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 Marathon's "Dockside"

of Boot Key Harbor

The End of an Era - 2005

& A New Beginning- 2007

Dockside Bar & Grill - 2007

"We're baaaaack....."

It's  a new GREAT day for Dockside.  Lance, a youthful and energetic soul (affectionately known to his dearest friends as "ADD Lance," is running things and Dockside is back on our dinner plate with the Sunday night Jam Sessions and the Florida Straits Band.  We're getting there... and I'm very, very happy to be able to report such!

Locals are coming back and the place is filling up.  We are sure to have the Good Times once again at our beloved "Dockside."  Oh yeah!!!

We had a blast there early summer 2007 when our good friend Julie aka "Dolphin Julie" had to leave us and return to her England home.  We had a great party for her at Dockside with her closest friends all in tow.  Lance made it a very, very special night for us all.  It was just like the Dockside of Old that we've all come to know and love.  This is a great VICTORY for Boot Key Harbor, its locals, island vacationers and cruisers alike.



Wooo Hooo! 

Jae's in the one above.  Click on thumbnails to enlarge.

Truly "A Bunch of Coconuts."

(Left to right: My Dolphin Connections: Kati Brit, Julie "Joolie-Across-the-Pond" Weston," Carol Chass, Moi, and Susan Sorenson {Yes, she does have the most beautiful hair}.)

What fun we have together.  We love you sooo much Joolie.

One of the sweetest people I know... well two of 'em: Susan with our dearly loved, world renown, Rocketman.

(Rocketman heads up the famous and fabulous Florida Straits Band and has done so for over 25 years).

This night was a return of the Florida Straits to Dockside.  I made up a bunch of shirt stickers with a photo and a "WELCOME BACK FLORIDA STRAITS" on 'em.  I brought over 75 of them and they were cleaned out in a matter of minutes.  Dick Conklin made some too and his were gone just as fast.  It was so cool seeing nearly everyone walking around and dancing with their shirt stickers on.  The Florida Straits Band is comprised of guys who care about what happens to the people in Marathon.  They are the first ones to come to the plate and help anyone in need.  THANK YOU Florida Straits Band.  Bj loved you all so very, very much and so do we!

Still jammin.  From left: Susan, Jae, Shelley, Dolphin Girlie Katie, Russ, and my Honey Bill..  love the singer!  She came in from Ft. Lauderdale, a good friend of Susan's.  What a treat she was to hear.  She brought her adorable daughter with her.  All in the Family... I love it!

Fantastic guest singer... you never know what great talent will show up at the Sunday Night Jam.  Every time it's different and usually quite exciting.  Dick and Arlene Conklin are there most every Sunday night... long time supporters of the Jam Session.  Got to see them and spend a bit of time with them on this night.  They are two of the most wonderful people.

Yes, Dick... I am still lovin' you!

Sweetheart Shelley.  Me other Aussie Mate!

Bill has his hands full: Up by the band dancing with our "Pet" Joolie (in blue) and darling Jae (in black with her back to the camera is a Celine Dion look-a-like for sure).

Russ and Shelley get down and funky wid it.

Representing Australia and New Zealand with rhythm!!

Russ and Shelley of s/v Jacana.  Great pals of ours!

Shelley is an Aussie like my brother, Dockside's Lee.

Having fun at the Sunday night Florida Straits Band Jam Session.

Smoothly fabulous dancer, artist Gary Clark seen to right (blue shirt).  Kicking up his heels is the awesome entertainer and pal Johnny Maddox (in green shirt, sunglasses akimbo atop his hat... it's not always arms akimbo!).

Update 2005: The Marathon City Marina has stepped up to the plate to provide facilities for those in the Harbor.  They have built new dinghy docks to service those who will now use the City Marina instead of Dockside Marina.  The improvements at the City Marina are truly a blessing for all those who call Boot Key Harbor "Home."  Thank you, City of Marathon Marina!!

The City of Marathon with Harbormaster Richard Tanner leading the way has added mooring balls so the mooring field now has about 225.  To accommodate the Harbor's growth is a brand spanking new bathhouse which includes new laundry facilities too.  Grand Opening should be by January 2009.

~ ~ ~


The new bar hangout for those in the Harbor who normally would have been at Dockside.. is The Overseas Lounge on US 1.  Where boaters are not only Welcomed, but Truly Loved!  The owners of the Overseas, Roy and Beverly, have always been cruiser friendly and have gone far beyond "caring."  Hosting Holiday dinners and Hurricane Pajama Parties so those who live on the hook have somewhere to go on land to call "Home."  Kudos to the Overseas and sweet Roy and Bev!!

"It's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday..."

Update Spring 2008: We are all so terribly upset that the Overseas has closed its doors. Lots of red tape and Roy and Bev, along with all here in Marathon who love them dearly, tried so hard to keep the place that has been a second home to many locals and winter cruisers.  Against great misfortune, we were not successful.  We will miss The Oversleaze (an endearing nickname for "The Overseas Lounge  Grill.").  WE LOVE YOU!

Photo Gallery:

Live-Aboard & Full-Time Cruising

Friends who are Family

Met by way of Boot Key Harbor

(Click on the link below for our extended collection)


One of Boot Key Harbor's longest residents (No Jack, didn't mean it like that!)  Silly gander... I meant having lived here the longest!!  Captain Jack gets "Silly Stringed" by Marlene (Aboard m/v Erika) for his 60th birthday in 2003.  Captain Jack is truly a brother.  He and wife, Kathy (aka "Munchkin) are very special to us.  It was Jack who accompanied Bj on his journey to St. Croix.  Bj was very much a son to Jack, as he's our brother... so he's at the very least, Bj's Uncle and Kathy Bj's Aunt.

Bill and I had been gone for a week out on September Sea and returned to port a day earlier than planned, which was Memorial Day.  People in St. Croix had tried to contact us and couldn't, since we were out sailing, so Captain Dennis of s/v Coral Sea phoned Captain Jack and Kathy to tell them of the heartbreaking, tragic news, that our son, and their nephew, had died.  I am sure it was the most difficult task Jack and Kathy have ever had to face, coming over to tell us the horrible , haunting facts.  We love you both so much, My Brother Jack and Sister Kathy... and THANK YOU BOTH for always being there.  What would we have done without your loving arms around us. 

September Sea's Dockside Golden Years

September 2002 - April 2005


Above to left: Lisa T.  (The "T." stands for "Trouble)  That's Mainie's Sissy!  We always call each other "Sissy."  We're sisters, way down deep.  I am blessed with such a wonderful, loving relationship with my Sissy Lisa.  Shown above, Lisa T. with Marlene (m/v Erika) to the left, and Lisa's boyfriend Ron in the middle.  Ron is a sailor now and lives aboard his boat in Boot Key Harbor.  He's so sweet.  But he has to get Lisa her 'throne' before she'll move out at anchor with him. Lisa is a special and dear, dear, friend.  Breighan and Bj have always called her "Aunt Lisa."  Of course she is still so emotional about Bj.  So are we all, that's for sure.  Such love from this Harbor community.  Lisa has never lived aboard, she's a bonafide landlubber... from Michigan, no less.  Another mid-westerner!

She has such a beautiful name: Annalise.  I better get the spelling right on that one!  We've met Lisa's family and they are keepers!  Her mother is such a beautiful, charming lady--German as German can be-- and just so delightful..  I suppose that's where Lisa gets her flavor... and we love it!!   We love 'em dearly.  Everyone who knows anything knows that Lisa is the sister Bill never had.  I know that every time Lisa gets a ticket, Charmaine gets an Apple!  <wink Lisa>

Above to right: Charmaine and her 'little' brother, "Too Tall," Aussie Mate Lee, and our son, Bj (Lee says Charmaine is an Honorary Aussie (that's 'cause I can say CRIKEY perfectly... hahahaha) and... oh man, how I love Lee with all my heart.  He is my brother, no matter where... no matter how far...  Lee, I am forever LOVING YOU!!

I suppose I need to say this just one last time, you must understand how much these people loved our son.  Bj worked (and played!) with them each and every day as the Floor Manager at Dockside for over two years.  His transition beyond this earthly life has just devastated everyone you see and don't see... of whom we've included in our portrait of "Cruising Friends & our Dockside Family."  As our dear, loving friend, the former owner of Dockside, my sister Karen Garyantes (who loved Bj so very, very much) would say... "Damn it, Beej."

- C~

Boobs of Friends

(Above from left to right): Donna (p/v Shared Vision) is doubled over... she can't stop laughing as Susan "pushes up the good stuff" while husband Sir Charles (both of s/v Espichel) looks on.  Peek-a-Boo Peggy (p/v Tiempo) is laughing and turning to say,  "I'm gonna PMP!"  As Katie (s/v Three QuarterTime) says, "Hell, I got a couple of those too!"

The infamous martini "CLUSTER SUCK" (Janet of Big Bamboo II, is that you in there too?)

                           Sitting in the Tikki Hut at Dockside: 

(From front to back:  Denny (My Bro who plays a mean Spanish Guitar that could get the girls swooning!) & wife Judy (who is just the sweetest woman since June Allyson) from s/v Second Sunrise; Garth (p/v Whatever) sits behind Denny; and my Bill is all smiles in the middle.     

Above: Jean-Claude (aka "Not said like Jean-Claude Van Damm--he's Belgium!") and his lovely wife, our darling Parise.... Charmaine sandwiched in the middle and she's loving it.  Two of our favorite people.  They are both French-Canadians.  Wonderful accents...  but such a dry wit!   [i.e. "Does your dogk bite?"]  Peter Sellers... Inspector Clouseau  hahaha!  We love them both so much.  Parise's nephew was killed in a terrible accident the summer of 2005... our hearts are with you always, Parise.  May your sister reach out and talk to those of us who know what it is like to lose a child.  John Porter, a dear friend, lost his son in the Gulf War, Desert Storm.  John has been a huge help to us in many, many ways.  He's a brother to me and just knowing he's THERE for me whenever, wherever.  It makes all the difference in the world.  My Loves, you are not alone.

Above: Charmaine hugging tightly with (now former) Dockside Owner Karen Garyantes.  Karen truly is Charmaine's "slightly lighter colored" Sister.  Those two together.... LOOK OUT!  It was Charmaine's birthday and everyone surprised her with a wonderful party.  Sweet Katy is shown at left and her husband, Charlie, of m/v McThruster II. 

Below: Katy and Charlie "G-Man" with Charmaine (our son, Bj sits to the left of Charlie).  Charlie "G-Man" is my Honey.  He and I can get going and there's no stopping us!  Katy recently had her hip replaced and when I saw her, she looked ten years younger (shows you how much pain she has endured over the years) and fantastic!  G-Man, look out Brother... Katy is looking dayam good!  You go, Katy Girl.  We're all so very proud of you.

Above: Dockside's own Pierre  Pierre St. Pierre.


Above left: Former Dockside owner: Larry "Clause" Garyantes.  God love him!  Charmaine sure does!  Above to the right, is Brenda McLaughlin [Larry's girlfriend at the time], whom we affectionately call "Bren" (howling with laughter).  We always had such fun together at The Dockside.  Since the sale of Dockside everyone has scattered to other places.  Bren stays in touch with us and I'm so glad she does.  Larry, too, is doing well these days and drops me a line every now and again.  Always glad to hear from our friends no matter where they are... no matter how far.

 Rob of m/v Whatever is to the right, shown in the Tiki Hut at Dockside Marina.  Rob is very special to Charmaine.  He's very much like a little brother.  Rob is Garth's other half... and together they are a very sweet couple.... of coconuts!!  We've had some great times here at Dockside with our neighbors Rob and Garth.  They too have recently moved over to Sombrero Resort and Marina.  Wow!  We're gonna start all over ... over there!


Yes, that's our Bj dressed up for the "Tacky Tourist" Contest.  I think he looks a lot like Michael Jackson BEFORE he turned white.  Bj waited tables that night in that get-up, and the tips were as outrageous as his costume!  He came by so his parents could get a sneak peek!  Charmaine had to turn her head... OMG!  Oh Bj, ya always amaze us!

Next, Bj on his sailboat.  Last, Bj sits at Dockside Marina.

Bj's Uncle... Captain Jack doing his Sea Hunt impressions.

Some of our dear Friends during the "Dockside" Years and today!






Bill laughs as Susan and Peggy Howl with Laughter

Doug (who refurbished "KaMillion") and Burt at Dockside.

Two very special people:  Tom and Katie of s/v ThreeQuarterTime... Tom is Charmaine's "Big Twin" (he calls her "Little Twin" and "Da Hobbit").  Charmaine and Katie are the best of Sisters.  Tom and Katie were among the first people we met when we came to Dockside.  Our boat slips were right next to each other.  Tom and Katie moved from Dockside over to Sombrero Resort, where we will be going soon.  Katie is Bill's other Sis. 

Above: Charmaine's birthday and Katie and Big Twin bring Charmaine's favorites: pistachios and tulips!  The Boat section features a picture of the tulips sitting beautifully in the Salon of September Sea.  The tulip picture was featured in my article "The Reluctant Mate," as published by "Living Aboard Magazine" in the March/April 2005 (Volume XXXII, Number 2) edition.  I do believe I'll be writing more articles as time goes by.  Everyone who knows me asks, "When you gonna write another article?"  Well, I suppose if they want to read it... then I'll write it!  <wink>   My dear friend, writer and publisher, Steve Price of Tampa tells me the same thing... "Do it, Girlfriend!"

On April 1st, 2005: Yes, April FOOLS DAY!!  We're all moved in at Sombrero Resort and Marina.  So once again, Tom and Katie are our neighbors.  We couldn't be more delighted to be this close to them again.  How we love "Big Twin" and Katie.  Tom already brought us over fresh fish he caught... yummy!  Rob of m/v Whatever was there to help us dock when we arrived and I tell ya, it was a great feeling!

Katie has planted a beautiful display of ornamentals in front of our boat.  She and Tom have been our pillars of strength, helping us in every way, since the death of our dear son, Bj, on Memorial Day 2005.  We are blessed to have them both close to us, once again.  Update:  On September 1, 2005, "Big Twin" Tom and "Sister" Katie moved their m/v "Three Quartertime" to Marathon Marina.  The transition here at Sombrero Marina did not allow them to get an extended contract.  Same thing that happened to us over at Dockside.  Oh well, we're still very close.  And we'll just have to make a point of getting together... we love them both so very, very much.

Update 2008: Tom and Kati lost their beautiful boat, Threequartertime to Hurricane Wilma (2006).  They spent a year on the road in a lovely RV and now are building a home in Tennessee.  Kati is in heaven as she gets to garden and hike and do all the things on land she used to love so much.  "Big Twin" Tom is very happy as well.  They send updates on their home regularly and it is going to be outstanding!  Congratulations Tom and Kati.