Alice, I think she hasn't surfaced in a while....)  Maybe she's what is brewing out there off the coast of Africa, near the Antilles.  I tell ya, even storms would rather have foursomes it seems.  Ain't nothing sacred anymore?  (That's not scared, it's sacred [noted to those with dyslexia]).
It's always wonderful to hear from ya, Peg.  By the way, if you have the internet handy where you can do some surfing... here's a couple of website you might be able to track your friends through: http://www.hurricanecity.com/  On the right side, scroll down a bit, you will find a Message Board where you can leave a message.  Also you will see Chat.  Click on it and you can enter the chat area where people are talking about those they are looking for and the latest hurricane news.  These people live in the chat rooms and most certainly can steer you to all the best sites on the web to post messages to inquire about your friends.
I love you, Peg.  But... Ivan got a big dick....  his balls are hanging way low and he's heading our way... what an asshole.  I give him a sphincter factor of 10... meaning we shall be on our way to the Little Shark River Thursday if not 6am Friday morning.  We expect him to spit and spew sometime Sunday.  With his counter-clockwise rotations and coming at us from the west this time, sitting the boat, facing south, with the foredeck in the mangroves and with excellent protection from both the west and the east (where secondary storms brew) will be perfect for our needs.
We'll be fine.  Bill should have our satellite phone working by the time we leave outta here.  So get ready for the first broadcast of "Charmaine in the Bowels of 'Those-are-some-HUMONGOUS-Skeeters.'"
Love you more than words can say.  My Peek-a-Boo-Peg.
Love to Mister Ed (with a huge hug and kiss... bit of tongue) and lots of love to Dirk.  SMOOCHES
Bill and Charmaine Aboard s/v September Sea

From: John Porter
Date: 09/07/04 22:16:02
To: Charmaine and Bill Smith
Charmaine:  I talked with Debbie Grant today and she asked about you.  I filled her in your run-ins with Charlie and Frances.  She had surgery last week, so she will be home for a while.  Good luck on your trip to Springfield.

From: s/v September Sea

Date: 09/07/04 23:59:13
To: John Porter

Subject: Re: Debbie Grant

Hey my Brother!
God bless Debbie.  If you see her again, please give her my email address.  I would love to be in touch with her again.  Just love her.  Oh the times we have had!  I'm so glad to hear you talked with her.  Hadn't thought of Deb in a while, nice memories.
That girl has been through so much and made it anyway... I tell ya, John, we're all pretty tough stock.  And good thing, too!
We're probably gonna have to run from Hurricane Ivan.  Right now it looks like we would leave on Thursday.  We finally got our satellite phone and got it activated tonight, so I'll have a number that you can at least call if you don't hear from us and get worried.  It's so nervewracking on everyone not knowing whether we're okay or not... out where we are in the Little Shark, no radio or cell phone works unless it's the radio, and only if it's a boat right near to you.  In other words, we wouldn't be able to hail the Coast Guard if we got into real trouble.  So the satellite phone we had to get.  It was a must have.
I'll make sure you get the number.  Just knowing you will have it makes me feel better already. 
Love ya, John.  Sure miss not being in Springpatch this Friday...  oh well, perhaps we should make our travel plans next time on a Thursday... looks like the Friday days don't work at all!  hahaha
Smooches my Love
Charmaine (and Bill) Aboard s/v September Sea

From: s/v September Sea

Date: 09/08/04 00:13:00
To: Peggy & Edwin
Subject: What was it Dinah Washington Sang?
Subject: What a Difference a Day Makes...
well... how about What a difference 30 years makes ...
30 Years difference
1974: Long hair
2004: Longing for hair
1974: KEG
2004: EKG
1974: Acid rock
2004: Acid reflux
1974: Moving to California because it's cool
2004: Moving to California because it's warm
1974: Trying to look like Marlon Brando or Liz Taylor
2004: Trying NOT to look like Marlon Brando or Liz Taylor
1974: Seeds and stems
2004: Roughage
1974: Hoping for a BMW
2004: Hoping for a BM
1974: The Grateful Dead
2004: Dr. Kevorkian
1974: Going to a new, hip joint
2004: Receiving a new hip joint
1974: Rolling Stones
2004: Kidney Stones
1974: Screw the system
2004: Upgrade the system
1974: Disco
2004: Costco
1974: Passing the drivers' test
2004: Passing the vision test
1974: Whatever
2004: Depends
Just in case you weren't feeling too old today, this will certainly change things. Each year the staff at Beloit College in Wisconsin puts together a list to try to give the faculty a sense of the mindset of this year's incoming freshmen. Here's this year's list:
The people who are starting college this fall across the nation were born in 1985. They are too young to remember the space shuttle blowing up.
Their lifetime has always included AIDS.
Bottle caps have always been screw off and plastic.
The CD was introduced the year they were born.
They have always had an answering machine. (it's voice mail now... get with the program!)
They have always had cable.
They cannot fathom life without a TV remote control.
Jay Leno has always been on the Tonight Show.
Popcorn has always been popped in the microwave.
They never took a swim and thought about Jaws.
They can't imagine what hard contact lenses are.
They don't know who Mork was or where he was from.
They never heard: "Where's the Beef?", "I'd walk a mile for a Camel" or "de plane Boss, de plane."
They do not care who shot J. R. and have no idea who J. R. even is.
McDonald's never came in Styrofoam containers.
They don't have a clue how to use a typewriter.
Do you feel old yet? Pass this on to the other old fogies on your list.  Notice the larger type? That's for those of you who have trouble reading the smaller print!
Love yaz!
Bill and Charmaine Aboard s/v September Sea

From: s/v September Sea
Date: 09/08/04 10:34:49
To: Carlene Barnes @ Mayo
Subject: RE: Hurricanes!
Hey my Sweet Carlene!
We've been running from Hurricanes!  First Charley, then Frances... now ugly Ivan the Terrible is breathing down our necks.  We're down in the Florida Keys and the computer models track patterns show that Ivan will hit very close here.  He's a Category 4 and it has been predicted that he will become a Category 5.  Unreal.  I suppose there must be a downside to everything, even living in Paradise!
Hope you are well and happy and that all is going fine for you.  You're a dear, sweet Soul, Carlene.  I'll send you an email when we return from our hurricane hole after Ivan has blown himself out.
It is always a great pleasure to hear from you.
Peace and Love, 
Bill and Charmaine Aboard s/v September Sea

From: Donna Forrest
Date: 09/08/04 08:32:45
To: September Sea
Subject: Ivan/Baby
Hey You Hurricane Veterans,
We are off to Raleigh today to have grandbaby tomorrow (hopefully). The doctor is inducing her at 6:30 a.m. tomorrow.
Ivan doesn't look so great for you guys. We will continue to watch the weather and say our prayers for you. Get out of there to the Shark River and be careful. Better take BJ with you this time. And, don't forget the twinkies!
Take care of yourselves. I know this shit must be getting old as hell.  Mentally, you guys have to be worn out, yet also be "mental marathoners" (as in running, not the city!)
Love ya!
Donna Forrest

From: s/v September Sea

Date: 09/08/04 10:58:32
To: DonnaForrest
Subject: Re: Ivan/Baby
Hey my Sweet Donna,
This is so GREAT!  A grandbaby and you know exactly when! I'm jealous as all get out. Here I am stuck again with flight reservations, hotel accommodations and a rental car waiting for me in Illinois (where my grandbaby is!), and it looks like we're not going to make it yet again. Dayam.
I'm doing the baby dance for ya... tickled to pieces about it all.  I mean to tell you... you are in for the treat of your life! I cannot emphasize what a grand life experience it is!
That had to be the way using the word "Grand" came about... cause that's exactly what it is: GRAND!
We have a satellite phone and our number will be activated today. I will be SURE to send you the phone number so you have it... and if I don't call you... then you call us to see how we're doing when hunkered down at the Little Shark River. It's really a blessing to have that phone now. We can stay in touch and no one has to sit and worry about what the hell is happening to us! I'll send that number your way as soon as I receive it later today. Oh Gramma Donna.... you look good as Gramma. Love to my Ray-Ray and you bet your Sweet Bippie that the Twinkies are in the freezer!


(and Ray-Ray too)
Bill and Charmaine Aboard s/v September Sea
P.S.  Know how Stick People became extinct?   (scroll down....)
AKA: The real reason why "Twiggy" and Calista Flockheart
finally decided they'd better gain some weight!

From: Mike Glanz
Date: 09/08/04 03:35:18
To: s/v September Sea
Subject: Re: What a Difference 30 years makes ...
I had a lot of trouble reading that.  I had to use my magnifying glass.....
How's the wind there now?  You have a real stud coming up the pike now.  The
track looks like he will miss you, But, you never know.

From: s/v September Sea

Date: 09/08/04 11:09:31
To: mikeg
Subject: Re: What a Difference 30 years makes ...
Got something for ya, Mike:
If you look at the www.wunderground.com site, you'll see the projected five-day forecast and it doesn't look good at all.  The computer models are in disagreement, although even so.... we need to get the flock outta Dodge!  Looks like if things stay the way they are, we'll leave out of here probably early Friday morning (the bridge opens at 6 am).  That would get us at Little Shark River by 2 pm and in our hurricane hunkering spot by 3:30 pm.  Then we'd have Saturday to prepare the boat properly, although we'd no doubt get up some lines when we arrive there Friday afternoon.  We're getting too good at this, Mike.  What's wrong with this picture?
Bill and I were talking the other day about looking at boats down outside the hurricane belt: Venezuela area--Aruba, Bonaire, Curaco... Trinidad & Tobago... and look what happened!  No sooner had we started searching for boats down there than they were under Hurricane Watches!  Unreal.  No place is safe anymore, apparently.  However, their track record (not one hurricane since early 1950s) is way better than ours (3 major hurricanes in the span of 30 days... or is that DAZE).  Incredible.
We have a satellite phone with us this time.  We'll get our number this afternoon.  The good thing is that will allow us to keep in touch with everyone.  Last time we went to Little Shark (no VHF radio or cell phone service in the area)... we worried everyone sick.  Too, we felt bad because we knew everyone would be worried!  This time will be different.  Also, we can call the Coast Guard if need be... and that's VERY comforting.  Not that they would drop all they're doing to come to our rescue.. but I'd know that they would be coming at some point KNOWING we were in trouble.
Another couple is going with us, the same couple that sailed down with us last time.  They are aboard their own boat and we'll try to be a bit closer together this time.  At least we're in radio range if we say fairly close within the Little Shark.
Hopefully none of the above will even come to pass... but if I were a bettin woman (which I am)... I'd bet on RUNNING.
Maybe that's how this town got it's name: MARATHON.
Shitola, I shudda known that!
Love yaz...  Big Hugs to Sandee.
Charmaine (& Bill) Aboard s/v September Sea

From: Randy Johnson
Date: 09/09/04 12:08:30
To: September Sea
Subject: Francis
Hi Guys,
I sent you the email on Charlie.....just realized Francis was the one that probably got you most..........hope you and sailing vessel are ok!   Randy
Randy Johnson
"Let Your Mouse - Find Your House"

From: September Sea

Date: 09/09/04 13:15:37
To: Randy Johnson
Subject: Re: Francis
Hi Randy!
You're behind, Love.  Hurricane Ivan is a Category 5 heading our way.  All of the Florida Keys is on mandatory evacuation beginning tomorrow morning.  All visitors will are being evacuated today.  We rode out Charley in Little Shark River, an excellent hurricane hole in the Everglades.
Hurricane Frances had no storm surge so we stayed here at the marina.  We were just fine riding her out.  The storm surges are what makes being in a marina deadly for you and your boat.  The surges (upwards of 18 ft to 25 ft for a Category 5) lift your boat above the dock pilings.  Then the boat comes down and the pilings hole the boat.  Ouch.  Sink time for sure.
We are deciding what to do.  We are aboard our boat in the marina and must leave tomorrow morning either for our hurricane hole in Little Shark River; or to drive out of here and go on to Illinois.  We were to leave on a flight tomorrow for Illinois, but Ft. Lauderdale Airport is a zoo and the evacuation means you'll never get there in time.  I think they will shut down tomorrow as well.  SO.... do we want to try to ride out a Category 5 aboard?  I dunno.  Tough decision.
We're talking winds at 160 mph and gusts nearer to 200 mph.  That's not fit for man, beast, alligator or boat!  Wish us luck, Randy.  I'll stay in touch and let you know what we decide.  Let's hope we make the right decision.  I don't want to be stuck on the tollways in Florida with a hurricane coming and can't get outta here! 
Much Love, 
Bill and Charmaine Aboard s/v September Sea

From: s/v September Sea

Date: 09/09/04 13:37:00
To: 'Ris; Antoinette Genesis; Breigh-Baby; Buddy; Brian Duncan; Captain Jerry; Carlene; Cecine; Dan Di & Danielle; Diana; Donna; Donna & Ray; Dr. Dlugie; Dunc; Eagle Scout & Leen; Enyo; Ennie; Ernest & Betty; fleischli; Four Ladds; Hubers; Irina; jai lanre; John Porter; Kati; Katie & G-Man Charlie; Krista Kay; Letitia; Liz on Espchiel; Matty; mikeg; My Price; Peggy & Edwin; Randy; Reece & Dianna; Renee; Scottie; Shannon & Steve; Shelly & Ken; Suzi; Tempestuous; Tom & Ellen; Wolfie, my German son
Subject: Hurricane Ivan the Terrible
Hurricane Ivan, expected to hit the Keys between Sunday and Monday will be a Category 5. Winds of 160mph with gusts near 200 mph. Not sure we want to ride this one out.  They have issued mandatory evacuations for all visitors in the Keys and have stated that in all probability, a mandatory evacuation will be issued for everyone down here.
Tomorrow morning we will decide whether to head up with the boat to Little Shark River, our hurricane hole, or hop in the Land Cruiser and head to Illinois. The problem with driving is that everyone else is too, and there's just one way out of the Keys.  Everyone is getting out and gas is scarce throughout Florida... don't want to be stuck on a highway somewhere with a
hurricane breathing down our necks.  We'll decide in the morning after looking at the predictions and praying for a break down here, what we're going to do.
We have a satellite phone now, so we will be able to keep in touch and let you know we're fine. That will be helpful if we go to the Little Shark, where VHF Radio and cell phones are useless. The satellite phone will work no matter what happens. It's good too, as if we have to send out an SOS [May Day, May Day, May Day] to the USCG they will be able to hear us.  Chris and Yanni, of s/v Magus are ready to make the trip to the Little Shark River if we decide to go.  That's somewhat of a comfort.  We have heard that over 2000 boats were in the Little Shark during Hurricane Frances (I can't imagine that, though there is room for them there).  We stayed here at the marina for Frances, because no storm surges were to come about (surges for a Category 5 are upwards of 25 ft.  you don't wanna be docked in a marina!).
Frances was little more than an inconvenience to us, we hardly moved at all aboard the boat.  But Ivan is way different than Frances.  Ivan is truly a terrible, terrible hurricane.
The predictions are all over the place,as to where he will hit land... but relatively all in agreement that Ivan will hit south Florida. Most computer models have it going directly over the Keys... just about smack daddy on top of Marathon. Ouch! If we leave our boat here, there's bound to be no boat when we return. Yes, it's "Only a boat..." but why lose it if we can protect it (but put ourselves in harms way?). Tough decision. Based on tomorrow's forecast, we'll just have to see which we do.  The Little Shark River could hold ten thousand boats and without one coming down on you.  The way it meanders we could get excellent protection there.  However, a direct hit and all bets are off.
The tension around here you could cut with a piece of paper.  Everyone's nerves are fried.  Lots of hustle and bustle, no water or provisions left... shelves are cleared at the stores.  They never got restocked from Charley, then Frances.  Three major hurricanes in the space of a month.  Unreal.
Don't worry, we won't do anything ridiculously stupid...
We'll stay in touch and let you all know what our plans will be.
Love you all.
Bill and Charmaine Aboard s/v September Sea
From: s/v September Sea
Date: 09/09/04 13:47:34
To: 'Ris; Bjayzus; Breigh-Baby; Buddy; Captain Jerry; Dawn; Donna & Ray; Eagle Scout & Leen; Ennie; Dunc; jai lanre; John Porter; Letitia; Liz on Espchiel; Matty; My Price; Peggy & Edwin; Randy; Reece & Dianna; Shannon & Steve; Suzi; Tempestuous
Subject: Satellite Phone Number
This is our Satellite phone number:  000-000-0000 [digits blocked]
We will stay in touch with our daughter, Breighan (in Illinois) to let everyone know we are safe.  Her number is:  [digits].
Just in case things get really bad and you're worried sick... give her a call first to see when we last checked in.  You know that if something horrible happened, Breigh will know how to contact most of you.  I'm sure that won't be the case.
I'm giving you the number in the event there is a dire emergency of panic and worry, then you can call us.  The phone call costs are very expensive so we need to keep calls to a minimum (it's gonna be a long hurricane season!).    However, it's very very reassuring that we can make contact with loved ones in the event land based phone lines and cell phones are of no use (as is the case when at the Little Shark River).
Again, we haven't decided what we're going to do yet.  With so much to do in any case, I wanted to get this information out to you.
Love you all,
Bill and Charmaine Aboard s/v September Sea

From: Kati Adams
Date: 09/09/04 15:02:43
To: 's/v September Sea'
Subject: RE: Hurricane Ivan the Terrible
Hey little sister, you guy's be very careful with this one. I definitely wouldn't leave it at Dockside. We taking ours around the corner, on the wall. We will tie it up really high and leave... scary thought. The place where we put her is very protected against the winds we will be getting, and the surge is the only thing I think may cause a problem, for George or Andrew it was about 4 or 5 ft. over the docks. Toms sister is so freaked she has offered to have a private plane come down to
Marathon and pick us up. Then take a fast boat over to Mexico. ?????  What the hell is she thinking???
I didn't have the heart to start laughing, I just said that Tom is so afraid of planes that we will drive out if we have to. But think about it the hurricane is heading for the gulf.... right? Any way my thoughts and love are with you guy's, hey what about BJ? Is he going?
Kati Adams
Florida Keys Rentals

From: s/v September Sea

Date: 09/09/04 16:30:17
To: Katie Adams

Subject: RE: Hurricane Ivan the Terrible

Hey my Darling Sis and Big Twin,
You're absolutely right.  We have to be very, very careful with this one.  There's a really good map put out today at http://wwwa.accuweather.com/adcbin/public/headlines.asp?iws=2
It shows that we have an 80% chance of Ivan hitting the Gulf... so you're right, what was she thinking!  The evacuation order has been put out for residents now... wow.  Just found out that the Boot Key Bridge will close as of 10 am tomorrow, I told Bill he better check cause we might not be able to get outta here!  We're planning on waiting to see what the 5 am projections are.  There is some weakening of Ivan and the consensus is that he will hit land as a 4, possibly less.  I know it's splitting hairs... but we're on the very edge of the Gulf side if it does hit....  the odds are so slim, but then again... being in Little Shark it could pass right over us.  At this point we are ready to load up the car and head out and let little September Sea take care of herself... dunno.
I love you guys and am so happy to hear that you're getting out of here.  Now I know how happy it would make you all to know that we're getting outta here too... and out of harm's way.
Take care of yourselves... I promise that we'll make an educated decision, not an emotional one.  We'll look at the risks and we're taking this very, very seriously.  Ivan is nothing to play with, that's for sure.
Kiss Tom for me.  I love you two so... so much.  I got tears in my eyes just thinking of the possibility of this all not being here... dayam.  Three hurricanes in a month... what the F is happening?  Oh well, we'll find a way to survive all this... and that's the bottom line for us all.  SURVIVAL FIRST.  
SMOOCHES to you both... 
Bill and Charmaine Aboard s/v September Sea

From: s/v September Sea

Date: 09/09/04 16:32:17
To: Katie Adams
Subject: RE: Hurricane Ivan the Terrible
P.S.  Bj is gonna be here at Dockside until it gets funky for sure... then he's gonna put his boat on a mooring and drive outta here with his girlfriend, Denise.  She lives on Long Key.  They have assured us they will LEAVE if it's for sure to be a hit here.  That makes me feel much better... don't wanna have to worry about our boy.
Love you Sis, Big Twin....    
Bill and Charmaine Aboard s/v September Sea

From: Steve Price
Date: 09/09/04 14:55:07
To: September Sea

Subject: Re: Hurricane Ivan the Terrible

Good that you will not try to ride this one out if its right over the top of you.  I have Syd this weekend, and if it hits west coast anywhere near Tampa, I'll likely head to Carol's brothers house in Melbourne.  From the sound of things, this is worse than Charlie--bigger, faster, meaner.  When I see what it did to the interior of Florida, there's no way I could survive in my little
ranch-home.  Best to grab the records for IRS, the photo albums, and head to safety.  Some people are giving up on Florida.  Not this boy.  I remember freezing rain and blizzards, and I'll take my chances in a teepee down here before I
move back north.  Love you, take care, Steve

From: s/v September Sea

Date: 09/09/04 16:41:45
To: My Price
Subject: Re: Hurricane Ivan the Terrible
I love you.  Take care of Syd.  Sounds like you have a great plan to keep her calm and safe.  Talk to you when this is over... and you can bet your Sweet Bipee on that!   Take care, my Sweet.
C ~
P.S. Let's pray that Ivan veers off at the last minute and heads back out to sea.  But I don't think I wanna bet my life on it!

From: s/v September Sea

Date: 09/09/04 16:57:48
To: Chris & Yanni Aboard Magus
Subject: Update on Ivan--moving West? PLEASE!!!
Click on the link... it's looking better for us all the time, Chris and Yanni.
Bill and Charmaine Aboard s/v September Sea

Date: 09/09/04 16:58:29
Subject: Oh, My God!!!
Hey there,
Good to hear from you, though your topic has us worried as well.  We just got through Frances, which kicked our butts pretty good.  Had some damage to the rub rail and the toe rail.  All wood work, which Sir Charles can fix. Thankfully no damage to the hull.  I'm getting pretty sick of this hurricane prep shit.  Charley scared the be-jesus out of us, Frances was sufficiently annoying, but....Ivan!!!  I'm sure it's no comfort, but at least you know you have to make a decision.  Up here, I think we're going to go through another coin toss (though Charley was pretty set for us).  I feel so badly for those in Punta Gorda, but if he had hit the VERY populated and developed area of Tampa, it would have been ten times worse.  So we have yet to decide what we're going to do.  Much too soon to determine its final path.  I know you two will make a smart decision.  Quite honestly, unless something major happens, I don't think you want to sit on your boat in a cat 5 storm,
no matter how protected Shark River is.  I think the experience would turn you quite white!  But, I also understand leaving not only your boat, but your home.  It's easy for people to say that's what insurance is for, but most of them are not living on their boat.  Can't help you much, except to beg you to stay as safe as possible.  You're the only Charmaine I got! Be safe and let us know what you're doing and how you fare through whatever that is.  Know that my thoughts and prayers are with you and that I sure wish I could be there to give you a huge hug.
Love to Bill, too
P.S.  I know you already know this, but just a reminder to take your boat documentation with you.  So many people forget that in the hustle and bustle.  How else are you gonna be able to salvage your boat?!?

From: Stephen Duncan
Date: 09/09/04 21:45:03
To: September Sea
Subject: come sail away.................
I heard about the evac-order for the Keys and I figured you all wouldn't be up this way as planned. My mind immediately recalled that single lane all the way to nearly Miami, but with all the residents south of there at one time. I'd have such road-rage I could kick Ivan's ugly ass with an empty gas can.
Let's plan on looking at marinas in San Diego when you do get here. No hurricanes to dodge out there. Three hurricanes just ain't fair. I bet ya'll are busier than a one legged man in an ass-kicking contest. If I were down there I bet I'd finally be praying. That's the kinda shit that makes you wanna call on Jesus.
I'm thinking about you and hoping those hurricaines get some sense. I don't think they want to get in Captain Mainie's way too often.
Love ya'll and can't wait to see you safe and sound. Got some hugs waiting for ya. Have some extras since Betty ain't never gettin' another one from me.
(God don't like ugly, but why'd he make...)

From: s/v September Sea

Date: 09/09/04 22:17:51
To: Dunc
Subject: Re: come sail away.................
We'll be fine... have company going with us and we have our satellite phone so we CAN call the USCG and be plucked outta there like those aboard the Westsail 32 s/v Mistral in "The Perfect Storm."
Actually, if you go to wunderground.com you can see the projections which are looking much better right now at 96 hours.  The coordinates they have predicted will put us 140 miles outside of the eye.  It's the bad side, unfortunately, but the winds should not exceed 73 mph.  We can DO 73.  No problem. 
I love you with all my heart, Dunc.  We were talking about going to the Venezuelan coast next year during hurricane season... no sooner did the words leave my lips and BAM.... Aruba, Bonaire, Curaco all issued Hurricane warning... The 12th Latitude is supposed to be sacred ground.  These hurricanes came from the Rodney Dangerfield School of Dyslexia: "I ain't givin no respect."
We'll be in touch.  Remember you can call Breighan for updates.  Bj is going to stay here with his boat and if it looks like Sunday is going to be a nightmare, he'll evacuate.  Most everyone is evacuating, and that's a good thing (OMG I'm sounding like Martha Stewart).
Smooches my Darlin... can't wait to get my arms around ya.
Bill and Charmaine Aboard s/v September Sea

From: Randy Johnson
Date: 09/10/04 05:26:09
To: September Sea
Subject: Re: Francis

You are right, I had not been paying attention to Ivan!  I was just watching the weather channel and looks like it might hit S.FLA. on Sunday but they are not sure if it will go up the West Coast or the East Coast!  It will probably slow up a bit in category # as it crosses the Islands...but who knows!

If I were you, I'd be making arrangements for my boat to be pulled out of the water and put in dry dock.  Then I'd head up US1 to the toll way extension down the road from the Dade Land Mall.....head north on 95 to  YeHaw Junction, take hwy 60 to Tampa and Head North on I75 towards Havana (Ill. that is)!!  You might as well leave today and get a jump on the traffic!!

Good luck!


"Let Your Mouse - Find Your House"

From: s/v September Sea

Date: 09/10/04 05:41:11
To: Randy Johnson
Subject: Ivan the Terrible
hahahaa Randy, too funny!
We're going this morning to our hurricane hole in the Little Shark River.  After reading the 5 am reports and discussions, the general prediction is that Ivan will pass over the Dry Tortugas (most like as a Category 4) and then head up the west coast of Florida and hit the panhandle on Monday.
We went to our hurricane hole during Charley.  Charley was to be a direct hit on Key West and instead went over the Dry Tortugas and then up the west coast of Florida to Punta Gorda and Port Charlotte.  So this one makes us feel much better, as we rode out Charley with minimal winds.  However, it was a 3 when it passed us and then a 4 when it hit the coast after the Dry Tortugas.  Not really that much difference.  Further, we're still hoping Ivan will stay more westerly as it passes us, and there is a good chance for that, meaning it will veer over near the Yucatan Peninsula.  Let's  HOPE so!
We have our satellite phone and won't hesitate to do a "Perfect Storm" routine and hail the Coast Guard if the situation calls for it.  That is somewhat of a comfort.  We'll also have our good friends, Chris and Yanni on their boat right near us as well.
Take care.... 'cause we shall!
Bill and Charmaine Aboard s/v September Sea

From: s/v September Sea

Date: 09/10/04 05:55:03
To: 'Ris; Antoinette Genesis; Buddy; Captain Jerry; Dawn; Donna; Donna & Ray; Dr. Dlugie; Dunc; Eagle Scout & Leen; Enyo; Ernest & Betty; jai lanre; John Porter; Kati; Katie & G-Man Charlie; Krista Kay; Letitia; Liz on Espchiel; Matty; mikeg; My Price; Peggy & Edwin; Randy; Reece & Dianna; Renee; Scottie; Shannon & Steve; Shelly & Ken; Suzi; Tempestuous; Tom & Ellen; Wolfie, my German son
Subject: Ivan the Terrible
Hey my Darlings!
It's WAY TOO EARLY for this late-morning person! (But there are still a few things to do in preparation!)
We've decided to go (departing 8 am) to our hurricane hole in the Little Shark River. After reading the 5 am reports and discussions, the general consensus is that Ivan will pass over, most likely, the Dry Tortugas (probably as a Category 4) and then head up the west coast of Florida and hit the panhandle on Monday. Ivan has been downgraded as of last night to a
Category 4. Of course he could strengthen, possibly, but there is as much a feeling with the forecasters that he could weaken even further as he crosses Cuba.
We went to our hurricane hole during Charley, under nearly identical circumstances. Charley was to be a direct hit on the Keys and went over the Dry Tortugas instead, then up the west coast of Florida to Punta Gorda and Port Charlotte (where Bill's parents go to for the winter). So this one makes us feel much better, as we rode out Charley with minimal discomfort. Of course we know no two situations are identical, as Charley was a 3 when it passed us and then became a Category 4
when it hit the coast further north. Further, we're still hoping Ivan will stay more westerly as it passes us, and there is a good chance for that, meaning it will veer over near the Yucatan Peninsula. I've got on my driving gloves and manning my horse whip... let's beat that Buffy DOWN!
We have our satellite phone and won't hesitate to do a "Perfect Storm" routine and hail the Coast Guard if the situation calls for it. That is a HUGE comfort, as we didn't have that with Charley. We'll also have our good friends, Chris and Yanni on their boat right near us as well.
Remember to call Breighan for updates if ya get worried.
Love you all very, very much.
Take care.... 'cause we shall!
From: Shannon and Steve McCormick
Date: 09/10/04 07:11:51
To: s/v September Sea
Subject: Re: Ivan the Terrible
i'm sure my brother would ask...and i am wonderin'....well, well...did y'all getta get busy during charley?

whaddya do for coffee?


From: s/v September Sea
Date: 09/10/04 07:33:12
To: Shannon & Steve
Subject: Re: Gettin Busy
Hey my Darlings,
Nothing like gettin busy on the boat while it's rocking right along wid cha!  I even brought along "Last Tango in Paris, " for some serious inspiration!  (Don't EVEN ask about the 5-gallon bucket of buttah in the reefer!)  hahahahhaaaaa
I bet you've never seen the inside of our boat.  Here's a couple of pics (I've since gotten shades for the windows, but those dish towels sure worked in a pinch!  Besides, I could change the cullah every week for about $7  Also, the mast pole is now covered with tan rope and it looks so much nicer).
We have all the comforts of home.  We have our own power also, so our refrigerator, stove, oven, computers, TV, coffee maker, microwave... etc. are right at hand even when not at a marina (via battery banks and an inverter).  I downloaded five movies so we can watch em to keep our mind off things. (However, despite my twisted sense of humor, I held back from downloading "The Perfect Storm.")
Just wanted you to know that we're not roughin it too bad!  LOL
Love you with all my heart... we're on our way.  Don't worry, we'll be fine.  This is just like Hurricane Charley, just a bit bigger.  We've done
this before and things will work out just fine.
(& STEVE, of course)!!  Hugs and Kisses to last ya
til I see ya and get ta squeeze yaz...

Bill and Charmaine Aboard s/v September Sea


Published on Saturday, September. 11, 2004
Some in Keys to defy Ivan, remain
Despite a mandatory evacuation and Hurricane Ivan's intensity, clutches of Keys residents are stocking up to remain despite the storm. As of Friday, scores more were undecided.
MARATHON - A Publix parking lot is not the most obvious spot for a band of renegades to gather.
But there they were on a deceptively beautiful Friday morning, when the mandatory hurricane evacuation kicked in for the Keys. They were brazenly transferring from cart to trunk plain evidence of their intention to stick out the storm: Friskies cat food, bags of candy, tin upon tin of Chef Boyardee and 12-packs of Budweiser.
''It ain't even here yet and already the guys up north have wiped the gas out up there, so where am I going to get gas, anyway?'' said Sandy MacLaren, 63, of Long Key, as he loaded grocery bags into his rusty white van over the din of evacuees' vehicles roaring north on U.S. 1.
''I'd rather be here than stuck on the road during a hurricane,'' his wife, Carol, said.
Part out of Keys grit, part out of defiance -- and, emergency officials say, part out of lunacy -- a good few Middle Keys residents such as MacLaren say they will stay through Ivan -- although the killer hurricane is tearing up everything in its path and not one single shelter along the island chain is taking anyone in. Monroe County's nearest storm shelter is at Florida International University in West Miami-Dade County.
''Why would you stay when you have a Category 4 storm on the way, which, at this intensity, could possibly be fatal?'' said Irene Toner, Monroe County's emergency management director. ``It's irresponsible. If you lose your home or car, you can replace it. But what if a family member gets seriously injured or worse?''
The holdouts appear to be exceptions: Toner said most Keys residents were leaving Friday.
But Lory Warfield of Marathon is not one of them. She said that more than the storm itself, she fears the prospect of not being able to return to her home after Ivan passes.
''Where are you going to go?'' she said. ``What if you can't get back?''
Warfield's friends, Lori and Earl Bebo, who moved to Marathon from Minnesota just days ago, echoed her concern. They were marooned in Nashville, stricken with worry, when Hurricane Frances bore down on Florida.
''The worst part is afterward,'' said Earl Bebo, who conceded he is likely to leave if the storm maintains its current intensity.
''If you can't get back down here afterward and there's wind damage, you can't protect your home,'' he said.
Many others were still undecided about leaving. Julie Thomson, who has lived in Marathon since 1984, said she will make her mind up today, when the storm's projected path is slightly clearer and U.S. 1, the lone evacuation route, is too.
''I'm waiting until all the panicky people are out and all the accidents are over,'' Thompson said. ``I'll be the last to go.''
Marathon's Publix closed at noon after employees spent the morning clearing meat, milk and cheese off the shelves. Some people ambled about barefoot, stocking up on last-minute provisions. Neighbors called out to each other over the aisles:
``Hey, Debbie, you staying or going?''
``We're going to decide tomorrow. What about you?''
``We're staying. Got too many pets.''
``Well, God bless you, honey. Be safe.''
``You too.''
Over at Boot Key Harbor, home to dozens of live-aboard boaters, the sun beat down and the wind picked up as people were tethering their boats to the dock with triple lines. Boaters on moorings were using heavy metal chains to attach their vessels to the several-thousand-pound weights.
''Hopefully, it'll hold, but if the storm's bad, it could tear the deck out,'' said Reynold Steckley, who is leaving his 80-footer and driving with his wife, Marlene, somewhere north -- maybe all the way to Atlanta, they said.
On a nearby sun-bleached marina dock walked Captain Jack, one of the harbor's longest residents. Barefoot, clad only in a turquoise Speedo and a diamond stud in his left earlobe, Jack announced that he was staying, as usual. He's lived in and out of the Keys since 1947 and hadn't left for a storm yet.
Jack has two boats in the harbor and plans to stay aboard one of them until the storm kicks him, at which point, he said, he will take refuge in one of a couple of ``good safe houses.''
''We'll see what happens. If it's an emergency, they're going to need salvage divers right after,'' said Jack, a diver who turns 61 on Sunday. ``There's going to be people that are going to stay. You know what they say about Conchs -- their shells are real hard.''
(Ain't that the truth! These are the people with whom Bill and I share Dockside Marina (Captain Jack especially, whom I call my Brother and he calls me "Sissy"). hahahaha He's a great guy... Marlene and Reynold Steckley are very good friends of ours as well.  They have totally redone their boat, "Erika," an old Trumpy.  It's magnificent!
Anyway, thought you'd enjoy seeing that... Love yaz
Charmaine (& Bill) Aboard s/v September Sea

Luke Tyler Jackson was born on Thursday, September 9th at 3:41 p.m. weighing in at 8 lbs. 11 oz. And 21 inches long (Grandpa Ray says he looks like he is starting kindergarten next week).
Aneda (Mom) and Luke are doing great (they came home on Saturday) and Reggie (Dad) cannot seem to wipe the silly looking grin off his face.
Grandparenting seems to be about the best job I've ever had....as evidenced by the attached picture!
Love to all.

From: Kati Adams

Date: 09/14/04 13:33:01
Subject: Ivan

We came home Monday night after the all clear. Everything is good, no worries. We are still not in our slip yet will wait for a little better weather and Tom’s back to get better. On Thursday he had to stop 2 fights, one boy pick up a desk and threw it at him, it hit him in the back and he is hurting pretty bad, has a big bruise on his lower back. His sister Lyn looked him over and adjusted him on Sunday and we have been icing it. I think he is doing better. But he is still pretty sore. Well thanks for all your thoughts and energy guy’s cause nasty ole Ivan stayed clear of the key’s and we are still afloat. Love you all,


Kati Adams

From: Dawn Hamlin
Date: 08/26/04 23:49:40
Subject: How to Clean your Mouse
How to Clean Your Mouse (This actually works pretty well)

To recalibrate your mouse, click and hold on the Z below. Then drag the Z toward the J. If it doesn't work, you might want to clean your mouse.
ZStop messing around and go do something constructiveJ

Date: 09/13/04 11:55:51
Subject: Re: For animal lovers
Those were real cute- how are you doing in the storm? Love Betty & Ernie--PS Ernie is coming along slow but good after his by-pass surgery

From: 'bella

Date: 09/16/04 11:51:11
To: September Sea
Subject: Fw: Hurricane Ivan
i hope this cartoon gets forwarded.. it is cute. and true for florida.. we are sooo tired of hurricanes wanting to visit our attractions.
at last jean wants to go somewhere else..
'bella / anne / mom
All things can be cured by salt water, whether by sweat, tears or going to sea.
- Isak Dinesen

From: s/v September Sea

Date: 09/17/04 11:06:21
To: 'bella
Subject: Re: Fw: Hurricane Ivan
IT is SO DAYAM GOOD to hear from you.  I'm connected to the internet via satellite phone, which cuts out as soon as a mosquito sneezes so I must hurry.  Love you, 'bella.  SO WORRIED ABOUT YOU FOR A WHILE, as were others on the Liveaboard list.  I mean WORRIED>  many sent me emails asking to track you down.  I'll explain later, but so glad you're okay.  I can't get into the liveaboard list... what the hell is that all about?? 
Running from hurricanes left and right now for a MONTH... down here in the Keys it has been HELL.  Sitting in the Everglades right now looking at alligators yawning while I'm fending off skeeters... but should be returning home by Monday if Jeanne does her thing. 
Love you so very, very much. 
Charmaine Aboard s/v September Sea

From: s/v September Sea

Date: 09/17/04 11:08:38
To: David Hartley
Subject: 'bella
Been out of the loop, on a satellite phone connected to the internet so must hurry (a month of running from hurricanes, ya know!).  Heard from 'bella, if you haven't already. She's just fine.... I'll mail ya when I have returned to port.
Charmaine Aboard s/v September Sea

From: 'bella
Date: 09/17/04 13:37:34
To: September Sea
Subject: Re: Fw: Hurricane Ivan
no idea.. the list is up and down and down and up...
am glad you survived ivan.. my boat is on the hard and might stay that way for awhile.
am just so over her at the moment.
my bf is making boat buying noises in australia and us sailing whatever it is back to the states via the Med.
am working 7am to 11pm both sat and sun this week off next.. off tonight..
trying to keep this short as i know sat phone time is expensive..
let me know when you get home to marathon.
i was worried about you and septemeber sea.
All things can be cured by salt water, whether by sweat, tears or going to sea.
- Isak Dinesen

Part IV:  Ivan Gone; Waiting on Hurricane Jeanne


From: s/v September Sea
Date: 09/17/04 11:15:31
To: DonnaForrest
Subject: Re: Luke Tyler Jackson
Hey my Darling Gramma Donna and Pappy Ray,
Sitting in the Flamingo Lodge in Cape Sable right now on dial up internet that SUCKS like these friggen skeeters around here.  DAYAM.  We have been up in Little Shark since last Friday and brought our boat over here and it's safe and sound at the marina (A/C running full blast) while we're in the Lodge taking long, long hot showers and trying to forget that the skeeters are worse here than at the Little Shark River.
People here say the skeeters are the worst they've seen (tell me something I don't know!).  We're doing fine but wanted to get word to ya that all is well. 
CONGRATULATIONS my Loves...  I'm so very, very happy for ya.  Now tell me, how did I do in the baby pool?  Not the date, as that was a given... how close did I come with length and weight?  Can't even remember what I guessed.
So very happy for ya both... talk with ya again once we get back to Marathon.  Should be by Monday if Hurricane Jeanne does her thing and gets the hell outta our way!
Love yaz...
Bill and Charmaine Aboard s/v September Sea

From: s/v September Sea

Date: 09/17/04 12:22:01
To: Peggy & Edwin Aboard m/v Tiempo
Hey my Darlings,
We've been at the Little Shark River since last Friday.  Fortunately, Ivan missed us totally.  Marathon got 50+ knot winds throughout the ordeal, but up at Little Shark we barely even got a whiff of breeze.  The mosquitoes were very tolerable at Little Shark, as not much rain had fallen in the week prior... so their little eggs didn't get hatched!  Even with Ivan we only
got a few drops of rain, so that was good.
HOWEVER... we needed to reprovision once we got wind that Hurricane Jeanne was slinking her slutty ass around... so what did we do?  12 hours back to Marathon at least... with the wind on our nose and still some stirring up where the Gulf meets the Atlantic.  Not good if we have to come right back if we have to run from Jeanne.  So... I, in my infinite wisdom, told Bill that after looking at the Guide to Cruising the Florida Keys we should be able to get into FLAMINGO at high tide (well, six inches before low tide just in case we hit a bump).  I'm so dayam smart.  We get into the Flamingo Marina and it's wonderful.  I slide right in and not a problem in the world.  The entrance channel we slid through and had about 5 inches to spare (gulp).  Anyway, so I get to the marina dockage office and while Bill is getting the A/C running and the boat secured (cause we're going to stay in the Lodge where there is a bathtub and long hot showers, etc. etc. etc.)....  I'm talking to the girl at the desk, the one who tells me that she worried sick about us the previous night because her boss told her we would be coming in at 5 pm the day before.  Poor thing, she reminded me of Breighan... 21 years old and thinks that 7-foot seas are an automatic death sentence.  I really felt bad about that... but her boss got his information messed up.  She said she stayed here looking for us until 8 pm.  Anyway, so after apologizing profusely and paying the dockage fees, she asks "So I hear you're not staying on your boat.  Where are you staying?"
I look at her like I didn't know I had a choice of "where I am staying," if I'm not staying on the boat.  "The Cottages," I reply.
She had that look of utter terror on her face as she gasped, "Not THE cottages."  (Are there other cottages that aren't THE cottages?  I don't know what to think of this....)
"What are my options?"
"You don't wanna stay in the cottages.  You want to stay in the Lodge.  The mosquitoes are horrible in the cottages."
"Okay.  We'll stay in the Lodge."
"Well, I dunno.  You see, they want the cottages full before they book the Lodge."
I look around and seeing that we're the ONLY ONES THERE in the entire place.  ...  not one other boat in the marina... not even a skiff that might come out to the channel to help ya if you neeed it... nada, nothing.  Three cars in the huge parking lot.  I'm sure the employees I see didn't walk to work.
I give her that famous John McEnroe "you-can't-be-SERIOUS" look and she immediately feels the daggers in my eyes and calls the Lodge Manager: "Judith, I have the Captain from sailing vessel September Sea here and she would prefer to book the Lodge in lieu of staying in the Cottage."  Miss Twenty-One frowns as if she is not getting the affirmative response she was hoping for.
I yell so that I'm overheard "I've had all the NATIONAL FUCKING GEORGRAPHIC I CAN STAND!"
Young Miss has a changed face as she says: "Okay, very good."  She hangs up the phone.  I say, "What did she say?"  She says, "She heard you and started laughing.  She says she understands and you may stay in the Lodge.  However, we may be evacuating tomorrow morning so enjoy your stay."
Bill is cleaning the boat, spraying more heavenly water on himself I think than on September Sea.  Here comes Judith by car to drive us over to the Lodge.
"Hello there."  We do our intro shit and then she says, dryly, "So welcome to the Swamp."  hahahahahha  I like her.  She and I exchange looks that say, "When mosquitoes are this bad we just have to laugh at everything."  She's not kidding.  She continues to stand a bit closer to me, "If I stand close to you, they'll bite you instead of me.  They know me.  When they have a choice, it's the unknown they prefer."  OMG  And she's right, suddenly these little bastids swarmed on me like they got a teletype giving them precise Maptech directions to bite me where the sun don't shine... how the hell did they get inside my blouse (big boobs means your shirt ALWAYS sticks out farther from one's body and it's NOT GOOD).  Shit.
Bill starts slapping, they're coming in.  He jumps off the boat and I remind him to lock up and get the fogger.  Judith all the while has this little smile on her face "New blood."  She says, "You know, the EPA doesn't allow us to use foggers here."
Fuck the EPA.  Fuck these bastid mosquitoes too.  And don't make me have to get major-league blackness up in here cause I WILL.  Dayam!  So we get in the car and she takes us to the Lodge.  Oh my F'n G.  Is the Lodge black or green... I can't see through all the mosquitoes.... "I tell you, this is the worst I've seen in three years, we call them Frances Mosquitoes.  They didn't hatch until after Frances and they are just awful."
More useful information I didn't already know.
We get inside the SCREENED lobby.... I notice that the ceiling is black.  Yup, covered with skeeters.  "They're amazing, aren't they?"  Like we're on some kind of fucking TOUR in the JUNGLE!!!  Amazing?  No.  Kreskin is amazing, remember?  Not skeeters.  Skeeters just SUCK.
We get our room key and Judith and I exchange some idle banter so that I don't panic at the thought of having to SPRINT to our room.  I can't fucking run from mosquitoes.  I have a spine that doesn't like impact sports.  Running from skeeters is a high impact sport:  High Anxiety (Mel Brooks couldn't stand any of this I'm sure), High Plains Drifter (Clint would have to do a whole lot of squintin'), but definitely not High Society (Grace Kelly would not be so graceful, that's for dayam sure).  When I'm nervous, my mind goes to movies.... and by now, standing at the lobby desk of IMPENDING DOOM, waiting on this very slow talking (she could give Martin a run for his money), slow moving, dry-witted woman... the mosquitoes I think are taking bets on how many bites they can get me before I get to Room 124.  I'm on the B-Movie list now.
We're fucked.
We get to Room 124 and the fucking key is not fucking working.  These fucking mosquitoes are biting the mother fucking hell out of me and my ass hurts.. and suddenly my mind wonders why do I speak perfect English when I panic?  It's not "mother fucking," that's what Grace Kelly would say if she were ever angry at that Prince of Monaco....  Rainier.. yeah.  It's MUTHA FUKKIN.  I'll try to analyze that conundrum in about thirty years when I think Alzheimer's might be setting in... it will give me something on which to concentrate.
THE BLOB.  Steve McQueen running down the aisles in the movie theatre.  I just wanna get the hell outta this hell hole.  I wish I was running from The Blob just now... hell, The Blob was slow.  These mosquitoes are fast.  And LOUD.  Like Boeing 747s in your ears.  I can't stand it, Peg.  I think I wanna just fart, shit and say FUKKIT.  If you don't care anymore then nothing can bother you.  BULLSHIT.  No amount of rationalizing can get me through this.  Bill, I love you... but this is my last adventure in the FUCKING SWAMPS.
The Key to Room 124 finally works.  We're in.  Whew!  The room is very cool, but we let in about 300 mosquitoes.  We grab towels from the bathroom and get to work.  These little bastids are fast... but I didn't play tennis for 20 years and not hone my eye-hand coordination.  They don't stand a chance.  I'm fearless and I'm fucking mad.  Mosquitoes are dead.  Dead.  Dead.  Dead.  We breathe a sigh of relief after looking under the bed and in every corner .. whew!  I go into the bathroom to pee the long pee of the decade.  What's that buzzing sound?  WASPS.  Fucking wasps in the bathroom.  I jump up off the toilet with a lot more than a dribble left, and as it runs down my legs...  I suddenly think of YOU and
Babs.  Depends One and Depends Two.  Shit.  No, thank GOD it's NOT shit.  There are consolations in this world.
We kill three wasps with the vengenance that President Bush wishes he had an nth of.  If he did, we would have stomped the Iraquis and this war shit would be OVER.  I go over to the patio doors, feeling quite proud of my tennis towel backhand and the sweat on my brow despite the very cool air conditioning.... I've just had a workout that Richard Simmons has been
trying to obtain his entire life...  and low and behold but MORE WASPS.  They have a nest right outside the patio in the upper jamb of the door where the screen SHOULD be... but nooo... it's been pushed back the OTHER way so I can't open the door at all or I'll let in 12 wasps that are laying bright white, round EGGS and they look pissed that I have the nerve to OBSERVE them in their moment of delicate delivery.  Shit.  No.  Please don't.
There's a wasp on the floor INSIDE.... Bill the Great White Hunter smashes it with such fury you can't even tell what it used to be.  Another wasp I watch crawl from the outside of the patio door to the inside.  These SOB's got to go.
I call Judith at the front desk and she yawns as she says with utter nonchalance, "Okay.  Wasps.  I'll get Tony over there in a few minutes. They're in your room too?"  (louder yawn)
Tony comes outfitted like you would not believe.  I mean full body armor.  A full net suit from head to toe.  He goes to the patio doors from the outside and sprays this thick foam all over the mosquitoes, their nest and our patio windows (there goes that great view of Floriday Bay we had).  They fall and flail and die quickly.  He takes a broom and knocks down the nest, all done with absolutely no fear or hesitation (this man has done this a million times).  I say through the glass "Good job!  Thanks.  That stuff works better than anything I've ever seen."
Remember my list of what to have during Hurricane Season?  BLEACH.  Bleach is always on the list but no one knows quite why.  Now I do.  Kill the wasps with BLEACH.  Add soap to the spray bottle (Joy, of course)... and shake it
up for a malatov  cocktail  (pun intended) they'll never forget... yes they will.. they're DEAD.
We brought frozen pot pies to put in the microwave that is in the screened area back by the Lodge lobby.  Bill gets on his armor (that happens to be in the dirty laundry bag we brought in) ... he gears up and wishes he had his head netting.  He runs to the microwave as I am inside killing mosquitoes that got in.  I can hear him, five minutes later screaming as he runs back
to Room 124.  I open the door and hundreds of the bastards come in.  We spend the next 20 minutes slaying tiny dragons who answer the question "Why are there all these streaks of blood on the walls?"  I noticed it in the bathroom too when we first got here.  Blood on everything.
You're fucking welcome and I suggest you refurbish the rooms with aluminum furniture and install "Losing Rooms" that suck out the moquitoes before you open your room door.  This is a nightmare.
Bill and I have sat and pondered what action do we want to take for life-threatening hurricanes for the past month.  Do we run?  Do we stay?  Do we pack up and drive outta the Keys?  Last night we pondered "Do we leave the pot pies in the microwave and eat what's left of three pecan cookies we have between us and call it dinner?"
I love my husband.  He braved the skeeters and brought back the pot pies and they were good.  I had to pick some skeeters out... but that's not quite as bad as having to remove my mother's hair from my food when I was a child.
Anyway, I love you and we shall be in Marathon by Monday if Jeanne goes away.  If Jeanne hangs around near Southern Florida we'll be evacuated (which means evicted in this case) from here and get back on September Sea and head back
to the Little Shark River.
C F I fucking care.  (C F I = Charley, Frances [and] Ivan).  Jeanne ain't got shit on all this... a hurricane just might be a blessing of sorts... it would blow these little blood sucking bastids all to hell.
I love you.  Talk with you soon.
Bill and Charmaine Aboard s/v September Sea

From: 'bella
Date: 09/17/04 14:01:39
To: September Sea
I laughed so hard..the librarian thinks i am demented..
i copied and sent the post to the liveaboard list and posted it on the lattittudes and attitudes magazine online bbs..
poor baby.. i think i would have braved the boat over the skeeters..
All things can be cured by salt water, whether by sweat, tears or going to sea.
- Isak Dinesen

From: s/v September Sea

Date: 09/17/04 14:29:36
hahahaaaaaaaaaaaa  So glad I gave ya a tickle, Love.  Well that oughta give em something to talk about... glad you forwarded that.  I suppose Lattitudes can take out the curse words and use $(#&* or something... hahahahaaaaa
I WISH we could have made it back to the boat but remember, she had to drive us from the marina to the Lodge.  We didn't realize how bad they really were til we were on our way to our room....  unfortunately!  Live and learn.
Love you 'bella, and it is SO GOOD to be in touch with you again.  Sorry about your stint.... that sucks.... but not nearly as much as these bastid suckers around here... well I dunno, maybe so.  Hope you are doing well, my Sweet.  I'll contact ya when we return to home base.
Charmaine Aboard s/v September Sea

From: s/v September Sea

Date: 09/17/04 14:10:45
To: Ernest & Betty Duncan
Subject: Over Ivan and Waiting on Jeanne
We're doing great, Sweet Betty.  So glad to hear that Ernest is doing well.  He's a tough tree to shake, that's for sure.  I'd put him up against just about anything and know he will be just fine.
We are in the Everglades still, have been hiding out from Hurricane Ivan and faired quite well.  However, now Hurricane Jeanne gave us some alarm so we are reprovisioning in the Everglades National Park (a mosquito infested hell hole, to say the very least).  It's a daymare!  My goodness.
We believe Jeanne will pass the east coast of Florida and not hit us in the Keys or southern Florida at this point.  However, since we  have to wait for the all clear so we can sail our boat back to Marathon, our home base.  Don't wanna be out there in the middle of the Gulf or Atlantic with some bizarre change in direction and be right in the middle of it... oh no...
So good to hear from you.  Kiss Ernest for me, will ya?  Love you both so very, very much.  Will write later when we're back home.
Much Love, 
Bill and Charmaine Aboard s/v September Sea

From: Donna Forrest
Date: 09/17/04 14:46:05
To: September Sea


You did not do well.  They score an overall related to the following:
Scoring (least points wins)
Incorrect gender:  400 points
Birth date:  5 points/hour
Weight:  5 points/ounce
Length: 10 points / inch
You scored NEXT TO LAST (you don't win the free trip to Ray and Donna's....but, you can come anytime you want).  I scored right above you....and I had SEEN her pregnant.  Shows what I know.
I read the story about the skeeters to Ray and we were laughing our butts right out.  Ray says, "There ain't but one Charmaine!"  Too funny.
Well, you guys hunker down in that lodge and do.....well, do what you always do when there is nothing else to do!  And have fun!  At least you can shower afterwards!
Glad to know all is well.  It looks like Jeanne is going to miss Marathon and like Karl is going out to sea to the east (perhaps Bermuda).  So, maybe you can get home for a while and not have to take up permanent residence in the Little Shark River!
P.S.  If I had known you were on a dial up, I wouldn't have sent the picture!
P.P.S.  I'm going to Raleigh next week and babysit for 3 (THREE) days.  Eat your heart out!
Hope you get home to Chicago soon!
Love, Donna & Ray

From: s/v September Sea

Date: 09/17/04 14:54:54
To: Donna Forrest
Subject: Re: Love Jones
If ya hadn't of sent that picture of you and the baby and somebody told me they seen it fore I did.... well... you'd be in the mosquito house!  It did my heart proud to see you, darlin'... I tell you, I cried with joy.  Real tears too.  Smooches
hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa Glad you got a giggle outta that.... tell Ray he's right, there is only one Charmaine... and right about now, I sure as hell would rather NOT be her.
P.S.  You got the right idea... as to what to do while we're here... can't get but three stations on the tube and I am not about to watch the Tony Danza Show!  Bill forgot my shampoo and toothpaste, but he did remember to grab the vibrator....   So glad life holds consolation prizes for us even in the worst of situations.
hahaaaaaaaaaaaa  Love ya!
Bill and Charmaine Aboard s/v September Sea

From: Linda Borst
Date: 09/17/04 17:43:54
To: September Sea
Subject: Flying Mosquito's
Couldn't resist
Just after Lorena Bobbitt brutally cut off her husband's penis, she jumped into her car and sped away.  On her way down
the highway, holding her husband's penis in her hand, she decided to throw it out the window.  She opened her window
and tossed the penis as far as she could and sped away again.
Meanwhile 2 Canadians driving down the same highway happened to cross right by Lorena just as she tossed it out the
window and the penis hit their windshield smack dab in the middle.
Stunned but still quiet the 2 Canadians drove on.  About 3 miles down the road the one Canadian turned to the other and
said, "Man, did you see the size of the dick on that mosquito?"



From: s/v September Sea

Date: 09/17/04 23:56:44
To: Linda Borst
Subject: Re: Flying Mosquito's
'cause we aren't. 
hahahaaaaaaaaaaaa  just kidding!
we're getting there... looks like Hurricane Jeanne
will be leaving us and going east... or let's hope
so... I sure don't like those U-turns she's
making... looks like around Thursday she
might be rearing her ugly head again.
Charmaine (& Bill.... The Mosquito Killers of the Everglades)
(Almost back) Aboard s/v September Sea)

From: s/v September Sea

Date: 09/18/04 11:34:03
To: 'Ris; Antoinette Genesis; beautiful 'bella; Bjayzus; Breigh-Baby; Buddy; Captain Jerry; Chris & Yanni; Dan Di & Danielle; David; Dawn; Deb & Doug; Diana; Donna; Donna & Ray; Dr. Dlugie; Dunc; Eagle Scout & Leen; Enyo; Ennie; Ernest & Betty; Four Ladds; jai lanre; Janet & Greggers; John Porter; Kathy & Capt Jack; Kati; Katie & G-Man Charlie; Krista Kay; Letitia; Liz on Espchiel; Matty; mikeg; My Price; My Ricky Boy; Peggy & Edwin; Randy; Reece & Dianna; Renee; Scottie; Shannon & Steve; Shelly & Ken; Staci my Sistah; Suzi; Tempestuous; Tom & Ellen; Wolfie, my German son
Subject: Back to Marathon on Sunday
Hey my Darlings!
As some of you already know, Friday the 10th (the day we were supposed to be flying out of Ft. Lauderdale to Illinois) we instead sailed September Sea North to our hurricane hole in the Little Shark River, a part of the Everglades National Park, as we ran from Hurricane Ivan.
Our stay at the Little Shark was uneventful and very pleasant.  The mosquitoes this trip were little more than an occasional nuisance.  I never got bit at all, while Bill (who has to tie the boat up into the mangroves), had a few bites but overall no biggie.  We were much more prepared this time .. full body armor... mosquito netting all over his face and covered from
head to toe with 100% Deet.  The difference between this trip and our last time here (a mosquito nightmare and daymare) was that last trip the Everglades had been flooded badly.  Perfect mosquito larvae hatching grounds   They were so think in the mangroves the trunks and limbs of the trees were black with their numbers.
We brought mosquito netting for the boat this time.  It covered the dodger, bimini and the entire cockpit.  Worked beautifully.  Sure makes a difference when you're prepared for the little devils.
We left Little Shark River last Thursday, knowing that Ivan was no longer a threat... but that Hurricane Jeanne might keep us down here a bit longer.  We decided to venture to Flamingo, which is on Cape Sable, the southwestern end of mainland Florida.  We'd never been here because the water is quite shallow.  However, with our charts and GPS we decided that we could snake our way in here with our 5'6 draft (5'8 about now, loaded down) and enter the 4 ft. deep channel at high tide (+2.5 over mean low tide.)  We got to the mouth of the channel a bit early, as planned, anchored and had lunch,
then prepared the boat for docking (relocating fenders to hang vertically on our port side since we were going to be docking parallel alongside a T dock.    We also wanted to enter the channel when we had enough water for our draft, yet still had plenty of rise left in the tide to lift us off a high spot if need be.  Worked beautifully.  The lowest reading we had was one foot from our keel.  We just slid in there perfectly.
Inside the marina there is plenty of water with which to turn around or do whatever you need to do to dock.  We docked without the slightest hitch whatsoever.  We unloaded our things to stay a couple of nights in the Flamingo Lodge.  Bill washed September Sea down, got her air conditioning on and we locked her up and headed to the Lodge.
You read about the mosquitoes.... hahahahhaa  OMG they are little bastids.  Thick as Grandma's molasses.
Now that Hurricane Jeanne is no longer a threat (well, not until maybe Thursday of next week)... we will be checking out of the Lodge today at 3 pm and returning to the Flamingo Marina to September Sea.  We'll stay aboard her this afternoon and tonight and depart Flamingo around 6:30 am tomorrow when high tide returns, allowing us to safely navigate the shallow channel back out to Florida Bay (also the Gulf of Mexico).  Once outside the channel, we shall motor out about twelve miles west and then will be on our south heading for about thirty-six miles back to our home base, Boot Key Harbor, in Marathon.
Let's hope that Hurricane Jeanne just fizzles out and becomes nothing but puff and smoke.  She has stalled right now near the Dominican Republic and is thrashing around in a slow-motion temper tantrum of about 45 knots.  The taming of the shrew....
She could regain some strength depending on how much fuel Ivan can throw her way as he crosses the east coast back out to a watery abyss.  Jeanne has been trying to gain momentum by riding on Ivan's tail... but it ain't happening.  She's too slow... must be eatin too many Twinkies or something.
So just letting everyone know that we're fine and dandy and hope all is well with you and yours.  We love you all and thank you so very, very much for your thoughts and prayers during this most hellish thirty+ days of flight from hurricanes.  We know so much more now though, it's just amazing the knowledge and experience we've gained from our treks up here.  The Little Shark River is definitely the place to be when hurricanes threaten the Keys.   No doubt about it.  We almost decided not to run on this one and lock September Sea down as best as possible and hop into the car, put the pedal to the metal and get the hell out of Dodge.  But everyone was doing that....   we just can't go with the masses!  The Keys have one road in and one road out.... period.  The Land Cruiser doesn't sail well... she has to have gasoline... which you'd be lucky if you could get during an evacuation.  Some stations were limiting you to only get $10 worth.  Can't get very far on that... especially when you're in stop and slow-go traffic trying to get outta here with everybody else!
As it turns out, we did the right thing.  Tough decision, but we did it and we made it and all is well.
We're praying this is the end of the Hurricane Madness and we can get home to our family in Springfield.  Can't wait to see everyone.  To my dear, dear friend Iris and my God-daughter Alison, I surely pray that Mom and Dad Lugo are doing well in Puerto Rico.  Jeanne hit them pretty hard down there...  and you and I, Iris, were worried about IVAN when your trip was coming up.  DAYAM.  Incredible.  I pray everyone came through it just fine. We'll talk when I get back home.
To my brothers and sisters of Dockside Marina and Boot Key Harbor in Marathon, we dodged a bullet!!  AGAIN!!  If nothing else, we're gaining experience enough to make our own documentary.  Love you all and pray your loved ones are safe throughout this latest ordeal.
Other places were not so fortunate.  Many lost their homes, their towns, their lives.  We have to count our blessings and take this to heart... life holds no one any guarantees with the exception of life and death.  Both of which are our only guarantees in our passage of human existence.  What we do in between is up to us.  Cherish it.  Embrace it.  Live life to the fullest extent possible.  Each day is a gift, no matter what each day may hold for us.... and no matter how many we may have remaining...  for that number, no one knows.  Live and love while you can.
Love to all.
Charmaine (& Bill) Aboard s/v September Sea

From: ernest duncan
Date: 09/18/04 12:56:25
To: s/v September Sea
Subject: Re: Back to Marathon on Sunday
That was a very interesting report- you should write for a paper or magazine. So glad you are doing OK. Love Betty & Ernie

From: Alison Powers
Date: 09/18/04 15:41:30
To:  s/v September Sea
Subject: Re: Back to Marathon on Sunday
mom was in pr when jeanne came through, she was suppose to fly back the day she came, so her flight was delayed for 2 days, but she arrived home last night, and grandma and grandpa are no worse for the wear... just power out and no water but they're safe.  grandpa, however is not fairing so well with his alzhimer's.  mom said if it were up to her she'd put him at the care
center now, but grandma isn't ready... even though he can't do anything for himself.  hailey and i are good, she's doing great at school, and i think she likes it.  i ask her what the best and worst part of her day at school were, and the worst part is "all the work, mom" sigh, sigh, LOL  love you, and hope to see you soon, alison
From: Alison Powers
Date: 09/18/04 15:45:00
To: Charmaine Smith-Ladd
Subject: Florida Election Time

From: Cheyenne
Date: 09/18/04 16:50:52
Subject: Re: Back to Marathon on Sunday
 So very glad to hear all is well.  From your last e-mail, I would have advised you "It's time to get back to the mainland...permanently!"  You really sounded as though you had had it.  Nothing like knowledge, eh?  Talk at ya later. Love, Ennie

From: s/v September Sea

Date: 09/19/04 20:48:07
To: Cheyenne
Subject: Re: Back to Marathon on Sunday
Hey Sweetheart...
Back at our marina in Marathon.  What an adventure!!  Wow!  Unreal, Girl.  I tell ya, there is a book here somewhere, that's for sure. 
Our trip to Everglades National Park ended quite well.  Not including the onslaught of mosquitos when the Lodge Manager decided to help us with our luggage by driving right up to the door.  Just stirred up all the mosquitos in the grass.  It was HORRIBLE.
Sailed back today, took us 11 hours and we hit a squall on the way back.  35 knot winds and lightning .... awful.  But then it passed us enough for us to continue on into Boot Key Harbor.  As I docked September Sea I got hit with a 20 knot wind on my beam (the side of the boat as I'm trying to go head first into my slip).... not a lot of room for high winds when you got a boat on either side of ya and you're slipping and sliding like crazy... but Captain Mainie did it!!  There were about 12 people on the dock watching us come in and they all roared and clapped with approval.  Life does hold some consolations... hahaha
Just wanted to let you know we're back and safe and sound.  Hope all is well with you and Daddy and Mom.  Gotta let the phone recharge and I'll try to give you a jingle tomorrow. 
All in all, we've gained a shitload of experience... life is good.
However, Aruba is sounding real good for next year's hurricane season.  Located at the 12th latitude they usually are hurricane free (none since the early 50s and that wasn't a big one).  I think it might be nice to try that for next year, it's beautiful there.
Love you with all my heart... 
Bill and Charmaine Aboard s/v September Sea

From: Peggy & Edwin Aboard m/v Tiempo
Date: 09/19/04 13:13:29
To: s/v September Sea
Subject: Re: Back to Marathon on Sunday
We are starting to have a book full of your printed out emails--worth every word in gold, so sorry you have this impossible stressful crap to deal with-but it certainly gives you a whale of new material--but sure is hard on the nerves to live through all what you have.  We love you so much and miss you like crazy---our thoughts and prayers are always with you, and we hope to see you on the talk shows making your rounds as you complete your BOOK of living aboard year round in the keys--However, 50 tornados in Va. and 40 tornados in MD. who woulda thought from Ivan the Terrible--flood waters where we are and 40k winds today.  Crazy year for sure--stay safe and give your Breigh a huge hug and kiss from us, we love you, p&e

From: s/v September Sea

Date: 09/19/04 20:36:34
To: Peggy & Edwin Aboard m/v Tiempo
Subject: Re: Back to Marathon on Sunday
Did you receive the email entitled "Hurricane Hell and Mosquito Madness."  If not, I'll send it again.
We're back safe and sound... just got thing put away and I'm smelling myself and it ain't good (but would make a great deodorant commercial).
I got back and slid in the slip with the wind on my beam at 20 knots.... not ideal conditions but all went well.  Captain Jack, Kathy, Greg and Janet, Charlie and Janet, Bj and Denise, Little Jack, etc. etc. were here to greet us and talk about how they all have read the aforementioned email.  hahahaaaaaaaaaaaa  I tell ya, I have NO secrets anymore!
Love you with all my heart.  So glad everyone is doing well and we all have somehow survived this onslaught of Father Nature (a woman would have just killed us all).
Smooches my Love... big hugs to Ed and love to Dirk.
P.S.  That email had a little thing in there about you and Babs.... let me know if you didn't get it and I'll send it again.  It was addressed to you and everybody in Marathon has read it... so it would only be right that you get to read it too.  hahahaaa 
Love, love and more love!!

From: Peggy & Edwin Aboard m/v TIEMPO
Date: 09/20/04 12:00:54
To: s/v September Sea
Subject: Re: Back to Marathon on Sunday
Yes, yes yes and I printed the whole shit out---you are too too much, we not only read it once, but over, and over, to absorb every word--what an ordeal you have been through--and we howled at your mosquito, wasp stories--you are a piece of work Miss Charmie--Much love to both you guys as we stand by and watch Jeanne, Karl and Lisa--too too much this year!!!!!We will leave here Sept. 25 to get off the dock and hang around rivers before heading south--if we can ever get outta here!!!! Love you to pieces, and yes we howled over the pee incident!!! p&e

Part V:  Escape from the Everglades


From: s/v September Sea

Date: 09/20/04 13:01:32
To: 'Ris; Antoinette Genesis; beautiful 'bella; Bjayzus; Breigh-Baby; Buddy; Captain Jerry; Chris & Yanni; David; Dan Di & Danielle; Dawn; Deb & Doug; Diana; Donna; Donna & Ray; Dr. Dlugie; Dunc; Eagle Scout & Leen; Enyo; Ennie; Ernest & Betty; Four Ladds; Hubers; jai lanre; John Porter; Janet & Greggers; Kathy & Capt Jack; Kati; Katie & G-Man Charlie; Krista Kay; Letitia; Liz on Espchiel; Matty; My Price; My Ricky Boy; Peggy & Edwin; Randy; Reece & Dianna; Renee; Rob & Garth on Whatever; Scottie; Shannon & Steve; Shelly & Ken; Staci my Sistah; Suzi; Tempestuous; Tom & Ellen; Wolfie, my German son
Subject: Escape from the Everglades
Hello my Darlings!
It was a very eventful two nights at the Flamingo Lodge where Bill and I surely murdered at least 3000 mosquitoes.  Murder is the correct word on both sides of that statement.  Bloody murder describes perfectly Bill's screams as he ran from the swarms to return to our room; it also describes our bath towel attack on the little blood sucking devils who entered our
room every time the door was opened.  The blood-stained walls attest to many such murderous rampages by previous guests.  Revenge is sweet.
Sunday morning we packed up and had planned to return to the Flamingo Marina during the Twilight hours when normal mosquitoes aren't out yet.  However, the mosquitoes of the Everglades apparently don't bite by the rules.  Soon as we opened the door you could hear them en mass.  Blam!  Shut the door pronto, sat our bags on the floor and looked around the room.  Every corner.   Every little spot where the bastids could be hiding.  I didn't think we had let any in....  okay, just a few.  Not a problem to smash them with the Lodge bath towels (that were as hard as Roberto "Hands of Stone" Durand's
hands.  White towels that undoubtedly over the years have murdered millions of skeeters (thus the explanation for all those permanently reddish-brown freckles).
We decide to call for a late check-out (even though no one is waiting for this room....  the parking lot attests to that.... space for about 300 cars and only two are in it.  "We must charge you for a half-day if you want a 3:00 pm check-out."  I didn't even try to stifle the snort that accompanied my laugh.  Sounded just like Lilly Tomlin's character, "One ringy-dingy"
easily snort-provoked telephone operator Ernestine.
Rationalizing the Park must be hard up for dough, seeinz that the place has been evacuated twice in the past month....  and I'm sure as sure that hell is hot as Snotsdale, Arizona.... no guest of the Park returned after they were blessed with a must-leave situation that would offer an otherwise unheard of bonus: an actual refund.
At 2:30 pm we call the Lodge and Lodge Manager Judith (the woman with the very dry wit who had taken us to the Lodge our first day) was dispatched to come and pick us up to return us to the Marina where little September Sea has been left to fend for herself.
We heard the motor rev up as Judith, in her infinite wisdom (sound familiar?), decided to drive her van right up to the front door of Room 124.    We grab our bags and toss em out on the concrete slab in front of the room so we can then grab them again and rush inside the sanctuary of the van.  However, things do not often go as planned while in the Everglades as a
guest of the alligators and mosquitoes and whatever other assorted beasts deemed wildlife.  Ah yes....  In Judith's heroic effort to minimize our exposure to the nasty little syringe-wearing bastids.... she had actually done the opposite: once the tires hit the grass in front of our door, the mosquitoes flew up in a rage in numbers so vast you can only describe it as zillions."  The heat of the undercarriage of the car is forcing them out in every direction.  We are now caught in a mosquito crossfire and they are using their automatic weapons with the precision of FBI sharpshooters.  We re sucked!
Bill is now flailing around like he's imitating an orangutang (Clyde), all the while our bags he's holding onto are in flight like pinwheels caught in a gale.  Judith had popped the full-sized hatch of the van from inside (exposing the van's entire ass.... from roof to bumper)  as she simultaneously jumped out of the car, all while oblivious to the horror movie she had just created.  Then she started screaming, "Oh my Gawd.  Gawd!  Oh my Gawd."   I'm thinking: Gawd ain't got time for stupid.  Stupid gotta rectify her own's mistakes.
Too late.  It was a dance of the panic.  I could imagine some extra-terrestial beings perhaps watching us from afar... wondering what type of behavior is this dance of the panic.  A mating ritual?  Hmmm....  No.  Must be the female's dance of the panic to determine who gets the prize male of the species who carries with him bags of treats to be the ultimate reward.  Huh?  My mind is going every which way.... and fast!  Yet I'm actually in a fog, I tell you.  A brain fog piggybacked by a fog of about a zillion mosquitoes and I'm still not in the van yet.
Shit.  The windows are DOWN.  The engine is running so I push the button to close my window.  I hear the bangs and clunks as our bags are being thrown in the back hatch area.  Sure hope my Bose CD player survives it.  As the
back hatch closes and Bill and Judith slam their doors they both yell "Oh my Gawd!" in perfect unison.  I'm sure the E.T.'s think Bill and Judith are suitably matched for a union of the species.
The bastids are now in the van.  Judith hits the gas with the vengence of someone who is taking our their frustrations on anything her foot can touch at that moment.  Very difficult to get a size 9 up a mosquitoes ass.  "Get that window down," she says to me, "and let them out!" Judith says in a seriously half-assed attempt to follow the Everglades National Park Employee s Handbook Lodge Rule Number Three for handling guests in emergency situations:  REMAIN CALM.
It ain't working... we got major mosquitoes in this van.  "OPEN YOUR DOOR," Judith says urgently as she rounds the next corner going 30 mph and forgetting all about Rule Number Five: "Never Put a Guest in Danger."  So at this point, I'm either gonna die of a million mosquito bites or perish by being thrown out of the van as Judith drives like a cattle rustler trying to
make a speedy getaway from a rancher's double barreled shotgun.  I'd end up as a statistic of the transportation department instead of the CDC... I know I got West Nile by now.
Tough decision to make.  I open the van door and hold onto to my seat belt for dear life.  Bill is in the back seat and suddenly you could hear the slaps.... I look at Judith and she has mosquitoes all over her face... LOTS of em.  I can't even think about what I must look like.  I just start slapping myself though I felt nothing.
They came from the floorboards, they came from the ceiling, they came from between the seats, they came from everywhere.  They converged all over us in an attack that would make any swat-team supervisor proud.  We don't stand a
chance in hell.
"Oh my Gawd," Judith screamed.  "This is the worst I've ever seen."  (I'm wondering how she can see the road and drive with all those mosquitoes on her face.)  She has our lives in her hands.... and her hands are not on the steering wheel.  I have to free up her hands.  l start hitting her...
"Stop hitting me!"
I was hitting her.  I am so sorry.   Well, I didn't mean to slap her that hard, mind you, but the mosquitoes on her face were just awful!  I suppose it was the adrenaline rush one gets when loss of life is seemingly imminent: Self-preservation is a bitch.  I became that bitch.  Mind you, I meant to hit mosquitoes...  So my aim was a little off...  I mean come on, the
pressure I was under at that moment was rather hand shaking... if ya know what I mean.
"If I weren't with clients I'd fucking curse!"
Too late.  Can't blame her for that.
"Fucking A.H.'s.  These F'n G.D., mother FUCKING mosquitoes."
It was a symphony of curse words.  Chaotic Harmony I would call it.  I even think I heard some new ones in there.  We're all cussing and fussing and slapping and stomping....  Never before had I even thought of (of ALL things) mosquitoes being such a threat to Mankind.  Maybe that's the problem   Man should not be 'kind' to his enemy in any sense of the word, especially when they're kicking your Mankind ass.  Let's just change it all together.  From now on we are not Mankind.  We're TERMINATORS.
We make it to the Marina and jump out of the car before we hit the parking lot.  The concrete slabs and the bright sun drive the skeeters back to their sanctuary in the mangroves and the patches of shaded grass.  Judith's hair is all over the place, she really looks like she's been molested.  Bill has a few knots on his face... these skeeters are vicious... a bite like the jab
of a welterweight boxer (I'd a said "pugilist" but most of ya would have said "huh?").
AnyWHO, we're back near September Sea and we're tossing bags in the cockpit like they're full of Bank Notes from a heist and we're making our getaway.  Not too far from the truth, quite honestly.  Bill gets out the mosquito netting and covers the boat.  I spray the Yard Guard fogger (screw the EPA).  The little bastids drop in mid-air, the ones that had the nerve to follow us to our hideout.  Just like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid holed up in Mexico... ready to do battle.  Instead, I'm Cleestwood: "Make my day."  They did.  And now armed with my .357 Magnum ("the most powerful handgun in the
world," as Clint says in "Dirty Harry")..... well Yard Guard certainly felt like cold steel... its bullets in a suffocating spray towards the perpetrators....  they DIE, DIE, DIE......   oh the PLEASURE!  I'm really feeling that sadistic twist they say sometimes accompanies Menopause.  Skeetopause.
We spent the night aboard an air-conditioned September Sea.  Not one mosquito got inside.  Heavenly.  We both had taken showers before we left the Lodge and that might have contributed to so many bites.  Our bodies had lost the saturation of DEET we had on while at Little Shark River.  Won't let THAT happen again!
Bill bought two T-Bone steaks and a  three-layer white coconut cake (Pepperidge Farms brand, my favorite!!) at the Flamingo Convenience Store at the Marina.  Of all things for the convenience store to have....   In the midst of three aisles dedicated to mosquito armor (including full body suits and head gear, I kid you not!), all sorts of sprays, DEET to the Maximum, hats, shirts, pants (all with the EVERGLADES logo: a mosquito with a big red circle around and a NO BITING red slash through it), we find nutrient and junk food gold!
Bill cooked the steaks (inside on the stove of course)... in cast iron skillets.  They smelled fantastically different.  Not funny or spoiled, just different.  He puts them on our plates along with red baby new potatoes and asparagus.... and I notice there is no BONE.  The package was clearly labeled T-Bone Steaks, or so Bill had said.  I cut a piece (tender as Mother
s Love).... tastes good.  But this ain't beef.  "Bill, are you sure this is beef?"
It ain't pork, ham, turkey, chicken, pheasant, crow or wolf either.  And it sure as hell ain't Key Deer.  The slabs were way too big.
I ask Bill what the packaging looked like... did it say "USDA GRADE A BEEF" or Grade Z Beef or whatever??!!!  He said there was no USDA Grade sticker on the package at all... in fact, he added, it looked like it was packaged locally.  It was written in (now he tells me!) black Magic Marker: T-BONE STEAK.  He says he thinks maybe it was packaged locally.
"How local?"  I'm thinking "T. Bone" is the name of the guy who hunts the local wildlife and T. Bone forgot what it was he shot.  I'll just bet some hunter kilt something and packaged it up for one of the employees and then it was put in the freezer of the store.  I don't know what this is we're eating.  Bill agrees... we don't know what it is.  By the time we finish taste testing it.... it's gone.  Dayam good too.
The great thing about adversity and triumphing over it... is that you can calmly embrace things that under any other circumstances would have caused you to panic.   Like eating meat of an unknown origin.  My mind runs back to a day of long ago when Daddy wanted me to try this new dish he fixed.  It was on my plate, hot and steamy, smelling awesomely good... and as I dug into it and raised my fork to my mouth.... Mother says, "Mainie, it's not chicken, it's rabbit."
Fork dropped.  Everyone in my family knows I don't eat anything I can't find at the grocery store.  "Dang, Essie, she would have tasted it and loved it if you hadn't said anything."  Dad was displeased his #3 daughter still had not tasted rabbit.
"Smitty, you can't do that to people."  Mom pursed her lips but couldn't help smiling a bit over it all.  I almost ate it.  Close call.  hahahaaaaaaa    Oh well.... Daddy will be very proud of how I devoured that mystery steak.  Probably was alligator.
We left Flamingo at first light Sunday morning when the tide was high and navigated our way back out the shallow, narrow channel.  We sailed 10 hours to Marathon (actually we motored, it was dead calm.... shhh.... I know, I saw that movie too)A storm brewed up behind us from the North just as we were crossing under Mosher Channel, from the Gulf Side now over to the Atlantic Side.  We turned to the VHF Marine forecast  just in time to hear about an imminent 35-knot wind producing lightning and heavy rain storm moving at 15 knots coming from Cape Sable and heading to Marathon.  Dat's us.  We decided to drop anchor and ride it out right there.  Just had to get far enough away from the bridge.  Done.  The storm blew over with winds we clocked at 25 knots.  We then pulled up the anchor and resumed heading east to Boot Key Harbor.  We entered Boot Key Harbor and hailed the female Bridge Tender (honestly, in general, the women are the best bridge tenders) who raised the bridge with perfect timing.
We entered Boot Key Harbor and the wind indicator showed 10 knots... no biggie.  However, the wind began clocking 14 knots as I turned September Sea to the east to round "Dog Shit Island."  After passing markers 5A and 3A we see our empty slip.  Now I have to turn north into the slip while I got a now 19 knots of wind pushing on my port beam (to landlubbers that's the left side of the boat).  Not a particularly easy situation in which to dock.... the wind pushed me hard.  September Sea struggled a bit, then as I got her nose in, her ass (starboard stern) decided to giveway to the wind and slide with the wind, which would ultimately extend our stern too far to the right and I'd be skewed and screwed.  Not good.  So without a thought I gunned it as I turned the wheel hard to starboard which whipped her stern to port then
turned the wheel hard to port to jerk the boat's bow straight then had to quickly rev down and hit reverse to with a blast of power.  By doing such, I was able to pull her ass back into the slip and then line her up straight from bow to stern by pulling back in the port side bow to then come to a shrieking halt right before the forward dock.
The onlookers and well wishers who were on the dock there to greet our return all erupted into applause and Arsenio Hall Show "woof woof woofs." We were in perfectly.  I swear that gust musta been close to 30 knots.  Whew!
And that, my Loved Ones... is, as Paul Harvey says....  "The rest of the story."
Lastly, let's hope Hurricane Jeanne continues moving back out to the Atlantic, that Hurricane Karl remains a non-threatening tantrum, and that Hurricane Lisa doesn't become an issue.  Two of my baby sister Tempi's children are named "Karl" (when he was little, we used to call him Karl-with-a-K") and "Lisa."  I think these two latest hurricanes of the same names are all in the family.... and ain't gonna be a thang.
Love to all.
Charmaine (& the Great White Pot Pie Microwaver of Mosquito Hell) Aboard s/v September Sea

From: Peggy & Edwin Aboard m/v Tiempo
Date: 09/20/04 18:06:14
To: s/v September Sea
Subject: Re: Escape from the Everglades
Completely out of a nightmare...and to think we spent our honeymoon in East Africa, and did not have the experiences of Southern Florida!! You are a total trip, and Now I do have a book, as I print out all your epistles.  Unfortunately, we leave the comfort of a land line, and our dock on the 25th-this Sat. and will hang in the river system until all the wicked blows are outta here.  What entertainment you have been for us, and everyone fortunate enough to know you. You are a treasure...love you soooo much, and happy you are snug as a bug-oops just snug in your slip-as you BLEW in hotrod!!! p&e

From:  Stacie Kidwell

Date: 09/21/04 11:40:27

To: s/v September Sea
Subject: RE: Escape from the Everglades
You really had me laughing!!! I will do my best to avoid the Shark River at all costs!!!
Stacie Kidwell
From: rudy and sue
Date: 09/21/04 09:06:04
To: s/v September Sea
Subject: Re: Escape from the Everglades
Unbelievable, Charly your life is too exciting- just reading about your adventures makes me feel privileged to know you. Girl but I don't like mosquitoes! ohmygosh I would have cried and mystery meat? your life is storybook-

I hope you contact Guy while you are in Spld

From: kathy burnett
Date: 09/22/04 21:41:21
To: September Sea
Subject: best seller??
hey char,
this last adventure would be a best seller among the sailing community!!!  you sure have had me in stitches!!!! keep up the good work!!
hope to see you out soon!!
love ya,

From: Janet Cauble

Date: 09/20/04 18:22:31
To: karen lee; greg; Lee Atkinson; Cheri Doll; Donna Forrest; Grace Smith; Charmaine and Bill Aboard
Subject: Re: FW: Hurricanes Like Xmas
Top Ten Reasons Hurricane Season is Like Christmas

10. Decorating the house (boarding up windows)

 9. Dragging out boxes that haven't been used since last season -camping gear, flashlights

 8. Last minute shopping in crowded stores

 7. Regular TV shows pre-empted for "specials"

 6. Family coming to stay with you

 5. Family and friends from out-of-state calling

 4. Buying food you don't normally buy ... and in large quantities

 3. Days off from work

 2. Candles


 And the number one reason Hurricane Season is like Christmas...

 1. At some point you know you're going to have a tree in your house!

Crew of Big Bam Boo II
       Greg, Janet,
Bailey and Sydney Cauble


PART VI:  Life Goes On

From: s/v September Sea

Date: 09/20/04 21:58:15
To: 'Ris; Antoinette Genesis; Bjayzus; Buddy; Chris & Yanni; Dan Di & Danielle; Dawn; Donna; Donna & Ray; Enyo; Ennie; jai lanre; Janet & Greggers; John Porter; Kathy & Capt Jack; Kati; Letitia; Krista Kay; Liz on Espchiel; My Price; Peggy & Edwin; Reece & Dianna; Shannon & Steve; Suzi; Tempestuous; Tom & Ellen
Subject: News from Home in Springfield
Breighan called today (she's at home in Springfield, Illinois) to let us know that her apartment building is surrounded by Springfield police hot on the pursuit of the killer of the Security Guard at the Illinois State Capitol building earlier today.  The man reportedly lives in Breigh's building, located on Cook Street,  across the street from the YMCA.  Breigh confirmed it.
I talked to Breigh's boyfriend, Matt.  Matt told me that he had gone to the Sherman police earlier today and reported that someone shot the back of his car with a shotgun as it was parked at Breigh's last night. He was on his way to Sherman to see his Dad this morning, so he went to the Sherman police and reported it.  Later, he realized what was going on at the Capitol building, then went to Breigh's to find that the apartment building was swarming with police.  He met Breigh at a neutral zone away from their apartment building and Breigh called to let Matt speak to me.  When Matt told me the story, I told him to contact Springfield police immediately, which he then did.  The police came out and took a report and examined Matt's car thoroughly.
Springfield police said that after looking at Matt's car they now can confirm what type of weapon he's carrying and tie all the incidents together as committed by the same person.  They said he's using deer slugs.  Why he shot up Matt's car, no one knows.  The apartment is still surrounded as I type this... and word is that he has some people from a daycare area of the
YMCA (right across the street from Breigh's apartment building) as hostage.  That was heard on a Springfield police scanner, but not confirmed.  In the meantime, Breighan is staying with Matt at his father's house in Sherman, so she is safe.
The guy who shot and killed the Security Guard at the State Capitol building Breigh says she has seen often, just sitting in his car at her building.  He never says anything to her.  She described his car and it is the same car that was used in the hold up at the Birds 'N Brooks army surplus store (where he robbed them a week ago and stole the shotgun he is now using).  He
went to Birds 'N Brooks earlier today and demanded a high powered rifle from the owner... who fortunately locked himself up in an office.  The nut took off in the same car and went to the State Capitol building where he shot the Security Guard in the chest and killed him.  Witnesses there described the same car that Breigh is familiar with.
Breigh is scared.  Understandably.  You can read about this story at Foxnews.com and/or Msnbc.com as it has made National news all day due to "Homeland Security."  Being that it happened in a State building and involved the murder of a government employee... right up Kerry's alley.
Not sure where all this is headed, but I think the next scoop will be the disclosure that they now know what weapon and ammunition he's using by way of the damage to Matt's car,and that the crimes are consistent and appear to all be done by the same person.
Whew!  What an exciting life I have.  Geeze.
I'll keep you posted.
Charmaine (& Bill) Aboard s/v September Sea

From: rudy and sue
Date: 09/21/04 08:48:27
To: s/v September Sea
Subject: Re: News from Home in Springfield
We'll be praying for Bree's safety! Holy cow!

I'm glad to hear Beanie and her boyfriend are safe and sorry to hear about the poor guard.
It is interesting how crap like this happens just when our political geniuses let the deadline to renew the ban on weapons slip away...
The things that make you go hmmmmmmmm.
Tempi E. Duffey
"Whether you think you can or you think you can't,  you're right."    -
Henry Ford

From: s/v September Sea

Date: 09/21/04 12:30:47
To: 'Ris; Antoinette Genesis; beautiful 'bella; Buddy; Chris & Yanni; Dan Di & Danielle; Dawn; Donna & Ray; Eagle Scout & Leen; Enyo; Ennie; Four Ladds; jai lanre; Janet & Greggers; John Porter; Kathy & Capt Jack; Kati; Krista Kay; Letitia; Liz on Espchiel; mikeg; My Price; Peggy & Edwin; Randy; Reece & Dianna; Scottie; Shannon & Steve; Suzi; Tempestuous
Subject: Suspect Nabbed
They nabbed the bastid.  Below is the link is to the story that has made National News.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004: Illinois Capitol-Shooting Suspect Nabbed

Illinois Capitol-Shooting Suspect Nabbed
Breigh is doing fine, just wanting to move out of the apartment building.  Nothing wrong with the building and you can't pick your neighbors.  I'll get her to see that....  This guy is just a nut and he could have been living anywhere.  She is fearful that he has some sort of evil intent against her and her boyfriend Matt (the guy shot up Matt's car while on his rampage).
He lives in the same building as Breighan and Matt.  Well for now, he's living at the Springfield Jail and he ain't ever gettin out, that's for damn sure.  They have him on camera at Birds 'N Brooks, where he shot the owner of the gun shop; on camera at the Capitol Building where he shot and killed an unarmed security guard.
Thanks for all your prayers.
Bill and Charmaine Aboard s/v September Sea

From: Michael Glanz
Date: 09/21/04 12:56:22
To: s/v September Sea

Subject: RE: Suspect Nabbed

I must have missed an email or two.  I did not know this.  So that is what others were talking about.
I am glad she is safe and I am certainly glad they got him.....now to string him up
Old age and cunning will triumph over youth and enthusiasm every time.
From: Peggy & Edwin Aboard m/v TIEMPO

Date: 09/21/04 21:45:30

To: s/v September Sea
Subject: Re: Suspect Nabbed
Holy crap, what a time for all of you,...No wonder she is so scared..So sorry for all of this--I had a creep come to my door when I was single and living alone in LA. had a gun at my head--still think of it when I hear something like this--takes some time to get over.  Give her our best,and to just chalk it up as to just another wacko nut case--glad he is locked up.  Much love to all, p&e
From: Maurice Smith
Date: 10/03/04 18:51:26
To: s/v September Sea
Subject: Re: Suspect Nabbed
GOOD, I hope he has a most unpleasant stay at his NEW address, my tolerance for stuff like that has really grown thin...and when it comes to someone even getting close to hurting my niece....VERY THIN!! I'm sure glad she's alright. Reece

From: Donna Forrest

Date: 09/21/04 06:57:09
To: s/v September Sea
Subject: RE: Miami Herald Article re Our Own Boot Key Harbor and Escape from the Everglades

I know you just sit around waiting to see Captn. Jack for his SPEEDO, sweetheart!

I have to tell you that last night Ray and I were sitting out on the front porch and I came and checked email.  I printed your
”Escape from
Everglades” and walked out.  I said to Ray, “Do you want me to read you Charmaine’s latest?”  He readily agreed that it generally kept him in stitches.  

Well, honey, you outdid yourself this time.  I was laughing so hard that tears were streaming down my face and Ray could hardly get his breath.  Then later after we went to bed, both of us would just erupt in violent laughter at various intervals.  Hell, you would think WE were the ones that were CRAZY….not YOU! 

At least you can have the time of your lives when things are tough….and they have been a rough 6 weeks for all of you Florida residents.  Your luck doesn’t seem to be improving with the Springfield story.  Wait till this settles down before you fly up there to visit.  With your luck, you would be right in the middle of that too!  Glad Breighan is safe! 

And, as for the Great White Hunter, Magnificent Pot Pie Cooker, you tell him I said he is a SAINT.  Charmaine, you are a perfectly capable, intelligent female that is definitely able to fend for herself….but you must be fabulous at playing Scarlett and Bill, of course, is the steadfast Ashley Wilkes that is always rescuing you.  I’m not certain….he could have a little Rhett in him also. 

I don’t know what you will write about next….but you better figure out something.  We have gotten quite used to this entertainment! 


P.S.  I guess Ashley will think twice before he goes on another “whim” of Scarlett’s that she got out of a Florida Cruising Guide.  I can hear it now, “Now, Scarlett my dear, don’t you think we will be more comfortable here at Tara?”


From: s/v September Sea

Date: 09/22/04 14:49:57
To: 'Ris; Antoinette Genesis; Bjayzus; Breigh-Baby; Buddy; Captain Jerry; Chris & Yanni; David; Dawn; Deb & Doug; Diana; Donna; Donna & Ray; Dr. Dlugie; Dunc; Enyo; Ennie; Ernest & Betty; jai lanre; Janet & Greggers; John Porter; Kathy & Capt Jack; Kati; Katie & G-Man Charlie; Krista Kay; Letitia; Liz on Espchiel; Matty; My Price; Peggy & Edwin; Randy; Reece & Dianna; Scottie; Shannon & Steve; Shelly & Ken; Staci my Sistah; Suzi; Tempestuous; Tom & Ellen
Subject: Dan Rather Not
In case ya missed it...  Newspaper cartoonists from across the country do their thing regarding Dan Rather Not's big bungle. Scroll through them with the arrow on the bottom of the page... LOTS of funnies at this site.  Worth
every look!  Love yaz...
Bill and Charmaine Aboard s/v September Sea

T-G-I-F  vs  S-H-I-T 

A business man got on an elevator.  When he entered, there was  blonde already inside who greeted him with a bright, "T-G-I - F." 
He smiled at her and replied, "S-H-I-T." 
She looked puzzled and repeated, "T-G-I-F," more slowly.

He again answered, "S-H-I-T." 
The blonde was trying to keep it friendly, so she smiled her biggest smile,and said as sweetly as possible,

The man smiled back to her and once again, "S-H-I-T." 
The exasperated blonde finally decided to explain.  "'T-G-I-F' means "Thank Goodness It's Friday',  get it?... duuhhh!"


The man answered, "'S-H-I-T' means 'Sorry, Honey, It's Thursday."


So glad I ain't blonde!

Charmaine (& Bill who is) Aboard s/v September Sea



From: Michael Glanz
Date: 09/22/04 19:47:37
To: s/v September Sea
Subject: RE: T.G.I.F. vs S.H.I.T.
YOU are so not blond.  hehehehe..
Old age and cunning will triumph over youth and enthusiasm every time.







As an old Italian Mafia Don lay dying he called his grandson to his bed. "Grandson, I wanna you lisin to me. I wanna for you to take my chrome plated .38 revolver so you will alaways remembera me."   

"But," whined the grandson, "I really don't like guns, Grandpa. How about leaving me your Gold Rolex Watch instead."   

"You lisinna to me," responded the Don. "Somma day you goina be runna da bussiness. You gonna have a beautiful wife, lotsa money, a biga home and maybe a couple of bambino. 

Somma day you gonna coma home and maybe finda you wife in bed with another man. Whatta you gonna do then? Pointa to you watch and say, 'Times up?'"  


Well Hurricane Jeanne is back here again.  Time's up for this sailing crew sitting comfortably in their marina slip at Dockside with the air conditioning going full blast and popcicles in the freezer.  It's time again to....

RUN!  (Whenever I see "RUN" I think of "Run Forest, Run!").

Dayam this hurricane season is something else.  From my other emails you may recall that when we returned to Marathon from Little Shark this last time... (what am I thinking: I mean when we ESCAPED from the Everglades) we knew the likely possibility that Hurricanne Jeanne would be coming back around by the end of this week.  Sho' nuff.... the end of this week is approaching and so is Hurricane Jeanne.

Here's a postcard that is making circulation on the internet.  So funny....  Sure seems to be true!


Here's the link where you can track Jeanne: http://www.wunderground.com/tropical/tracking/at200411_5day.html

I'm sure we'll be just fine.  Little Shark River makes you pay dearly (in pints of blood, no less) for its protection from hurricanes.... and all things considered... it is a small price to pay considering what it provides us.

If Jeanne remains on this track we will be leaving here tomorrow morning and heading to well... you know where!  The good thing is that it's the weekend and we needed an excuse to get back out sailing anyway.... (perfect example of the benefits of positive rationalization). 

Love you all and will stay in touch.  All those along the east coast... and I do mean anywhere on the east coast.... strap your bras double tight and hold on!  We'll get through it... Jeanne is a Category 2 right now and may very well be a 3 or even 4 by the time she hits land.  Bill and I pray for each and every one of you in harm's way.  Prepare, prepare, prepare for the worst.  That's the best thing you can do: be prepared for the worst.  Things can only get better when you're sitting rock bottom. 

I can hear that thumping beat of Disco Princess  Gloria Gaynor ('cause Donna Summer was Queen).  Seems like the lyrics should go more like this:

"I Will Survive"

At first I was afraid
I was pee-tra-fied
Kept thinking I could never live
without that Deet right by my side
But then I spent so many nights
prepping for hurricanes so long

And I grew strong
Thinkin' thoughts of Erica Jong  
and so you're back
to bother me
I just saw on the internet
we'll have to leave on September Sea
I should have stayed in Little Shark

Should not have come back to the Keys
If I had known for just one second
you'd be back to bother me

Go on now go, go on and Blow
just turn around Jeanne
'cause you are angry and you're mean
weren't you the one who blew wasps, skeeters, & sandflies
Did you think I'd crumble
Did you think I'd lay down and die

Oh no, not I
I will survive
Oh as long as I know how to sail
I know I'll stay alive
I've got to sail to Little Shark
Got a bull's eye skeeter marked 
and I will survive

I WILL SURVIVE.... (hey hey)

and so shall we all.

Smooches and Hugs and Hugs and Hugs

Charmaine (& the Great White Hunter honin' his skeeter killin' skills) Aboard s/v September Sea

Date: 09/23/04 11:35:09
To: s/v September Sea
Subject: RE: Hurricane Jeanne - Round Two

Never use a cannon to shoot a mosquito.  Also, do you know about Benadryl gel? It works on bites here.  (I would hope LSR mosquitoes are no more potent--just more aggressive). .. just don't scratch bites until you get the Benadryl on. 


Old age and cunning will triumph over youth and enthusiasm every time.

From: s/v September Sea

Date: 09/23/04 11:46:32
To: mikeg
Subject: RE: Hurricane Jeanne - Round Two
Old native Indian trick was to use vinegar on bites... works like a charm.  The vinegar smell dissipates quickly and doesn't burn when applied.  We've learned our lessons well... September Sea is fully outfitted with netting over the entire boat.  The only problem we had was when Bill had to get up in the mangroves to tie the chains to the tree trunks. So we have outfitted Mr. Bill so that he looks like Steve Irwin on steroids: Aussie tan long pants, Beau Geste hat, rugged long-sleeved shirt with anti-mosquito penetrating vents in the back,  full head netting and gloves.  We're ready to do battle.
Thanks for the tips though... may come in handy if those pesky bastids sneak up on me thru the big boob factor.  Those hurt!
Love yaz and take care you two... we'll let you know when we leave and will be back in touch as soon as we return.  Say some prayers Mike and Sandee... this one looks nasty.  She's turning flip flops in mid ocean and coming ashore with a vengeance to make up for lost time.  All of the east coast is vulnerable... you never know what these hurricanes will do.... or where. 
Much Love,
Charmaine Aboard s/v September Sea

From: Michael Glanz
Date: 09/23/04 12:47:04
To: s/v September Sea
Subject: RE: Hurricane Jeanne - Round Two
OMG you killl me....Steve Irwin...Beekeper Bill...LOL.  I am sure that you think you have been stung every time one of the little s**ts bites.  We have been praying for weeks now.  Stay safe and keep cool.  hehehe.
Keep the boobs safe, too...use cleavage plugs...hehehe.  (well, they have butt plugs...for what, I don't know, but they exist)
Old age and cunning will triumph over youth and enthusiasm every time.

OBTW...thanks for the vinegar tip.

From: Krista Ketchum
Date: 09/23/04 13:36:05
To: September Sea
Subject: Re: Hurricane Jeanne
It was great to hear from you!!! I am so glad that you all survived these crazy storms!!  Thank God for Little Shark, who keeps saving you all and September Sea!!!!!
Our family just got back from Il. on Monday night. We spent about 5 days there. Nick, Dave and Stephanie Ketchum's son got married.
We had a great time. The kids had a blast!! Running non stop, and learning about farming and harvesting!!!
When are you heading back? How long are planning on staying there?
Did I tell you that next summer I may be going with my church to Jamaica to teach and help the less fortunate children there. I am really looking forward to that!
Well I have little miss. Cruzer hanging on me so I better boogie!
As I said it was so great to hear from you and I am glad all is well.
We will talk to soon!

From: Peggy & Edwin Aboard m/v TIEMPO
Date: 09/23/04 16:35:51
Subject: Re: Hurricane Jeanne - Round Two
Well girfriend, you are a HUGE survivor-screw these stupid survivor shows--they make me scream.  And you are such a special, special down to the gut "mensch" as they say in Deutchland-how we love you!!!We are also on the run--leaving the dock at Solomons, MD for the river system and inner creek--and away from TV, phone hook up and internet-the fear factor is making us crazy--this is nuts-never in all our years have we seen anything come close to this one.  The only comic relief to ease all the pain is YOU-it will be awhile before I get  back on line, but will find a phone somewhere for sure, and then I can receive my email via pocketmail again-- I have been receiving all others via AOL, so from now on I cannot receive attatchments etc.  As you understand--and no one else does.  Well you guys are PRO's now and can teach "How to" to anyone.  Man o Man, which we could just HUG both of you BIG time, Love Hugs Kisses and Prayers from us.  P&E

From: Jerry Eden

Date: 09/23/04 18:17:04
To: s/v September Sea
Subject: Re: You guys need to 'lose' the background on your emails......can't read them without straining.J.

From: s/v September Sea
Date: 09/23/04 18:17:04
To: Jerry Eden
Subject: Re: You guys need to 'lose' the background on your emails......can't read them without straining.J.

No "guys"... just me.  I forgot you were old.  Love ya anyway.... smooches from D.B.

Charmaine Aboard s/v September Sea
From: s/v September Sea
Date: 09/23/04 18:21:22
To: Peggy & Edwin Aboard m/v Tiempo
Subject: Re: Hurricane Jeanne - Round Two
Be safe my Darlings.  Love you both with ALL my heart.  We'll be thinking of you and praying day and night... We'll get in touch as soon as we can... you do the same.  HUGE HUGS... so big the internet can't even hold em all.  Remember to call Breighan if you need updates, we'll stay in touch with her via satellite phone.  LOVE YOU LOVE YOU LOVE YOU
Bill and Charmaine Aboard s/v September Sea
Date: 09/23/04 16:05:31
To: September Sea
Subject: Re: Hurricane Jeanne - Round Two
Charmaine if you are looking at the state of Fla. where are you at??? 

From: s/v September Sea

Date: 09/23/04 18:28:54
To: Krista Kay
Subject: Re: Hurricane Jeanne - Round Two
We are not in mainland Florida.  We live in the Florida Keys, or Conch (pronounced CONK) Republic as it is called.  A series of islands that move southwest from the continental U.S., with it's westernmost area the famous Key West.  On the map below, look at the little chain of islands that are beneath the State of Florida... (looks like a skinny tail) that's the Keys.  We are located in Marathon, which is on Vaca Key and is situated in the middle of the Keys.  We are 60 miles from Key West.  As you can see, we're on the run again... as the yellow area of the map show the potential strike zone for Hurricane Jeanne by this weekend.  We'll be leaving early tomorrow morning for Little Shark River, which is located about 40 miles directly north of Marathon (right outside the southermost tip of the Florida mainland, where Cape Sable is).
I'll be in touch Darlin.  Hope all is well with you and yours.  Much Love
Bill and Charmaine Aboard s/v September Sea

From: Peggy & Edwin Aboard m/v TIEMPO
Date: 09/23/04 19:10:23
To: s/v September Sea
Subject: Re: Hurricane Jeanne - Round Two
now I can not see for the tears!!!!Later aligator...oops...much later

From: kathy burnett
Date: 09/23/04 19:11:30
To: September Sea
Subject: THE CONE
i don't know about you, but, i think the majority of us are getting pretty tired of living in THE CONE! seems like we just get out of it & WHAM---- we are back in it!! when is it ever gonna stop!!  guess it's the price we have to pay to live in paradise huh?
you two be safe & have a safe journey. we know where you'll be. i'll look forward to reading your stories. you make them funny, no matter what!!
love ya too,


From: Janet Cauble
Date: 09/23/04 19:21:40
To: Peggy & Edwin Aboard m/v TIEMPO; September Sea
Subject: Re: Hurricane Jeanne - Round Two
Darlin Charmaine.....you sho missed you callin,,,,you shuda ben a song righter....
No, I really can spell, but you do realize I have been in school all day...and I am so use to reading their writing....that sometimes I really do forget how to write...HAHAHA
That hurricane will be blowing past us, I'm  tellin ya....I am willing that damn thing to the north....but you go back to those skeeters and wasp's and sail into the deep blue yonder....we will be here when ya get back!
take care and have a good trip....willmiss ya!
From: s/v September Sea
Sent: Friday, September 24, 2004 8:04 AM
To: 'Ris; Antoinette Genesis; Bjayzus; Breigh-Baby; Captain Jerry; Chris & Yanni; David; Dawn; Diana; Donna; Donna & Ray; Dr. Dlugie; Dunc; Enyo; Ernest & Betty; jai lanre; Janet & Greggers; John Porter; Kathy & Capt Jack; Kati; Krista Kay; Liz on Espchiel; Letitia; Matty; mikeg; My Price; Reece & Dianna; Renee; Scottie; Shannon & Steve; Staci my Sistah; Suzi; Tempestuous; Tom & Ellen
Subject: Hurricane Jeanne - Round Two


 Looking at the cone below showing the three and five day potential track and risk areas, you'll note that the Keys are outside of the area!  The Keys are the little tail of mainland Florida.  We've decided to stay put for the moment... things look good and all the computer models are showing the hurricane track even higher north of us.
So far... so good....  NOT so good for our great friends up farther north on the east coast, however. You all take care of yourselves and get out of harm's way... please keep in touch with us so we will know all is fine.
Love, Love and more Love.
Bill and Charmaine Aboard s/v September Sea

From: Michael Glanz
Date: 09/24/04 12:56:31
To: s/v September Sea
Subject: RE: Hurricane Jeanne


Maybe, unless she turns tail, you will dodge that bullet.  Is there any wind there yet?  Is Ft. Lauderdale in the path as you can see?  I would love to see a certain business blown out of the water right now.
Old age and cunning will triumph over youth and enthusiasm every time.

From: Krista Ketchum

Date: 09/24/04 02:56:59
To: September Sea
Subject: Re: Hurricane Jeanne - Round Two
Oh you have such a good spirit, through all that you are going through you still keep me laughing!!!!  I will say a prayer for the three of you (bill you and sept. sea). We will keep an eye on this one!!!
         GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!! 

From: Janet Cauble
Date: 09/24/04 20:11:28
To: s/v September Sea
Subject: Re: Hurricane Jeanne - Round Two
Ok as soon as all this shit is over with we are going to go out for a great big ice cream CONE party...
Have fun and don't let any rough seas get ya....
Be careful and see ya when you get back....
From: s/v September Sea
Date: 09/24/04 20:11:28
To: Janet Cauble
Subject: Re: Hurricane Jeanne - Round Two
God love ya Janet. 
The only cone I ever wanna see when this is all over is an ICE CREAM CONE!
You and Greggers take care... we could stay through this one, perhaps, but the experience in making the trek is worth the trip... Actually, it's the stories that inspire me that are really worth it!  I'm gonna put all this shit together in book form... just haven't figured out what to call it.  Right now we're on automatic pilot and September Sea is ready to rock and roll.  She's used to it by now... and sadly, so are we!  Dayam!
Love yaz... we'll see you when we get back.  Be safe my darlings. 
Bill and Charmaine Aboard s/v September Sea

Hurricane Jeanne is half way through going across Florida.  Fortunately, down here in the Keys we've seen 45 knots of wind max and not much in the way of rain. 
My heart goes out to those of you who are either in the path or have loved ones in the path of Jeanne (you know who you are and I'm on bended knees.... beggin PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE like James ("can't-get-off-the-stage-without-beggin-and-cryin') Brown.  Seriously... love you all so much.  Take extra special care with this one.
Jeanne has a smaller eye but still is stronger than Frances or Charley.  The good thing is that at least she's hauling ass... moving at 14 mph, a "slam-bam-thank-ya-m'am" kinda storm.  Just hold on, all of you who are awaiting Jeanne.  It seems as if she's not as bad as she could have been... though we're still waiting for her backside to cross and she is, after all, still a Category 3.  On the good side, she didn't intensify over the Category 3 status... gotta count our blessings any which way we can.  Presently, the calm of her eye is hovering over the east coast of Florida near Stuart.  The other side will surface soon, often unleashing the most damaging winds.  It still won't be as bad as Ivan.  He hit so hard.
Some places have been hit twice now in a matter of a few weeks... incredible.  This is really unimaginable... but we all know that the seemingly impossible can... and often does happen.
Just wanted to let you all know that we're hunkered down just fine in the marina... Bj is staying with landlubber friends and he's just fine.  Also... wanted to let you know that despite being smack dab in four hurricanes within a six week period... the sailing Life IS STILL a bowl of cherries....
The juice is so sweet... the taste so rejuvenating .... I cannot mind having to spit out a few pits now and  again.
Bill and Charmaine Aboard s/v September Sea

From: Michael Glanz
Date: 09/26/04 02:11:08
To: s/v September Sea
Subject: RE: Hurricane Jeanne
Glad you are ok...keep piting those cherries...hehehe.
Did Ft. Lauderdale get Jeanne?
Old age and cunning will triumph over youth and enthusiasm every time.
From: s/v September Sea
Sent: Sunday, September 26, 2004 7:56 AM
To: mikeg
Subject: RE: Hurricane Jeanne

hahahaa  No such luck, Miquel.  Miami and Ft. Lauderdale faired quite well.... Jeanne hit land near Stuart and Ft. Pierce... spared the Lauderdales.  There's always next time...
I'll just make sure I'm not there to get all that bad karma coming their way from an ex-Cabo Rico man.
Love yaz
Charmaine (& leakin toe-rail wishin' he'd a reseated it Bill)
Aboard s/v September Sea

From: Kati Adams
Date: 09/27/04 11:14:59
Subject: Florida's New motto....

Just a heads up Tom and I are fine, He is going in for an MRI 10/2 on his back. Yesterday the boy who did this came back to school and the school was then notified by his grandmother that 3 weapons are missing from the house. The school believes he has them stashed some where around, but do you think that they would have him leave the school? NO! Instead they have an armed police officer walking him to classes. Can you believe how stupid this system is??? Putting peoples life in danger like that?? I’m so glad Tom can’t go back to school yet, because this kid is going to go off and some one is going to get hurt. Assholes!! Tom left this morning to go to the Mainland, we went to Home Depot this morning and bought a gas grill, propane, water, batteries, lanterns, etc. He is taking them up to his Dad who has had 1 week of elec. in the last month. Then going to drive him around to get food and meds and stuff that he needs. Tom’s sister Lynne did well, she is in Vero Beach, as is his Mom, who is still in the Hospital due to H. Frances. We don’t as of yet know if his mom’s house is standing, she lost 1/3 of it last time.  Lynne had ordered shutters after Frances and they were delivered Friday, (how lucky!) the next day she went out to look and they had dents in them from debris. She had 2 big trees that were in her yard cut down, she just had a funny feeling she said, and that morning her next door neighbor who had the same trees had theirs fall over, but none hit her house, Thank the goddess!! One of my friends lost her boat. Her husband had just retired from the police force and she was do to retire from the force 11/04, they had sold everything they owned and were going to move down to the keys by Tom & I and live on their boat, good thing is they have insurance, and can replace it.  This has been the worst season ever in Florida. Never has 2 Hurricanes hit in the same spot, Only once before and that was Texas, and who really cares about Texas. I know Mom, I know…..Well hope you enjoy the Florida humor below,  

Kati Adams


These are various new Florida materials I've received lately.  We'll be adopting some of these officially pretty soon.


From: Krista Ketchum
Date: 09/27/04 13:55:52
To: September Sea
Subject: Re: Hurricane Jeanne
Hey Charmaine,
WOW!!! I cannot believe how you and Bill and September Sea keep on truckin'!  I am glad to hear that you are safe, as I was trying to figure out exactly where you all were I thought you were getting the worst of it. I am happy to hear other wise.
How is the weather there now? Can you see a lot of destruction?  I could not believe that the Dolphins played their game last night against the Steelers, during the storm. ( actually it may have been sat)
Crazy guy's.
So I forget are you going to Il? If so when are you going?
Glad to hear all is good with you. Take care
Love ya,

From: s/v September Sea
Date: 09/27/04 17:38:02
To: Krista Kay
Subject: Re: Hurricane Jeanne
Hey my Sweet Krista,
Bj was at the game last night and had a blast.  Hurricane Jeanne did not hit the Keys nor Miami.  We had some winds, but otherwise no big deal at all.  We were fortunate.  We have had only high winds during Hurricanes Charley, Frances, Ivan and Jeanne.  Charley was projected to hit the Keys but veered away, thankfully.
So we have been just fine.  Believe me, they would not have played a football game in the middle of a hurricane, hahaha.
Bj said the weather was fabulous and the game was terrific, he was on the 50-yard line about 10 rows up.  He said the seats were awesome.
We should be getting to Springfield the first week of November.  October is a nasty month for hurricanes down here, so we're gonna stick close to our home base here during that time.
Hope all is well with you and the kids and that Sweet Scott.  Give everyone my love.
Smooches Darling! 
Bill and Charmaine Aboard s/v September Sea

From: "s/v September Sea" 

To: "Breigh-Baby" 

Subject: Thinking of You

Date: Sat, 2 Oct 2004 10:22:09 -0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)


Hey my Sweet Baby Breigh...

Just was thinking about you this morning.  Thinking about how very, very much I miss you and love you.  You're such a sweet, sweet soul, my darling daughter.  Love you with all my heart.

There was a day when innocence sheltered you from any feelings of sadness...  so there was a genuinely happy and contented smile on your face every single day:

But now that you're all grown up you know that with life comes good times and bad.  With life comes along much unfairness and injustice.  Nothing hurts worse than an injustice that transpires and is beyond your control.  The feeling of total helplessness.  That's a feeling no one should have to experience until they are much closer to the grayer rungs in the ladder of life.  But it was not to be.  I would have given anything, anything... to keep you from one youthful tear that was not shed merely from joy and happiness.

One of my favorite songs is "If I Could."  I love it because it expresses exactly how I feel when it comes to my baby girl.  You might remember it because Ray Charles remade it a few years ago (not the song of the same title that Seal sang) and I bought the CD.  It's just the perfect song to reiterate my feelings to you:


If I could

I'd protect you from the sadness in your eyes

Give you courage in a world of compromise

Yes, I would


If I could

I would teach you all the things I've never learned

And I'd help you cross the bridges that I've burned

Yes, I would


If I could

I would try to shield your innocence from time

But the part of life I gave you isn't mine

I've watched you grow

So I could let you go


If I could

I would help you make it through the hungry years

But I know that I can never cry your tears

But I would

If I could


If I live

In a time and place where you don't want to be

You don't have to walk along this road with me

My yesterday

Won't have to be your way


If I knew

I'd have tried to change the world I brought you to

And there isn't very much that I can do

But I would

If I could


If I could

I would try to shield your innocence from time

But the part of life I gave you isn't mine

I've watched you grow

So I could let you go


If I could

I would help you make it through the hungry years

But I know that I can never cry your tears

But I would

If I could

Yes I would

Yes I would

If I could


If I could

Oh Baby Momma's coming to protect you

To help my baby through the hungry years

Cause you're a part of me

And if you ever, ever need me

Just call me

Cause I would

If I Could



Love, Momma

Aboard s/v September Sea

From: Breighan Ladd
Date: 10/04/04 10:36:14
To: September Sea
Subject: RE: Thinking of You
Mom...you made me cry.  I was so happy and I am still happy right now.  I miss you and dad and Bj so much and can't wait to see you.  Please come home soon.   I am gonna get a second job for the holidays due to the car insurance and since I'm not gonna be able to work at HNR next semester. I need to start looking for a job that pays decent and is at night.  Boone's Saloon is hiring a waitress for the lunch/dinner shift and hopefully I can work up to being a bartender.  I know, 2 bartenders in the family.   Let me know your input on what I should do about work next semester.  I go see my advisor in the psychology department on Thursday and I am gonna register as soon as I can for the spring semester.  I know the classes that I need are in the middle of the day and some are at night.  I'll call tonight and we can discuss the situation at hand.

Everything else is just wonderful...Matty still makes me laugh and I love that about him.  I can't wait for you to meet him, he is really looking forward to meeting you.  I know you are coming home around the time of Ed and Ann's anniversary, they were married Oct. 30th.  Weird, I know.  Anyway, all is well here.   Tell everyone I love them and miss them, can't wait to see them.

Love ya all!


From: John Porter

Date: 10/03/04 22:50:01
To: Charmaine Smith Ladd
Subject: A little humor
Hi Charmaine & Bill:  Hope all is well with you two.
Subject: Problems in the Future


Ozone created by electric cars now killing millions in the seventh largest country in the world, Mexifornia formally known as California.

 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

White minorities still trying to have English recognized as Mexifornia's third language.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Spotted Owl plague threatens northwest United States crops and livestock.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Baby conceived naturally . . . scientists stumped.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Couple petitions court to reinstate heterosexual marriage.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Last remaining Fundamentalist Muslin dies in the American Territory of the Middle East, formally known as Iran, Afghanistan.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Iraq is still closed off; physicists estimate it will take at least 10 more years before radioactivity decreases to safe levels.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

France pleads for global help after being overtaken by Jamaica.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Castro finally dies at age 112; Cuban cigars can now be imported legally, but President Chelsea Clinton has banned all smoking.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

George Z. Bush says he will run for President in 2036.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Postal Service raises price of first class stamp to $17.89 and reduces mail delivery to Wednesdays only.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

85-year, $75.8 billion study: Diet and Exercise is the key to weight loss.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Average weight of Americans drops to 250 lbs.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Japanese scientists have created a camera with such a fast shutter speed, they now can photograph a woman with her mouth closed.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Massachusetts executes last remaining conservative.

 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Supreme Court rules punishment of criminals violates their civil rights.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Average height of NBA players now nine feet, seven inches.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

New federal law requires that all nail clippers, screwdrivers, fly swatters and rolled-up newspapers must be registered by January 2036.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Congress authorizes direct deposit of formerly illegal political contributions to campaign accounts.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Capitol Hill intern indicted for refusing to have sex with congressman.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

IRS sets lowest tax rate at 75 percent.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Florida Democrats still don't know how to use a voting machine.


From: Janet Cauble
Date: 10/04/04 22:04:57
Subject: hurricane Jeanne Round Two pics from Capt Marti in Marsh Harbor
Subject: Re: hurricane Jeanne Round Two
Hi All,
Great news, no damage to the boat to speak of...I'm doing fine getting ready to leave for the Annapolis boat show and then bring the b oat back to Marathon sometime after Oct 15..fingers crossed the Atlantic stays quiet.  Here's some pictures for you to marvel at! Whew what a storm..
Don thanks again for all of your wonderful support during and after the storms! xxxxooooo
Marti B
When disaster strikes, ham radio rules!


Part VII:  Back to Normal?


From: s/v September Sea
Sent: Tuesday, October 05, 2004 11:03 AM
To: 'Ris; beautiful 'bella; Bjayzus; Breigh-Baby; Captain Jerry; Chris & Yanni; Danny y Debbie y Lobita; Donna & Ray; Dunc; Enyo; Ennie; jai lanre; Janet & Greggers; John Porter; Kathy & Capt Jack; Katie & G-Man Charlie; Krista Kay; Letitia; Liz on Espchiel; marathonflorist; Mom & Dad Ladd; My Honey; My Price; Randy; Reece & Dianna; Scottie; Shannon & Steve; Staci my Sistah; Suzi; Kati
Subject: NOW They Grow on Trees


Oh sure.... NOW they grow on trees!

This is a real tomato plant.... unreal, huh?



Somebody should get a blue ribbon for these one from the N.O.W.



P.S.  Who cares these tomatoes just happen to be growing on a grape vine??!!  Hahaha.


Charmaine (& Bill) Aboard s/v September Sea

From: 'bella
Date: 10/05/04 19:38:46
To: September Sea
Subject: Re: NOW They Grow on Trees
charmaine.. you are truly sick.. LMAO
the library lady was NOT amused.. of course ALL the teens looking over my shoulder were highly amused and that is what brought the library lady over to see.. lol.. oh well, her problem not mine..
so is there anyathing to do in las vegas? norm is taking me there when he gets back.. no i am not really interested buthe wants to go and it is his nickel.. i tried real hard to convince him to go sailing instead he said we can do that afterward. oh gods..
went thrift store shopping today.  maternity store for my dtr.. nurther grankid in april next yr.  almost got hives just walking in the door.
then i drove into tampa to my fave place.. came away with an armload of nice stuff.  I like those cotton lined exercise pants for the boat..windproof, think, pockets fit into foulies and can look nice onshore. oh yeah and they dry quick.
am taking belly dance class, tribal style.. been doing this for years just not tribal.  gots me whole new sore spots in places i did not know had muscles. lol...but i am enjoying it immensely.
well anyways... that wqas truly evil sending me a pic of IT growing on a tree.  considering HE is gone and i am alone.. thanks for reminding me what IT looks like..
kisses.. fair winds..
All things can be cured by salt water, whether by sweat, tears or going to sea.
- Isak Dinesen

From: Donna Forrest
Date: 10/05/04 19:54:31
To: s/v September Sea
Subject: RE: NOW They Grow on Trees

Hey Sweetie,

Where do you order THESE from?


From: Shelly Ladd
Date: 10/06/04 12:23:09
To: September Sea
Subject: Yes, I'm Still Alive
Hi Charmaine,
Yep, we’ve been receiving mail from you. It’s going to Ken’s mailbox and he’s been reading your notes. He has kept me abreast of your hurricane news.  Terribly sorry I haven’t written in a long while. I’m at total fault here and last I remember I owe you pictures. Well, I’m sure you know I’m pregnant so I’ll send you a prego picture of me at between 5/6 mos.

From: Krista Ketchum

Date: 10/07/04 12:21:35
To: AUNTCAROL; bambi2; Jengray; jodi; JOYCEKETCHUM; Kersy; lisa; Lovey; lu; Mom; PJHEUER; RanneWare; sherri; Steph; SUGRBABY04; tammi; tracydavis42; WNESS; SMITHLADD
Subject: FW: Kerry~Would You Like Ketchup With Those Lies ?
 Not sure if you all are republican? Hope so!!!!  This is sooooo FUNNY!!!!!



From: Krista Ketchum
Date: 10/07/04 13:22:58
To: September Sea
Subject: Re: Hurricane Jeanne
Sorry That it takes so long for me to get back to you. You know with the kids and being the referee! It is funny sometimes by the time I read something it has been long gone news!! Oh well better late than never.
Things are going great. It is nice actually with the weather cooling off. The kids are outside much more.
Scott and I are starting to read this book by James Dobson called Bringing up Boys.
Wow, boys sure are an interesting group of munchkins!!  I am trying to understand them all I can!
Especially since Scott's genes are involved in this whole thing! J/K hahaha
Kenyun is doing awsome in school she is quite the personality wrapped up in a small package.
I got approached by one off the head model/acting agents in the valley wanting me to sign Dawson with him. Almost was begging!!!! Whatever??  He is very handsome though I do agree. His smile is a killer!!!
Paxton is the same still reserved and to himself. Not much going ons with that one!!  Almost looks for attention by trying to act bad!!! Looks foolish when he does.
My friend of many many years has a min. Pomeranian dog, and I love it. Kenyun and this dog where made for each other! Any way my friend was at the pound and there were 3 of them and she said that they were soooo cute. So of course I wanted to rush down there right away, but I did check with Scotty first and he said " No, not now!" I was crushed. Now that I think about it it was for the best, 'cause I would have had to do the whole tick bath thing etc. YUK!!!
Maybe someday the timing will be right. Do you all have any pets with you? Or is that even a possibility living on a boat?
As always great to hear from you and I love your E-Mails!
Take care until next time!
P.S. By the way when we were in Il. we of course drove by "THE HOUSE" and you cannot even see it from the road now. The trees are huge and over grown. SAD!! What did happen to those sweet dog's of yours?

From: Letitia & Bill Anderson
Date: 10/21/04 08:53:08
To: September Sea
Subject: Re: Thinking of You
We miss you.  Bill is doing great.  The doctors are very surprised, but we are not.  He has actually started working out and went back to work.  GOD is so very good.  We are going to Atlanta for Thanksgiving to spend time with Taylor.  Bill was unable to take him to school and did not get to see his apartment.  So, we will be heading that way.  I do hope we get to see you guys before we leave.

From:s/v September Sea
Date: 10/21/04 11:54:42
To: Letitia and Bill Anderson
Subject: Re: Thinking of You
What wonderful, wonderful news!!! 
We hope to see you when we're home.  We'll be there October 29th thru November 7th.  Surely we will get together, that's a MUST.
We are both so very, very thankful that Bill is doing superbly... and you're right... we're not surprised--we're absolutely ELATED!!!
Couldn't hope for a better email to make my day, my week, my YEAR. 
Smooches and Hugs and Kisses from we who love you all so very, very much. 
Bill and Charmaine Aboard s/v September Sea

From: Kathleen & Jim Aboard s/v Drummer

Date: 10/22/04 11:21:08
To: s/v September Sea
Subject: October 22, 2004
Hello Bill and Charmaine, just a quick note to let you know we are doing great.  We just spent a week with Michael and Cynthia.  We captained/crewed a 47 foot catamaran sailboat in the British Virgin Islands and had a blast.  Cynthia is wonderful and we are very glad she is spending her life with Michael.  We are back in Salinas, Puerto Rico getting Drummer ready to head east and then south.  Hurricane season is just about over and we are excited about sailing south for the winter.  Marconi and Schooner are fine.  We have a list that is more than a page long of all the things to be done before we take off.  We think we will be ready to roll in a week or so.  It looks like we will be out of Puerto Rico by November for sure.  It's nice to be active with immediate goals to accomplish.  Life is great.  Hope all is well with you.  Keep us posted.  We love you, Kathleen and Jim

From:s/v September Sea
Date: 10/25/04 13:49:10
To: Katheen & Jim Aboard s/v Drummer
Subject: Re: October 22, 2004
Monday, October 25th  2004
Hello my Darlings!
SO GOOD to hear from you.  We knew you would have a blast on the cat...  sometimes something different is really a welcome breeze of fresh air.  How wonderful.
You said 47-footer....  I'm thinking of what cat you were on.  A Norseman perhaps?  Lagoon makes a 47.  Wausquiez too.  There are a lot of companies, now that I think of it, that make 47-footers.  Okay so tell me which make it was.  Remember, we explored cats before we bought September Sea.  We really thought we'd like them more and it took some time, but monohulls finally won
us over.
By the way, we lost count of all the charter cats we saw anchored outside and/or going into Boot Key Harbor.   LOTS of em.  You can tell they're chartered by the names on the side (i.e., THE MOORINGS; SUNSHINE, etc.).  But the people in them seemed to know what they were doing and having a lot of fun doing it!  How thrilled we were to see all those cats and think of
you two!!
We're both so happy for the two of you... sounds like you had an absolutely fabulous time. We just got in from being out since last Thursday night.  Had a wonderful, wonderful time.  The weather is just gorgeous (low 80s, wonderful dry, cool, breeze).  Just breathtaking.  We stayed out last night and came in this morning just about two hours ago.  We normally get in on Sunday late afternoon, but it was so lovely out there... with all that fresh air, we decided to hold off and come in this morning so we could have one more night...
Glad we did.  Cool all night long and just breathtaking.  The moon is nearly full and the sky is lit up so that it appears to be twilight all night long.  You can see everything.  It really was just stunning to watch and enjoy.  I had told Bill the night before last that I heard something expelling a lot of air through the night... no... not THAT kind of air, LOL.  Gas and air are not the same.  hahahaa  Okay, okay.  Anyway, the night before last I could hear this air being expelled and then huge splashes.  I thought it had to be dolphins, but never saw them around the boat that late or staying with us for so long when anchored out there at night.  Bill got up about 5 am and sat up on the deck and told me that he too heard what I heard.  He then saw, as the sun was coming up, a pod of dolphin swimming out toward the Lighthouse.  For whatever reason they were very content with flanking us the whole time we were out there anchored.  Just a real nice feeling.  Nature.  Incredible, isn't it?  We are heading to Illinois this Friday... FINALLY.  After putting this trip off three times, we're finally going to make it.  Breighan is just beside
herself.  Our grandson is slapping me high fives over the telephone ("Hurry up, Choc-late Grandma!!").  He's too much.
The last time I talked to him he told me that he needed to speak to me in private; so he walked with the cordless phone into the bathroom at his house
"Choc-late Grandma," .... pause....   "Yes my Boo..."
"Cho-late Grandma there is this girl at my school namd Jennifer and she chases me all day long.  I think she loves me and I don't like her one bit."  I had to laugh.
"Well Boo, is she cute?"
"Not to ME!"
"Well, is she smart?"
"Not to ME!"
"Okay Boo... well maybe if you stop running she can't chase you."
"Choc-late Grandma, that won't work.  I just don't like her and she loves me I think somebody needs to go to double-u, double-u, double-u.jennifer-leave-me-alone.com
hahahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa  I almost died laughing, then when I was laughing and couldn't hide it, he says... "Choc-late Grandma, will you PLEASE be quiet!   Papa will HEAR you!"
He swore me to secrecy, Papa and Daddy Bj could NOT know about this.  Oh my, I tell ya.  Out of the mouths of babes.  He must have felt a bit better about it later because Bj said the next time he talked to him Boo told him too about this "Jennifer."  I tell ya, the hands of time will change so many used-to-be-girl-hater minds.
Love you two so much and so very, very happy to know that you're fine and doing well.  Glad that Marconi and Schooner are fairing well too.  Lucky cats!!
Smooches to you both and HUGE, HUGE HUGS.  We love you so very, very much.  Thanks for keeping us posted.  Did you get all the email about our Shark River adventures?  Probably overloaded ya...  oops!  What a time we had.  We ll have to talk soon about all that... so much to tell you.   I'll tell you this, we must have mentioned your names about 20 times during all that.  AT
Love you and Miss you,
Bill and Charmaine Aboard s/v September Sea

From: s/v September Sea
Date: 10/25/04 23:14:34
Subject: Saw your Pictures!!!
Hey my Little Hoadie!
You're probably wondering "why won't my Aunt let me grow up and stop being Hoadie..."  Well... cause I can't!  LOL  Our little "Hoadie" is all grown up.. you have to give us time to get over the SHOCK!! 
How beautiful and wonderful you look, my Darling.  Unreal.  It seems like only yesterday you came by the house in Petersburg after I hadn't seen you in SO long... and I think you were just 13 then.  It's just enough to blow my mind!
So you're running track... fantastic.  I hear great things about you.  Your mother has so much to be proud of.  How's my "Karl-with-a-K" doing.. .and that cute little "Lisa-Leece?"  I have tried to email you kids before but they were returned.  Please let me know if you get this and if this is the email address I should use for you.
Love being in touch with ya.  SO GOOD to see you.  Breighan is SO proud of you, Hoadie.  Uncle Bill says to give you his love.  We're heading home to Springfield FINALLY after running from four hurricanes.  It was just an unreal ordeal.  Sounds like a rap album, "Unreal Ordeal."  hahahaa
Anyway, love ya!  Tell everyone we send our love and are always thinking of you.  Please jot down my email addy and give me a holler every now and then.  So glad to see you doing so well, but then again... we knew ya would!
Bill and Charmaine Aboard s/v September Sea

From: Joe Ladd
Date: 10/26/04 23:49:10
To: September Sea
Subject: Your Trip Back to Illinois
Dear Ones:  You said  in your last E-Mail that you are heading back to Illinois very soon.  I thought I'd tell you that Frank  and Linda Ladd are on their way  right now for a visit in Illinois.    They are figuring on  being here about Thurs . evening. and then Jim is coming Fri. or Sat. evening.   All are planning on being at our house  a couple or 3 days and then go over to visit Irma   and Marvin..  Hope you can make it over to see us while you are back here,, but kind of doubt if you will be able to be here  quite as soon as this weekend.  Just thought I'd mention this.  We sure hope you  make it over to visit us.
I   know you have lots of family and friends in Springfield,  but if you can make it over , would be great.  LOVE  MOM

From: Joe Ladd

Date: 10/27/04 16:19:17
To: s/v September Sea
Subject: Re: Your Trip Back to Illinois
Just read your E-MaIL.   I know for sure that Frank and Linda will still be here or we all will be over to Ipava,  they want to visit Irma and I'm sure they want to go out to the Schoolhouse.    Jim still teaches Drivers Training.  He will be here Fri. night, but can't say about Moday.   When  are you leaving Fl. ( flying? or driving?)     If you give me your Cell Phone Number or  contact  us,  I will try to keep you informed. Love MOM

From: s/v September Sea
Date: 10/27/04 17:01:50
Subject: Re: Your Trip Back t Illinois
Thanks Mom.  Here's our cell number again:
Sure would be great to see Jim, but I understand his obligations.  We always fly to Illinois.  Wouldn't dream of driving back unless we're going back to STAY... which ain't gonna happen!  LOL  We won't be getting in until late, so unfortunately we'll have to see Uncle Jim another time.  Darn it!
Remember that our cell phone number stays the same all the time.  The "800" might be confusing ya.  We've had this same 800 cell number for years so you and other family can get in touch with us wherever we may be when we're traveling (by boat or otherwise)and it costs you nothing.  Good deal, huh?  (smiles!)
Thanks for keeping us informed.  I'm hoping that Breighan can make it down with us as well.  We don't mind meeting up with you all in Ipava.  I'm sure Bill would love to see Auntie Irma and the schoolhouse as well.  It seems like we might not make it until after 5 pm on Monday, but better late than never!
Hugs and Kisses
Bill and Charmaine Aboard s/v September Sea

Hey all!
We left the Keys at 6 am Friday morning in a rental car and drove to the airport in Ft. Lauderdale (a 3-hour drive).  Turned in the rental car and then flew out of Ft. Lauderdale into Atlanta.  Ugly weather in Atlanta... it was almost cold!  Had a two-hour layover in Atlanta and then boarded the plane headed to Bloomington, ILLINOIS (we're getting there!).  Reached Bloomington by 6 pm (yes, it's a 12 hour trip from the Keys to get to Illinois)... just in time for a thunderstorm from hell.  Lightning, 50 mph winds, sheets of driving rain (no, we weren't driving... but the hail was!)  Yes, HAIL.  Hail pelted our second rental car as we sat by the side of the road waiting for it to subside.  Geeze.  Drove to Springfield from Bloomington and arrived at our hotel at 9 pm last night.  Whew!  But... we made it!!!
Can't wait to see everyone.  It's been quite a trip.  I'm already exhausted.  LOL 
Wanted to share this great car commercial filmed in Germany.  It is said that the commercial never aired because there was a ghostly mist next to the car.  I have looked at it three times and then finally THINK I might have seen it.  You have to look near the front of the car as it drives in the countryside.  Anyway, just thought it was appropo for the season.  See if you can see it.  If nothing else, it's beautiful scenery.
Here's the link:
Love, Love and more Love!
Bill and Charmaine (from Springpatch, Podunk USA)

Date: 11/03/04 19:56:44
Subject: Re: From Springpatch USA
Mainey and Bill, when do we get to see you. And the commercial was Jammin. Whatched it four times...Jumped four times. I can't wait to show Baby this one...Love Ya, Mo dee

From: s/v September Sea
Date: 11/03/04 19:56:44
To: Maurice Smith
Subject: Re: From Springpatch USA
hahahhaaaaaaaa  That's too funny!  "Watched it four times... jumped four times."  I love you!  Don't you go scaring my sister!!!
Saturday a number of people will be stopping by here at the hotel (XXX, same place as last time).  We're in Room 217 (I think the same room!).  If you could come by Saturday that would just be da bomb!!!
We've been running since we got here.  I have lunch with Will ("Boo") at his school in Divernon tomorrow.  Then I plan on going with Enne to visit Mom.  Then hopefully I can see our Sweet Thelma Hatala ("Thumpie")... and DIANE HELMS if you tell me where to find her!!  I hope all is well with her and that you have some good news.
I just found out that Mom Whiteside died.  You know Renae's mom.  I can't even believe it.  She was really like a second Mom to me when I was growing up, as our Mom was to Renae.  Renae called Daddy to ask when I'd be in town this past weekend and he said he didn't know I was coming (Cheyenne didn't tell him so it would be a surprise).  Oh well.  It seems it was sudden; though it was cancer and maybe she knew she had it but didn't let on.
ANYway... let me know if you can make it on Saturday.  I'd say most will be over about 1 pm or so... whatever time around then or even after is just fine, I will be here. 
You can reach us on our toll free cell number 1-800-000-0000.  If we don't answer, leave a message.  Love you, Love you, Love you!!!  Can't wait to see you and Dianna. 
How's my Devin doing????
Bill and Charmaine NOT Aboard s/v September Sea

From: Maurice Smith

Date: 11/05/04 11:26:57
To: s/v September Sea
Subject: Re: From Springpatch USA
Hey Mainey & Bill, We WILL stop by on Saturday. As far as Diane Helms, I've been trying to get in touch with Chuck since the last e-mail I sent you. I think I'll stop by his as well as his Mom,s house when we come to "Springpatch" to see what's up with Diane. Love Ya, Reece & Dianna

From: s/v September Sea

To: All the Gang

Sent: November 01, 2004 9:08 AM

Hey Hey Hey!
Bj's "Da Pimp and His Stable" won the Halloween 2004 "Best Costume" at Dockside's Halloween Party.  $100 Prize.  Nice!
This just goes to prove that people around here don't see many Black folks around the Dock.  Everyone knows Bj down here in Boot Key Harbor, and so many just walked right past him not knowing it was him... they thought he was " another Cuban from Miami."  How wrong is that ?!  hahahahhaa
Bj wears his hair in a wild sort of naturally curly Rasta style (not braided).  So it doesn't appear, normally, that he has that much hair on his head.  Even after those who knew him realized it was him, they still thought he had on a wig.  Folks were pulling on it, "Man, your wig is awesome!  Looks so real!"
YANK, TUG!     Bj: "Ouch!  OUCH!"
Bj's hair is so soft and fine, he couldn't get the pick to stand up in it, like it was done in the 70s... so he walked around with his pick in his hand, picking his hair straight up for pictures.
Too funny!  Where I grew up, there were tons of guys who walked around looking just like this:  (Note the 2 fingas.... for his "Two-Girls-for-the-price-of-one Halloween Special."  hahahahaha  Omg!

"Da Pimp and his Stable: "Two for the price of One."

Charmaine & Bill

Aboard s/v September Sea

From: s/v September Sea

Date: 11/01/04 12:44:06
To: Steve Ladd
Subject: Re: florida voting
TOO FUNNY!  Thanks, hadn't seen that one.  Almost had coffee coming out my nose... you rascal!
Going to see your parents tomorrow.  Frank and Linda should still be visiting, it will be great to see them.  Hoping that Shelly will be able to come by as well.  It's so wonderful to know that a little "Larry Ladd" will be running around... even if it's a SHE.  LOL
Love you Steve.  Kisses and hugs to Beth, Kevin and Emily.    
Bill and Charmaine Not Aboard s/v September Sea
but visiting family and friends in Springpatch USA

From: J Doughtery
Date: 11/01/04 18:47:26
To: s/v September Sea
THANK YOU, whoever you are!
I always get very upset when I read these e-mails (especially since one of my closest friends is a
Muslim), but I usually just delete them instead of responding as you did.
Thank you, thank you, thank you for taking a stand.
Jennifer Dougherty
---Original Message---

Charmaine Aboard s/v September Sea replied:

Remember the burning of witches?  Remember the hanging of escaped slaves?  Remember the slaughter of Native Americans?  No Nationality or Race or Religion perpetuated those atrocities.  We cannot be so
narrow-minded as to repeat such "brandings" of people based solely upon their race, creed or religion. 
Muslims are, and will continue to be a part of America and we'd better learn to understand and see
the difference between the insane rantings and horrible crimes of those like Osma bin Laden and the ordinary, law-abiding Muslim.

Blaming these things on all Muslims is like saying all middle-aged white men should be jailed because 99% of serial killers are middle-aged, white males.

Let's not perpetuate ignorance such as the email to boycott the Muslim stamp which celebrates their religious festivities.  To do so would be to admit we really don't understand what is happening in this
world.  It's not a majority of peoples by any means who cause the problems in this world.  It is the few who are angry, insane and power hungry.  The "Jim Joneses" of the world.  They come in all colors, sizes, and
religions.  Never again should anyone judge another soul on this earth solely because of the color of his
skin or the religion he practices.  Each person is an individual, on this earth as you or I.  We must not promote hate by ignorance.  That is exactly what Osma bin Laden has done to all Americans.  Please don't let him turn us into what he has become.
Charmaine Aboard s/v September Sea

From: s/v September Sea

Date: 11/02/04 03:14:49
To: J Doughtery
Subject: Thank You!

Hi Jennifer,

Thank you for your email.  I am truly amazed at the volume of responses I've received regarding my rather spontaneous reply to the "Boycott the Muslim Stamp" email.  I'm very happy to tell you all the responses have been very positive, much like yours.  Many also admitted they simply hit the delete key and let such things go... as they're so disgusted.  It's so true: we often don't know what to say or do to help others see what they're (often unwittingly) perpetuating.
THANK YOU for your very kind words.  I will continue to stand up and attempt to stimulate others to THINK before they help spread such ridiculousness.  Many intelligent, loving and caring people have passed that "Boycott" email to me and they didn't even realize its ramifications.  Yet they passed it along anyway!  Makes no sense at all.  It's as if they are in an "internet forwarded-email trance," not even really reading what they are passing along or making sense of it.  Our youth who read it and see it continually being forwarded by so many will undoubtedly think they too should be "anti-Muslim."  We cannot allow this to go on!
Again, thank you for letting me know how you feel.  I truly do appreciate it.  Please feel free to reprint my original reply as you see fit.
My very best to you and yours... and a big hug for your Muslim friend.
Charmaine Smith Ladd
Aboard s/v September Sea

From: Kathleen and Jim Aboard s/v Drummer

Date: 11/02/04 13:09:06
To: s/v September Sea
Subject: On the road again
Tuesday, November 2
Happy Election Day.  We are in Culebra having made some very good distance on Saturday and Sunday.  We sailed about 36 miles the first day and another 30 on the second.  This puts us about 20 miles away from St. Thomas and approximately 60 miles from Virgin Gorda.  It's satisfying to have made some miles. Yesterday and today are rest days here in Culebra.  The winds are blowing better than 20 knots from the east - and of course, that's the direction we need to head.  Too much for fun sailing. Tomorrow is forecast to moderate just a bit and so we plan to sail on to St. Thomas.
The cats did pretty well on the passage days.  We have been thinking that Marconi is getting seasick and so dosed him with a small amount of children's liquid Benedryl (our Louisiana vet's recommendation).  BAD IDEA!  Although he did get through the day a little drowsy and with no evidence of sea sickness, the initial effect was frightening.  He jerked as if he had been shot and then started major foaming at the mouth.  We were horrified!  When that calmed down, we tried to get him to eat and he either wouldn't or couldn't.  I think the medicine had blown away his smell and he just couldn't find anything of interest in his food. He was reluctant to eat on Monday as well, but today he is back to his normal eat-everything-really-fast self.
Yes, we did get your great emails about the Little Shark experience.  We laughed a lot and were VERY glad that you did that one on your own without us!  I'm sure that your trip to Illinois was fun and that you are now "family" refreshed.  Boo sounds like he is a hoot just like his chocolate grandmother.  All's well and we miss you guys a lot.  Wish you were here.  Kathleen and Jim


A couple were invited to a swanky masked Halloween Party. She got a terrible headache and told her husband to go to the party alone. He, being a devoted husband, protested, but she argued and said she was going to take some aspirin and go to bed and there was no need of his good time being spoiled by her not going. So, he took his costume and away he went.
The wife, after sleeping soundly for one hour, awakened without pain and since it was still early, she decided to go to the party. Since her husband did not know what her costume was, she thought she would have some fun by watching her husband to see how he acted when she was not with him.
She joined the party and soon spotted her husband cavorting around on the dance floor, dancing with every nice chick he could and copping a little feel here and a little kiss there. His wife sidled up to him. and being a rather seductive lady herself, he left his partner high and dry and devoted his time to the new stuff that had just arrived.
She let him go as far as he wished.  Finally he whispered a little proposition in her ear and she agreed.  So off they went to one of the cars and had sex.
Just before the unmasking at midnight, she slipped away and went home and put the costume away and got into bed, wondering what kind of explanation he would make for his behavior. She was sitting up reading when he came in and asked him what kind of time he had. He said, "Oh, the same old thing. You know I never have a good time when you're not there." Then she asked, "Did you dance much?" He replied, "I'll tell you, I never even danced one dance. When I got there, I met Pete, Bill Brown and some other guys, so we went into the den and played poker
all evening...


You're not gonna believe what happened to the guy who borrowed my costume!


Bill and Charmaine
Not Aboard s/v September Sea but visiting family and friends
in Springpatch, USA

From: s/v September Sea
Sent: Tuesday, November 09, 2004 9:03 AM

Subject: The Rodeo Position 


Two cowboys were out on the range...
talking about their favorite sex

One said, "I think I enjoy the
rodeo position the best."

"I don't think I have ever heard of that
one," said the other cowboy.
"What is it?"

"Well, it's where you get your wife down on all fours

and you mount her from behind...

"Then you reach around and cup each
one of her breasts in your hands
and whisper in her ear:
"Darlin' these feel damn near as good
as your sister's.....

"Then you try and stay
on for 8 seconds."

Charmaine & Bill

 Aboard s/v September Sea

From: Wally Hamlin
Date: 11/09/04 11:13:23
To: s/v September Sea
Subject: RE:
thats funny      we missed you at 1pm on sat as honestly we forget  sorry  are you guys happy to be back on the  september sea       wh

From: s/v September Sea

Date: 11/09/04 13:42:21
To: Wally Hamlin
Subject: Thanks!
Hey my Wally!
Hailey and Alex would have had a blast on Saturday at the hotel.  Seems like everybody showed up and we had a room full of folks up in there!  My brother Maurice, who lives in Champaign, came by with his wife Dianna; my bestfriend Iris and her daughter Alison (our God-daughter) along with her little one, our Great-God-daughter Hailey.  Our grandson Will was there... in rare form!  hahahaa  Lots of other good friends stopped by, it was just wonderful.  Also, my sister Cheyenne brought by a mess of Daddy's hamhocks and greens and Lord have mercy we were in hog heaven, quite literally!  The kids would have gotten a cultural experience they'd never forget!  All good!  So sorry ya couldn't make it... next time I'll call ya so you'll be there!
Great fun!
So good to be back aboard September Sea.  She was just sitting her waiting for us.  It is so wonderful down here.  It's 76 degrees today and just a sun shiny, lovely day.  Everyone is happy we're back.  I'm glad we got to see no snow while in the Heartland... only cold rain and some hail was more than enough for me!
Thank you for a wonderful dinner, Wally.  You and Dawn and Mike are the best to us.  We really appreciate all you do!
Loving you,
Charmaine (& Bill)
Aboard s/v September Sea



A lady about 8 months pregnant got on a bus. She noticed the man opposite her was smiling at her. He was smiling like he couldn't help but smile.  It unnerved her, so she immediately moved to another seat.
This time after she moved, the man's smile turned into a big, wide grin... so she moved again to another seat.  Sitting down again, she noticed that the young man seemed even more amused. When on the fourth move, the man burst out laughing, she complained to the driver.  The driver chastised the young man.  He apologized but couldn't stop stifling his laughs.
When the pregnant woman reached her stop and left the bus, the driver had to wait for a passing train.  He couldn't help himself, as the whole incident irked him and the two other passengers too.  The driver turned around and asked the young man flat out: "Why did you do that to her?  Are you some kind of nut or something?"
The man replied, "Well, Sir.  I am so sorry.  It wasn't like that at all.  What happened was that when she got on the bus, I couldn't help but notice her delicate condition. She took a seat under that advertisement there (he said pointing the sign):
"The Double Mint Twins Are  Coming" and I grinned.
(Another passenger had to laugh.)
Then she moved and sat under the next ad (he pointed):
"Logan's Liniment Will  Reduce The  Swelling", and I had to smile.
(The other passengers laughed at that one; but the bus driver remained stoic looking.)
Then when she got up again and plopped back down under that deodorant sign (he says pointing):
"William's Big Stick Did the Trick", I could hardly contain
(The bus driver was beginning to lose his composure.)
And when she moved for the fourth time and sat over there, all hot and bothered like something happened to her.... I looked at the ad over her head and I just lost it!
He then pointed to the advertisement above where she was seated near the back of the bus.  "What's it say?"
The young man read out loud:
"Goodyear Rubber Could Have  Prevented This Accident."
Everyone on the bus burst into laughter so hard their cheeks hurt for three days.
 Hope that tickled your funny bone.... Smooches
Charmaine (& Bill)
Aboard s/v September Sea

From: s/v September Sea

Date: 11/11/04 12:42:20
To: Eagle Scout & Leen
Subject: Re: November 11
Hello my Darlings!
Well we're in the same boat, weatherwise.  That cold front and winds you're having is hitting us as well.  We've had 30+ knot winds consistently for the past three days.  Today it seems to be better, but really picks up by evening.  The waters are very rough, even in the Harbor.  Seas outside the reef are 8-10 feet, inside 2-4.  You know that when Boot Key Harbor gets 30+
knots here inside, that it's blowing a gale out there outside the Harbor entrance.  Wicked East/Northeast Winds.
So glad you're doing well, despite the weather.  The thought of you two doing your chores and catching up on your French lessons... just heavenly!  We sure do miss you two so much.  Bet no one there knows it's Veterans Day in the States.  You know, I kind of like that!
We have a Nordic Tug 42 next to us in Drummer's old spot... too bad he's on the wrong side of this for this wind.  The spot east of us is vacant and only one other boat before you get to the dinghy dockage.  We're sitting here with the wind beating us up pretty good.  At least we don't have to worry about some yay-who's mast heeling over into ours.
"Barnacle Bill" is what we call the guy on the Nordic Tug.  His son, Rick and daughter-in-law Nancy are also on a Nordic Tug 42 and are down in Peggy and Edwin's (Tiempo) old spot.  Nurse Rick and Lynn ("Alice" when she's being bad) have moved out of Dockside and now reside at gulfside  Banana Bay    We were in Illinois when the move happened, I'm sorry to see them leave
Seems as if "Alice" got loose one night and started trash-talking Karen.  Karen was sitting right behind her.  Karen got up and said, "Well, if you feel that way you shouldn't be working here... you're fired!"  Lynn took it all in stride for a while and said that it really was the best thing... not working at Dockside any longer... and that she was truly sorry for the things she said while in the body and mind of the ever-rude "Alice."  Oh well.  I'll be sure to keep in touch with them.  They are really good people
We sure do miss our "quiet" family aboard s/v Drummer.  Never heard a peep out of you two.. never an ounce of gossip or malice or a bad word said of anyone.  That's our style too...  You know it seems that if you stay too long in one place people will tend to try to bend your ear.  And they wonder why I'm always inside the boat around here!  ha!  I have no time for such ridiculousness... people who drink too much and talk too much have little audience with us.  It's so good to know you're nearer now.... as I said....
who knows when we'll just pull up the tethers and get the heck outta Dodge!
In the meantime we are having the time of our lives.  We really do love living aboard.  It suits us so well.  Of course we're aspiring to become as our mentors and travel the world, be it in foul weather or wonderful..... it s truly an enviable lifestyle.
We had a marvelous time in Illinois.  Lots of family and friends every single day.  I tell ya, I had to get back here to rest!  We were running non-stop from the moment we got there.  The 12 hours it takes to get there is very tiring, but family doesn't think about that... all they know is that you're home and they've got you again!  We really did have a wonderful time.    Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner dates for ten days (much more moving around than I've done in the entire year)... had to run around to make sure to see
this person and that...  then on our last Saturday there we invited everyone we hadn't seen (and lots of those we'd already seen came too) to come over to the Hotel for a last hurrah!  It was fabulous.  Laughed so hard my cheeks ached.  We talked of old times and new times and times we'd rather forget but can't.  It really was grand.
Bill is doing great.  Everyone who sees us says the same thing, "Don't have to ask how you guys are liking the sailing life... you can see it all over you.  You two look fantastic!"
It's true.  We love it so.  I feel as if this lifestyle of ours is adding years to our lives, not chipping away at it like the secular world can do so well.  We've been fortunate enough to have the sense to just "do it" and not try to wait until things are "just right."  Things are never "just right."  So you can see that at this rate of philosophical discovery, odds are we
shall be joining you sooner than later!
Love my Leen and Eagle Scout.  Can't wait to hug you both to pieces.  We love you both so much!  It's always so good to hear from you.  Bill sits over at the Nav Station doing his work and I just start reading.... he perks up when he recognizes WHO wrote it and gets this huge smile on his face.  It s true... you two are like a shot in the arm.  We're one step closer to cruising everytime we read of your adventures.
Smooches and Hugs to you both.... lots of love to Marconi and Schooner.  Lucky Cats!!
Charmaine & Bill
Aboard s/v September Sea

From: orlandra lonie

Date: 11/16/04 13:06:58
To: September Sea
Subject: Miss you
Hey Guys!                                                                                                                            

Received your message, too funny! It was good to talk to you on the phone too bad Cheyenne's phone went dead I was unable to get your phone number.  I'll be in Springfield on the 20th for a baby shower and birthday party, I plan to stop by and see Uncle Robert Smith and Cheyenne.  The next time you two lovebirds are in town for the weekend be it chicago or springfield give me a call and maybe we could hook up. (Florida's never too far to travel for friends)  Danielle wants me to give her phone number to you so you can in turn give it to Brianna she sends her love.  Well don't want to take up too much of your time.

Lets Keep in Touch                                  Lanny      Home 000-000-0000                     Cell 000-000-0000 

From: s/v September Sea
Date: 11/16/04 16:02:30
To: orlandra lonie
Subject: Love you!
Girl it was too good hearing from you!  Seems like it's beeen forevah.  hahahaha  Lov you so much and love my Danielle.
I forwarded your email to Breighan and she will be so excited!  She has wondered for so long what the hell happened to her God-Sister!
How wonderful to be back in touch again.
Girl, you need to come down here and visit us.  Cheyenne and Daddy will be so happy to see you when you get over there.  You know Mom isn't doing very well, but you know...  you certainly know all about that caring for Uncle Otto as you did.  Terrible.
Lord I miss your Mom and Dad so much.  The times we had!  Your Mother was just wonderful to us kids, so was your Dad.  I mean we all grew up as cousins, and half of Springfield still thinks your mom Elaine and my mom Essie were sisters!  I tell ya. 
Love you more than you'll ever know... and I mean that!
Give my love to Dwight when you hear from him.  Tell him we have thought of him often.  Be sure to kiss my sweet God-Daughter Danielle and does she
have an email addy?  If so, pass it along and I'll add her to my list of those to keep "in the know."
Smooches Darlin!
Charmaine & Bill
Aboard s/v September Sea

From: Peggy & Edwin Aboard m/v TIEMPO

Date: 11/16/04 14:11:29
To: s/v September Sea
Subject: RAY
No, we have not seen the movie, BUT it is no.1 on our list, when we see a movie.  The question is.... YOU certainly have "Genius needs company" yea!! RAY again... YOU do LOVE it, or am I tooooooo "WHITE"?-anxious for your honest answer, because this CD SENDS both of us outta sight, and if there is a difference in us,then I don't get it and have to be educated., and YEA, I have a few drinks in me, and so does Ray.  We think polititions must have a mandatory CD of R.C. and now we ask,What do the people want??? Oh Well, the world goes round......Luv ya Charmie,... and, YOU Bill for lovin' Charmie, and much more to you!! P&E Thankyou again for all the Hurricane Sagas-WHAT a miserable season. So many cruisers we know who have been slammed with loss of homes and boats. You have been spared-your work is not done!!!! :-) :-)
Oh, Please, tell us Charm....YOU are O.K.and still able to manage your multi med stuff!! Love you both...what's new w/Dockside--any space for us?
on board TIEMPO

From: s/v September Sea
Date: 11/16/04 15:44:13
To: Peggy & Edwin Aboard TIEMPO
Subject: Re: RAY
Peek-a-Boo!  Yeah YOU!
Are you kidding me?  I am the Number One Ray Charles fan of al-time, Girlfriend... and you ain't never too white for me, Darlin... you just a Peek-a-Boo (now that's gotta be close to black if it's got "Boo" in it at all!).  hahahaha  Wouldn't trade you for all the well-hung hunks in the NBA.  No way!
An album of Ray's that you must have is: MY WORLD.  One song on there is my all-time favorite, "If I Could."  Nobody sings it like my man Ray.  Ray once was so excited singing a song he fell clean off the piano bench... didn't miss a friggen beat as he played from the floor with his outstretched hands.  . and worked his ass back up to the piano bench.  Amazing doesn't even come close to this man's genius.
What you will LOVE about the movie is that explores the true genius of a man who was his own Anne Sullivan.  He was his own "Miracle Worker," with little help from family who were backward and poor, yet knew there was something special about that little boy who may, quite possibly, have felt love so deeply and so innately his sight was lost along with the loss of his baby brother.
This man epitomizes the word "feel."  Can you feel what I don't see?  I feel it Ray.  Deep in my heart, deep down in the very core of my existence.  I was in love with Ray Charles from my earliest memories as a very young child "Mainie, stop singing that rot-gut," my prudish mother used to yell.
Honey Hush.  If she knew what a devilette I've become...  mercy me and hand me some more hamhocks and greens... don't forget the cornbread (Martha White makes the best mix)... and shut up about the Black-Eyed Peas.  Wash it down
with an ice cold beer (gotta have ice in the glass).... and let your eyes roll back in your head like Jaws on a feeding frenzy.  I'm there!!
On another note... you ain't gonna believe this:  BODY FOUND IN BOOT KEY HARBOR.
Yup.  A dead body.  Floating right off Dog Shit Island (though the paper left out the Shit... like shit and newspaper haven't gone together for the last 10 decades.
Seems that it's a guy who lived at the City Marina.  Name of Barry Puffer, age 47.  Didn't show a picture of him in the paper, but everyone around here says he was the City Marina's resident drunk (now ain't that the pot calling the kettle black!).  In the paper today, two men were arrested for beating the shit (they left out shit again) out of a guy for "talking trash about
Barry Puffer."  The man they beat was in such bad shape that they had to airlift him and take him to Miami.
Trish, you know... Trish... "skinny little wish-I-WAS-Sissy Spacek"... works at Boater's World and got the scoop from a co-worker who had stopped the fight and called police.  He said they meant to kill the guy.  I have a feeling that this story is gonna have more new endings than Michael Jackson's nose.   It might be that the guy they tried to kill (the witness said they
both were kicking him so hard while he was on the ground that they literally lifted him in the air with each kick)... knows a little something something about what happened to Barry Puffer.  (Isn't that an actor's name... the sharpshooter in "Saving Private Ryan??).
I'll keep you posted.  And you must be kidding... you ain't here yet?  DAYAM Woman.  Don't be teasing me.  We'll MAKE ROOM if I gotta put a dead skunk up in somebody's boat behind a bulkhead and they give up boating for good
(either that or a pig's foot... both can stink to high heaven).   GET HERE!!
I love you with all my heart.  We've been gone, visiting family and friends in Illinois.  Got out just in time before it got WARM.  Hah!  Ain't that the shit?!
I adore you.  Kiss my Edwin.  Give him just enough tongue to make him weak..    we don't wanna hurt him too bad.
Love to Dirk.
Charmaine & Bill
Aboard s/v September Sea
From: s/v September Sea
Date: 11/19/04 00:08:06
To: Wally Wonderfull
Subject: Fishing in the Keys
Just thought you'd like a bit of reminding...  how great everything is down here in the Keys!  The beach, fishing, sailing, diving, snorkeling... wow!  Something to dance about!!
(When ya comin', huh?  huh?)
No hurry... I promise that we'll still be here when you get down!  Looks like we're gonna have to find a way to get Key's Lobster Reubens to Mike and Sam.  Bet you and Dawn would like one of those too!  I'll do some digging, but I think at the very least I can get it shipped to you with instructions.  When Mike first sunk his teeth into that sandwich, I swear his eyes rolled over white.  Heavenly!  Something you simply have never tasted before.  Awesome!
Looking forward to Breigh's visit.  Hoping that the weather will be wonderful (wait... the weather's always wonderful!!).  I know, I know... it's a bit after midnight right now and I'm sitting here with the air on.  It's 72 degrees outside.  I know, you're thinking I should have the windows open.  Well, that's one thing about a boat inside a harbor, docked between two mammoth yachts: you need a lot of air! 
Once we get outside the harbor, no sweat.  It's gorgeously breezy out there.  Gonna try to do some fishing myself this weekend.  Wish us luck!  (I know I'm asking the right man for this job: The Man Who Caught Big Pete!)
I'm sure Breighan will rub it in that she's finally gonna make it down here.  Sure to be a blast... let's hope she doesn't go too overboard (quite literally, in this case) with partying on her birthday.  Gosh, she's 21.  Unreal.  You just wait, Wally Love...  your fun is just beginning with Hailey.
The good thing is that our girl's have good hearts.  When they have that, and when they absolutely love their parents with all the heart they have... I'm bettin that Hailey won't give ya too many grey hairs.  But then again....  Girls will be girls!  That's why Dad's buy antacids!  < smiles >
Charmaine (& Bill)
Aboard s/v September Sea

Back to normal.

Ah yes!  Now as I read this all again, I'm thinking that the Hurricane Season is going to be on us again all too soon...  Way too soon!  [Update 2005: Boy, was I right on that one!!]

Well....  let's hope there's never one again like the Season of 2004.

Hope you enjoy being here, and hope you come back often.