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Smith-Dewith Family & Friends Reunion

Birthday Bash for Aunt Juanita's 80th and Daddy's 84th

Springfield, Illinois - October 2006

Guests of Honor: My father Robert Smith and his loving sister Juanita Smith (Dewith) Barton.


Scrumptious cakes lovingly scribed.


My brother Maurice Smith and his darling wife Dianna stand with their son Devin.

Daughter Breighan with boyfriend Ryan Carter talk with Lanie (nee Stowe) Loni.

Grandson Will Ladd ("L'il Bj") dances with cousin Jason & Candy's youngest daughter.

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Zowie, Phaedra and Hailey are all smiles with great family friend Bobby McFerrin.

Cousin Enyo Dewith and Charmaine flank dear old family friend Debbie Green McFerrin.

It truly was so good to see Debbie after all these years.  She and husband Bobby (and their lovely daughter) came all the way from Philly to be there.  Aunt Juanita is like a second mother to Debbie. Yes, our sweet Debbie will always be a part of this family, that's for sure!


John T. Crisp talks with Inman Foster Sr.

Charmaine is all smiles with dear old friend Bob Logan.  Looog, oh how I've missed ya!

Local golf pro Archer Logan (and saxophonist too -- he told me his daughter can blow the sax too!!), dear, dear lifelong friend...  dearest friend Iris Lugo stands behind us.  What a reunion this was.  Wow!  Kisses to you my Archie.


Daddy with longtime friend of Cheyenne's (and the whole family), Joyce Guthrie Eans.

Daddy reunites with Roberta "Bert" Johnson who came down from Chi-town to see her old friend.  Gave me chills!  Aunt Bert's daughter was there as well and she looked so much like her mother when younger, Daddy was taken back... I thought he was gonna faint when he saw her.  Wow!

Sister Cheyenne with her arms around Daddy.

Daddy talks with another one of our lifelong sisters Cheryl Boone ("Che-boone") -- remember the song: "Che-boone, Che-boone, sha-la-la-la-la-la, Che-Boone, Che-Boone..."  Or so it seemed!  LOL  How we love you, sweet Che-boone.  Che-boone's parents were there as well, her father looking dapper as ever, and her mother an extraordinary beauty to this day.

Da Goils.

Brother Maurice Smith's wife, my fabulous sister-in-law, Dianna; forever family friend Linda Loving Williams; Moi; My Hollywood connection sister Antoinette Smith (love you soooo much, sweet Toto); forever our girl and sis Cheryl Boone "Che-boone;" and my sister Cheyenne Smith Youngblood.


Lani Stowe Loni adds to Da Goils photo; cousin Enyo Dewith of Rock Island with cousin Santiago Roberts; sister Cheyenne with longtime dear friend of mine Edith Lee Harris; Cheboone, Cheyenne, and Edie.  What a fabulous night for hugs and kisses and all that's right!



Yes, you've seen 'em before... LOL.  But there's my brother Bobby Jr. (okay, he says ROBERT JR)... but I've called him Bobby since the beginning of time!  We hadn't seen Bobby in over 44 years.  What a treat.  It was as if he's always been there with us... and he's a clone of Daddy's for sure.  Bobby, oh how much we love you and have missed you.

Brother Maurice with his lovely wife Dianna.

Special treat!  Granddaughter Diana in front with our God-Granddaughter Hailey... Diana's mother, Rebecca and boyfriend Mike Smith; 'becca's parents Hank and Angie (holding adorable little Josie) in back.  What a delightful treat to see them. 



Aunt Juanita (Aunt Tete) got down with the get-down!

Let me PLEASE be bogie-ogied like that when I'm 80... hey, I'll take TODAY!

Aunt Tete was the Queen of the dance floor... and she can DANCE!!

Daddy dances with Virginia in the middle...

Cousin Cecine Dewith Jones was in rare form on the dance floor... she was getting down!

I saw it, took pictures and LOVED IT.  We love you Cecine.  Iris Lugo (in fabulous green suit)

can be seen dancing with cousin Shannon's good friend.  All the kids were dancing too!


Sister Antoinette Smith with our brother Robert Jr.

Antoinette with our daughter Breighan and nephew Karl-with-a-K Duffey (our darling baby sister Tempi's adorable son).  It was so good to see Karl and his sister Lisa-Leece (aka Tempi Clone).  They came all the way from North Carolina to be here.  Everyone traveled far and didn't mind...

There's our sweetie, little sister Tempi!!

The Return of a Son - Together Again after 44 Years





Wedding Reception for cousin Jai:

Introducing Newlyweds Jai & Juan of Argentina


More Photos taken during

Illinois visit October 2006






We were able to attend two of our grandson's soccer games.  Delightful!!

Best friend Iris' daughter, Alison Marie... who is also my goddaughter.  I can hear her screaming about this picture already... vain kids we got... they're beautiful... take one pic that's not perfect and they turn into monsters... LOL.  Alison, you are LOVELY my Girl.  Now you and your godsister Breigh both go talk about me.  Oh yeah, I hear it.  Alison, I've got to add your wedding photos on this website, my love... that will cure all that ails ya.  KISSES!!

Our grandson's mother, Melissa Woodward.  Ditto.  She just cut her hair after this pic.  'liss has gorgeous hair... guess what... I'm gonna be on the list again about this picture too.  Well, get over it, Girls!!  See, this is what happens when BILL gets to shoot the pictures!  Ha.




Our darling grand goddaughter Hailey.

Choklate Papa Bill with grandkids Will, Diana, and Hailey.

Dearest friend Iris V. Lugo stands with me while our grandkids, L'il Bj, Diana, and sweet Hailey smile.

Look at the cheekbones Hailey got from Grandma Iris... wow!  What a beauty.


Brother and sister, Bj's children William Dean Ladd II and Diana Jean Lienemann.

How blessed we are to have grandchildren.  Life is so good.


Bj's daughter, our grand-daughter Diana with Bj's sister, our daughter, Diana's "Auntie B."

Our lovely daughter Breighan hates these pictures of herself... but guess what... I love 'em

and I love you, my Bibby Bonos... soooo very, very much!  Love you too my little Diana!


Diana and Auntie B.

Bj's son, Will's mother Melissa and her fianc Barry Wilson.