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Sunrise to Sunset

Photo Gallery

(All photographs below are Copyright protected and owned by Charmaine Smith Ladd.

Contact: for details regarding permission to reprint.)

Sunset over Cabbage Key

(West of Useppa Island)

Butterscotch Sunset & Seven Mile Bridge

(Click thumbnail for large version.)

Butterscotch Sunset & Seven Mile Bridge II

Psychedelic Sunset & Seven Mile Bridge

Dedicated to our Dearest Eternal Hippie

~ Jackson Beebe ~

Eye of the Prism Sunsets

These were taken outside of Boot Key Harbor.  This is a tour group boat that took a number of people out for beholding the sunset.  They ended up being a big part of this sunset for me.  Thank you, whomever you are!

Vaca Key Bight Clouds & The Sunset

Dedicated to the Memory of my Beloved Cousin

~ William J. Anderson ~

September 18, 1964 - April 19, 2008

Water Color Pallet over Vaca Key Bight

Lava Sunset

Battle of the Sunset Entities

Purple Rain Sunset

Purple Rain Cometh

Sunrise Battles the Storm

(Outside Boot Key Harbor)

Sunrise Victorious

(Hours Later - Outside Boot Key Harbor)

Sunset Orange and White

Dedicated to the Memory of

~ John Brendon Meister ~

July 10, 1968 - January 8, 1994

"From the rising of the sun unto the going down of the same the Lord's name is to be praised."

(Psalm 113:3)

Your spirit is always with us.

Delicate Sunrise

(Outside Little Shark River)

Sunday Sunset

Blazing Sunset

Blazing Sunset & September Sea

Big Chief Autumn Sunset

Big Chief Autumn Sunset with Sailboat

Eye of the Sunset

Pastel Sunrise

(Morning at Key Lois)

Pastel Pallet Sunset

(Evening of the Pastel Sunrise at Key Lois)

Boot Key Anchorage Sunset

Charmaine's Bedroom in the Sky

(Safe and sound, anchored beneath)

Charmaine's Bedroom in the Sky

Sunset Punch

Nature's "Whether"

(Whether or not it's a good day to be out on the water!)

Shower of Gold

Water Spout Tail Tell Tale

(at Newfound Harbor)

Double Rainbow Delight

Dedicated to the Memory of

Christopher Anthony Jones

December 3, 1969 - December 29, 2005

"May the Force be with You."


Sunset Pink

(If you look to the right, between the life lines some people can see what appears to be a face.

To me it looks just like my Bill.  I think it's absolutely remarkable.  Can you see it?)

'Cistine' Clouds

Watching God

 Dedicated to the Memory of our Beloved Son,


 William Dean Ladd II

February 25, 1974 - May 30, 2005

"Use the Power of the Force for Good. 

Evil and Hatred leads to the Dark Side."

Behold the Sunset

Silver Lining of the Sea

Fanny Keys - Sunset Echoes

Angelic Sunrise

Copper Clad Sunset


Whale in Flight

Sunset Shark

Clouds, Horizon and the Sea

American Sunrise

Sunset Glow

Sunset Blast

Dusky Sunset

Sunday Sunset


Desert Oasis Sunset

Sunset, Moonrise

Dedicated to the Memory of

Blain Spry

March 16, 1987 - September 19, 2005

"We may not have had a lot of years with our son,

but he had a lifetime with us."

Sunset Mountain

Peachy Sunset

Keys' Elusive Green Flash Sunset

Key Lime Pie - Dessert Sunset

Grape Sea, Grape Sky

Calm Seas Reward the Sunset




                      End of the Day

                    Sunset Calm

"Pinch Me" Sunset

All photographs in "Sunrise to Sunset" are Copyright protected and owned by Charmaine Smith Ladd.

Contact: for permission to reprint.

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